MBAS Newsletter, Term 4, Week 9

Term 4, Week 9, 11th December 2020
Santa Parade for MBAS
Please remember to text your child/children's absences to us on
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Kia Ora – Greetings to you all

The Last Hurrah! – and we have all made it!

For the last time this year, I will write … 
        “what a remarkable and challenging year it has been for us all”
                                                                  – and this is totally true. 

And we have got through it pretty well in my view. This is because we have all pulled together as a team – a school team, a whanau team, a community team, and indeed across our nation too.

So well done.  

I don’t think we need to recap in too much detail what we have learned this year – each and all of us have our respective learnings, and I know that we will re-share these as we go into the future. However it is abundantly clear that, (almost) regardless of the challenges we have all faced, we have been incredibly fortunate to have come through, to this point in time, as positively as we have. Within our kura, I believe we are really clear how we would respond to any element of Covid, should it arise, and we know too that our families and students are also aware of what we can do, how learning and teaching can continue in challenging circumstances, that “remote/distance” learning and engagement actually suits a significant number of our students, staff and whanau – and keep ourselves as safe as possible.

What is exciting and challenging at the same time, is what can we do differently, better, more of, less of, keep the same – to see our young people have the greatest learning, engagement, achievement and social development possibilities ever! And that’s a really positive place to be at folks.

We have had a solid year in terms of learning, engagement and achievement, and it is true that some of our young people, have found the year to be quite disruptive; however from the overview of the last two weeks of our Y11-13 students, we have seen amazing commitment to the external examinations, and also to them continuing to gather qualifications from the internals too.

We have been able to hold our Y9 camp – whilst missing out on the Y10 Ski camp; two key iconic events in our Middle Years profile development for our young people. We have continued on with the integrated/blended learning in the Middle Years, with as always, more to do. This part of our kura continues to develop and grow. The ongoing focus on our Middle Years Profile is key to this educational part of our kura.

In our Primary Years you will all have connected with our “on-line” market day. All the students engaged, through digital spaces, in the marketing and sale of their wares – it was stunning and fits perfectly within our Digital Technologies Curriculum. In visiting all the classes it is clear the young people (and staff) are highly focused on their learning and I note, very pleasingly, the growth, development of and growth in our KAURI expectations – this all means that into the future we will have increasingly settled classes and focussed learning.

So in terms of learning and achievement, engagement and KAURI expectations, we have come through this year particularly well – and this is due to us all being on the same page in all we do.

Financially, it has been a tough year for us educationally – due directly to the shutting of our borders, which meant our International Students couldn’t come to our school. We have found that really challenging, but overall, we have continued to try to keep our kura going as it should do. 2021 will also be a challenge for us.

It is at this time of the year that I also gratefully acknowledge our Senior Leadership team –Mrs McDougall (DP – Primary Years), Mrs Bloom (DP – Middle Years); Mr Wilkinson (DP- Senior Years); Mrs Boswell (AP – Senior Years), Mr Davy (AP – Middle Years) and Mrs Waretini-Paul and Ms Surtees (APs – Primary Years).  They have led our school superbly – we are very fortunate to have leaders of this calibre; and I also want to acknowledge all of our staff here too – our teaching and support staff – they too have continued on when things have been really tough!  Our Board of Trustees is hugely supportive of all we are aiming to achieve and provide great governance of our school.  As we know it is a team that makes things happen!

Staff leaving us this year
It is appropriate to acknowledge those who are leaving us this year: Ms Hanna Sharps, Whaea Nane Kay, Mrs Anne Hadgkiss, Mr Chris Cawley, Ms Julie Cotterill, - I thank you for your contribution and support. Mrs Boswell, Mrs Ting, and Mr Everth will be on leave during 2021; Ms Surtees will be on sabbatical leave term 1. We wish you all the very best for your futures.

Achievement Reports
Achievement reports for Y1-10 have now been distributed – email and hard copy. If you have not received a copy of your child’s report, please contact the office.  All the information about stationery, uniform and start up for 2021 is on our website.  If you have any queries about your child’s achievement please do not hesitate to contact us early in the New Year.  I will be drafting a newsletter during the last week of January which will be distributed electronically on Wednesday 27 January, 2021.

