MBAS Newsletter, Term 4, Week 5

Term 4, Week 5, 13th November 2020
Congratulations to all our Senior Prize giving recipients!
A full list of awards and recipients can be viewed here.

Please remember to text your child/children's absences to us on
021 025 56802


Kia Ora tatou – Greetings to you all

Senior Prize-giving 2020
It was great to have our final Senior Years Assembly/Prizegiving on Wednesday and most specially to recognise the talent that exists in our senior school – ie quality learning, engagement and achievement.  This ceremony followed our “Certificate Assembly” earlier in the week when so many students were recognised for “High Achievement” or “Effort and Achievement” for their year’s dedication to learning. As usual, the speeches of the student leaders were highlights for me and in their own words, they describe exactly how they have seen their learning and personal growth journey. 

So for our senior students their year is now all over, and they are about to embark on the final push – the external examinations. There is ongoing tutoring for many of our young people in the lead up to the exams, which we are encouraging them to engage in. We wish them all the very best, in what has been a rather demanding year for them and us all – however it is tenacity, determination, resilience, hope and confidence which will take them and us through. I look forward to seeing how our students achieve when the results come through in mid January.

Exam protocol for Covid 19 - Levels 1-3
If the Covid 19 situation escalates and the Covid Levels change in New Zealand, our Senior exams will continue for levels 1-3.  We have protocols and distancing plans in place for levels 1-3. 

Some reminders:
  1. Netsafe information/parent forum – Library – Tuesday 24 November, at 7pm. All welcome – bring your questions and concerns! (maybe watch the Netflix doco – The Social Dilemma – it is really thought provoking)
  2. Upcoming Professional Learning (Teacher Only Day) Wednesday November 25. Classes will NOT run on this day – however Y11-13 students will continue on with their NCEA examinations and buses will be running in the mornings and afternoons for these students.  School will be back to normal on Thursday 26 November for all students
  3. No Parking outside school between the Admin Block and Music Block, Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th November. TCDC are replacing the footpath and need this area to be clear of vehicles.

Weather bombs – issues
We were reminded on Tuesday about the weather changes and challenges that can occur in our rohe. Firstly, to all the parents and caregivers who picked up your children – thank you for keeping them all safe. It was the wise thing to do – our information was that the power would be out for some time but it was in fact back on by 2:30!  We are guided by Murphys in all matters regarding buses and have a very good connection with them in times like these. The buses ran as usual. Remember too that we will communicate with you in a variety of ways (if possible) which includes:
  1. Text via School-links
  2. Facebook page
  3. Email if possible
And we will aim to provide all the detail possible, that we know of, at that time.

It was rather magnificent lightning and thunder I might say!  If you have any feedback for us please do not hesitate to contact us –

John Wright

Professional Learning Day
Upcoming Professional Learning (Teacher Only Day)
Wednesday November 25

During the negotiation of the Collective Agreement for Area School Teachers, an Accord was developed between the Ministry of Education and the New Zealand Educational Institute and the Post-Primary Teachers Associations (the unions) that provided for a number of Professional Learning (Teacher Only Days), so that our staff could engage in the significant changes and developments in two major areas – The “Local Curriculum” development and the pending developments/changes of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). These have been noted as considerable pieces of work and development by the Ministry and hence the dedicated time for staff to work in these areas.

Across the Waikato on 25 November for Area and Secondary Schools (and some primary schools), a Professional Learning Day (ToD) for all our staff will be held; 8:30-4:00 on site.

This means the school will be “closed” on that day – there will be no classes running and students will not be at school: buses will be running for Y11-13 MBAS students so that they can sit their examinations. All Y9 students will be on camp on that week. There will be no child-care options at school – all staff, including Teachers’ Aides will be engaged in Professional Learning.

I know this is a significant matter, right in the middle of the working week for you all. This day has been mandated by the Ministry – we have tried to negotiate an alternative, without success. School will start again as usual on Thursday 26 November.

During 2021 there will be several of these PL days too and I will alert you all to these as we get closer to them. As an aside some were due to be held earlier this year, however Covid- 19 got in the way!

Kia kaha
Kia manawanui

John Wright

BoT Elections
Voting Forms for the Board of Trustees Election have been mailed out to all parents of students at our school. You will receive a letter explaining the process, a voting form with a photograph and statement from each candidate.

We have three candidates: Dan Asquith, Teresa Kereopa and Alan Hopping. 
Candidate Statements

Please return all voting forms in the envelope provided to the front office before 12 noon on the 27th November. Thank You.
Seaside Carnival
Kayak Raffle Tickets
All Middle Years students have been given a book of raffle ticket to sell for the Kayak Raffle sponsored by Dive Zone. 

If you do not have any students in the middle years and would like to sell raffle tickets for the school please come and collect a book from the front office.
Quick Fire Raffle Items
If you would like to donate items/vouchers to the quick fire raffles please drop them into the school office.

Thank you for your continuing support.
Our school site is a Vapefree, Smokefree, Alcohol free, drug free educational institution. This is the universal platform for all schools – there is, and has been no deviation from this stance in our kura.
Full Resolutions on Vaping can be read here
Community Cybersafety Forum
Each year we like to hold a Cybersafety evening for parents/caregivers to share the latest information we have around cybersafety - not only at school, but at home and in our community too. These forums are run by Netsafe Ltd or Network for Learning (N4L) - the leaders in NZ Cybersafety information and forums.