It is always good for me to read the end of year student achievement reports as it gives a great guide to how they have each tracked during the year. It seems to me that achievement across our whole school is incredibly solid. We use the external analysis of achievements/accomplishments to look for patterns/trends etc but we are always mindful that it is achievement at the individual level is the key lens through which we should consider “success”, “progress”, “development”.  This is the one enduring measure of “success”.

We would encourage you all to discuss your child’s achievement report with them so that they are ready, in the start of 2021, to set their own achievement goals.

Seaside Carnival – Buffalo Beach Reserve – 7 January
A reminder that the Seaside Carnival is back in full swing in 2021. The DiveZone kayak raffle continues and will be drawn on at the Carnival – tickets will still be available. It is a stunning two prizes – first and second. First is a double seater kayak, second is a single. Thank you so much to Linda and Darrell, and also our major supporters The Informer, CFM and Lions who are supporting us hugely in the lead up to and at the Carnival. I look forward to seeing you all there.

School Magazine
Congratulations to Ms Sarah-Jane Laing (Office Administrator) for her incredible work in pulling this magazine together. It is exceptional and is a fantastic year’s “snapshot” of our very busy school. The magazine will be available soon.  An email will be sent to those who ordered a copy when it arrives.

Start up 2021 (key information below)
Information will be communicated in next year’s newsletter and published in the local newspaper mid/late January. If you have any queries about start up please do not hesitate to contact our office which will be open from 26 January, 2021.  We are really keen to ensure we have a seamless start to the year.

Dates for 2021
The dates for start-up for 2021 are below:
The School Office will be open from Tuesday 26th January and appointments for new enrolments can be made now and will take place in the new year with DP's and Deans.

Start up Teacher only Days - Feb 2nd-4th.

As always if, you have any queries or comments, concerns or complaints please do not hesitate to contact me.

Finally, all that remains for me in this newsletter is to wish you all a very restful break over the summer, and trust that you will enjoy your time with family, friends and our rather remarkable local environs; and I look forward to seeing you all again at the start of 2021. 

As always, I am extremely grateful of your ongoing support, encouragement of our school and I look forward to another bumper year in 2021.

It is time now for families to have a well-deserved summer break with loved ones. It is the time to refresh, recharge, relax and to enjoy all that our community and environs offer.  All the best!

Kind regards,
Ka kite ano

John Wright
Seaside Carnival - 7th January
The Seaside Carnival committee is on the hunt for amazing volunteers to help out at the Carnival and sell raffle tickets in the lead up to the event! If you can volunteer your time please fill out the Google Form to let us know your day/time you can volunteer. 

Or, if you can donate any prizes to our quick fire raffles, please drop them off to Karin/SJ in the front office as soon as possible. 

Remember, all funds that are raised go straight back to our kura :)
MBAS Santa Parade
Thank you to our awesome student leaders Elise Reader, Makaylah Hull, Eve Kendall, Sienna Reader and Patrick Sheehan for decorating and ‘manning’ our school van for the Christmas parade. The students handed out gifts to the little ones generously donated by Countdown. 
Room 19 - Foundation Class
Room 19 has been working with Whaea Jess in the mornings focusing on the letters that make up their names. Last week they went on a letter hunt through our poem. Then they 'shopped' for the letters we needed. I've challenged the tamariki to start noticing when they spot these letters out and about. Maybe your street name or your car licence plate has a letter that is also in your name?  
Room 21 -Foundation Class
Some classes were able to get into the pool this week.  Room 21 loved it!
Room 18 - Walk through Christmas
Room 18 and other primary classes went on their 'walk through Christmas' last week.  It was a lovely day and they learnt a lot about the origin of Christmas and Christmas traditions.
M5 - Knot Tying
Knot tying sessions.
Over the last few weeks we've covered a figure of eight stopper knot, figure of eight loop, sheet bend, clove hitch, bowline, and round turn two half hitches. We've also covered coiling and securing line.
M8 - Christmas Activities
M8 made these stunning paper Christmas trees.
Primary Specialist Vocal students
The primary Specialist Vocal students combined to present a fierce, brave performance of Katy Perry's 'Roar' at Wednesday's primary certificate assembly, here is a snapshot of them waiting to perform.
Y 7/8 Beach Trip
The year 7 and 8's had a great end of year transitioning day at the beach.
THH - Snorkeling Trip
On Wednesday the 2nd of December Te Ha o Hei went to Gemstone Bay for a snorkeling trip. The weather was fantastic with good visibility and calm conditions. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to explore the marine reserve applying their snorkeling skills we had learned in term one. We saw many types of fish, spotties, snapper, crayfish, kina and stingrays. It really was a fantastic way to end our year full of experiential learning opportunities. How lucky we are to live on the Coromandel. 