The purpose of this survey is to invite you to an information (questions/answers) forum and additionally to find out from you what areas of interest you may have, so that we can be highly purposeful in the forum - please note these in the form below. It may well be we will run several break out areas to try to cater for the matters folks want to have covered.  You can complete the survey here.

If you are interested in attending this forum please complete this form by 4:00pm Monday 23rd November, 2020.
Date: Tuesday 24 November, 2020
Venue: School Library
Time: 7pm

If you have any queries please ensure you note these in the survey too.

We have included the link to Netsafe here ( so you can check out the website and the topics they are able to share with us. Especially interesting is the "Toolkit" Netsafe provides for parents - have a look at this link

John Wright
2021 Class Planning
Please let us know if your children will not be attending MBAS next year.  This helps us plan our 2021 classes.
Thank You.
Primary News - Market Day 2020
Final Day for Primary Market Day Orders is TODAY 13th November 2020.
Market Day has been a feature of Term 4 for our Primary students for the last few years. With the possibility of Covid levels changing, we did not want to run the risk of our students doing a whole lot of awesome mahi and not being able to get their goods out to their loyal this year we've gone online!

Have a look at the amazing products our students have designed and applied their market research skills to. Place your order by 13th November and pay through your Kindo account and your products will be available for delivery on Friday December 4th.  

Make sure you check out their business plans on their pages as well...there is a LOT of great thinking that has gone into this!
Room 19 - Foundation Class
Check out our diorama habitats. The children worked so hard and look how effective they turned out!. Lots of prior knowledge from our learning of native birds and NZ habitats. Ka Pai tamariki!!
Room 18 - Science
Welcome Jeffrey. We have been learning about healthy eating and our amazing and complicated bodies.
Y7/8 Athletics
Y10 Masterchef - Heat 2
Plane Build Certification!
There was not much that went in the planned paths with our latest RV-12 the Mercury Bay Student Aviation Trust built - hence it was not a big surprise that the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) arrived at the hangar before all the engineering "ticks" were put on paper... with huge excitement and a fair bit of relief we jumped another hurdle, ZK-MBB was certified by Gary Leach (CAA) Wednesday afternoon. The plane is now officially registered as an aircraft in NZ. Before we can plan the maiden flight and the finish of this interesting, surprising, adventurous, exciting, sad but also successful project Gary Briggs will come for a visit and will sign off our work from an engineering perspective.
We are so very close to getting our plane in the air - stay tuned with us for the date of the first flight!

Your Planebuild Team
Y13 Vs Staff Softball
Staff vs Y13 softball game. Home run by Mr Irwin!
Lunchtime Concert
Last Friday, staff and students were treated to a music concert at lunchtime.  A lot of our talented music students got a chance to perform for an energetic crowd. Well done everyone!
Y12 Honey Business
For the next steps in our honey project, we have asked local businesses in the community if we would be able to promote our business and sell honey on our behalf in their stores. Thank you to all the businesses that have helped support us with this project. In return, we would love it if the school community would help support these businesses the same way they did to us! 
You can now purchase our Honey from the amazing businesses listed below.
Health and Wellbeing
Notes from the Nurse
HPV Vaccine Information – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

HPV is a common virus that can cause HPV cancers in both males and females. The good news is that there is a vaccine to help protect you against HPV and HPV cancer. The vaccine is FREE for young people from age 9 – 26. The reason that the vaccine is given at a young age is that fact that the immune system responds far more efficiently to a vaccine. For this reasons only 2 doses of vaccine are needed if given under the age of 14yrs where as 3 doses are required for older age groups.

HPV is a very common virus. It is so common that 70-80% of us will come in contact with it at some stage in our lives. It is spread by normal sexual skin to skin contact. In most people the virus is harmless and has no symptoms, so they can transmit it without knowing.

The vaccine works by causing the body to produce its own protection or virus fighting antibodies against HPV. The vaccine has been clinically tested and shown to be effective in helping prevent HPV related cancers from occurring and is expected to offer life-long protection.

The HPV vaccine is FREE and is normally given in Year 7 and 8 as the immune system responds best when given at this age. It is also available FREE at your doctor for both male and females up to the age of 26.

If you have any questions please phone or email us.

Thanks Shaz and Kate

School nurses
Mercury Bay Area School
Mobile 027 327 3945      
711 Victoria Street, PO Box 983, Hamilton 3240 New Zealand 
MBAS Canteen Vacancy

Mercury Bay Area School
Support Staff Vacancy

Canteen worker 

We are looking for a person with food handling experience to assist in our school canteen 1.5 days a week. The position will also cover relief and holidays for our other staff.  Further information and application forms can be requested from Linda at the school office or email Applications should be received no later than 4pm Monday 23rd November 2020 and can be emailed to or handed to the school office.

The successful applicants will be employed under the Support Staff in Schools Collective Agreement, available on the Ministry of Education website.
Community Notices
Volleyball Tournament
Beach Hop 2020 To Visit Whitianga
 We are once again lucky enough to host the Repco Beach Hop 2020 on Thursday 29 November.

There will be road closures in place from the boat ramp on the Esplanade through to Black Smith Lane.  Albert Street will also be closed from the intersection of Lee Street through to the intersection of Hannan Road. Traffic management will be in place from approximately 8am through to 2pm.

There will be bands in place around the town, a show and shine car show and other entertainment throughout the day, a fantastic day to encourage visitors to do their Christmas shopping or partake in a ‘special of the day’ at  cafés or restaurants.
Chasing Mercury Bay Art Workshops
Mercury Bay Boars Basketball Prizegiving
Whitianga Touch Club
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