Here are a few photos from our trip. 
Y9 - Plastic Wave
After studying 'A Plastic Ocean' 9ESA created and constructed this wave made of plastic. This represents what is happening and the damage caused to our rivers and oceans. 
9 CLD - End of Year
9CLD celebrated the end of Year 9 and the beginning of the summer and Christmas holidays with a shared lunch. After cleaning the area each seat was set, a Karakia was spoken and the Kai was enjoyed by all before secret Santa gifts were exchanged. We also fare welled two students who are moving schools next year.
Y10 - Te Reo and Māori Performing Arts
Last week 15 Y10 students of te reo and Māori Performing Arts went to the Auckland Museum as part of their traditional technologies research. This was the first time that any of the students had visited the museum so it was a great learning and cultural experience for all. Afterwards we visited the site of Ōrakei marae, Bastion Point and the military bunkers that were established in defense of Waitematā Harbour during WW2. The students were supportive of each other and excellent ambassadors for the school. 
Amazing Art from our Seniors
Once again our Senior Art students surprise and amaze us with their talent.  You can view more of the artworks here.
Learning Support
Merry Christmas from Learning Support! We've been busy, busy, busy, for the last week or so spreading a bit of Christmas cheer around town. We were invited by the Mercury Bay Business Association to decorate some shop windows and help our town to look more festive, and received such a positive response, with 25 businesses signing up. It's been a great fundraiser and work experience for us, and we have loved meeting new people within the community. Keep an eye out for our designs around town.
10 FLG
10FLG investigated the start of Escher patterns by making a tessellating tile. These are from Amelia, Troy and Meadow.
Sports News
Whangamata Sports Exchange
This year it was Whangamata Area School turn to host the annual Whangamata sports exchange.
At the sports exchange we play Volleyball, Softball & Touch.  Our teams in years 7/8 and 9/10 have been training in preparation for the event.
This year Mercury Bay won every game in both ages and one game of volleyball was a tie.
Well done students what a way to finish the year!!
Rubgy in Secondary Schools
Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute and Vocal Lessons 2021
Just a reminder that enrolments for next year's flute, saxophone, clarinet and vocal lessons are now open! Please sign up your young musician or singer if you haven't already done so - you will need to do this even if they have already been taking lessons at MBAS this year.

Vocal lessons:

Clarinet, saxophone and flute:
Health and Wellbeing
Well-being Whispers
A weekly parenting tip or quote provided by the Rangimarie well-being team.
Community Notices
Mercury Bay Skate Park
Important Notice!!
The skatepark construction zone is dangerous. Don’t go there. The concrete needs to set - stay off it. If you see anyone on the skatepark after hours tell them to get off.  Thank you.
Mercury Bay Library

Mercury Bay Library Lego Club
Every Tuesday
Debbie Lim - Yoga
So proud of my yoga crew today who knocked our kids yoga showcase out of the park and wowed their parents with strength and flexibility. What an awesome year- I learnt as much from the kids as they did from me I’m sure. Over and out Kids Yoga ‘til 2021.

From Debbie Lim:
Chasing Mercury Bay Art Workshops
Whitianga Touch Club
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