MBAS Newsletter, Term 3, Week 7

Term 3, Week 7, 4th September 2020
Petra Campbell braved the Shave! Well done Petra.
Photo courtesy of The Mercury Bay Informer
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Kia Ora – Greetings to you all

Primary Update
The 1st September not only signifies the start of Spring, but also the beginning of Mahuru Māori. (  

Mahuru Māori is an initiative begun in 2017 to promote the use of te reo Māori throughout the month of September. 
Māori Language week has been celebrated each year from 1975.

Māori Language Day is September 14 and commemorates the presentation of the 1972 Māori language petition to parliament.

Why a week? Why not a year? Why not a decade? A century?

Because New Zealand is revitalising the Māori language and a part of that is celebration of our success and promoting te reo Māori. Māori language week is an opportunity for concentrated celebration, promotion and encouragement. And every minute of every hour of every day is a Māori language minute – we can choose to use te reo – every time we do, even just a ‘Kia ora!’ contributes to revitalisation.

Te Wiki o te reo Māori is becoming a major fixture on the national calendar providing an opportunity for concentrated promotion, raising awareness and giving an opportunity for expert and advanced speakers to encourage others on their te reo Māori journey.

What can I do?

Mā tātou katoa te reo Māori e whakarauora:
  • Whakatauhia te reo Māori ki te wāhi mahi me te hapori
  • Whakahau i ētahi atu ki te kōrero, ki te ako hoki i te reo Māori; whakauruamai hoki te reo Māori ki tōu ao
  • Kia tika tonu te whakahua i te kupu Māori i ngā wā e kōrero Pākehā ana
  • Ahakoa iti, akona, kōrerohia
  • Kia nui ake te ako ka kōrero ai
  • Whāia te ara poutama o te reo ka tohatoha ai

Everyone can contribute to te reo Māori revitalisation:
  • Make te reo welcome at work and in the community
  • Encourage others to use and learn te reo Māori; welcome Māori language into your life
  • Pronounce Māori words correctly when speaking English
  • Learn a little, use a little
  • Learn more, and use what you know
  • Keep improving your language, and share what you know

Our primary classes have been actively trying to raise the level of te Reo Māori spoken as our language of instruction for the last two years. We began with a goal of 5%, which is just 10 minutes a day. We are now aiming for 10%, which equates to 20 minutes a day and we support each other through the sharing of "Rerenga kupu o te Wiki" (words/phrases of the week). You will see this displayed on the whiteboards in our classes. 

If you would like to be sent these phrases each week so that you can practise at home, please email me at

This month we will be giving out "Ka pai" cards to students, staff  AND parents we catch speaking te Reo Māori. These cards will go into a special draw to win the new book from Scotty and Stacey Morrison, "Māori Made Fun". We start on Monday! So don't be shy, give it a whirl whether in person, or on the dojo. 
Ngā mihi,

Anne-Maree McDougall
Mercury Bay Area School
Deputy Principal (Primary Years)
2021 Primary Classes
Interest in Rōpu classes for 2021

As you are aware, a great deal of planning goes into organising our classes and classrooms to provide the best learning opportunities for our children and as such we need some information from you to help us plan effectively for 2021.

Our Rōpu  classes follow the same National Curriculum that the other classes follow, alongside Te Aho Arataki Marau (Curriculum Guidelines for Te Reo Māori in English-medium schools).  Links are made to kaupapa Māori and Tikanga Maori with an emphasis on building the level of Te Reo Māori being used through teacher instruction and student learning.
Please note that expressing an interest does not guarantee a place. 

Interest in Years 5 and 6 Boys Class 2021

If you would like your son to be considered for a place in a Year 5 and 6 Boys class for 2021, please fill out the form below. (If your son is a Year 5 in the boys class in 2020, you will still need to complete this form)
Please note that expressing an interest does not guarantee a place.   

Ngā mihi,

Anne-Maree McDougall

Mercury Bay Area School
Deputy Principal (Primary Years)
Well-Being Whispers
A weekly parenting tip or quote provided by the Rangimarie well-being team.
Building Good Relationships

Good relationships are really important to our wellbeing. Humans have evolved as social animals, so we have a deep, natural need to connect with other people and to belong to a social group. This sense of connection and belonging comes from good relationships with the people around us- in our families, at work or school and with our friends. There is strong evidence that when we feel we belong, we will blossom and develop.

What makes a good relationship?

Whether the relationships are between friends, family members, partners or colleagues there are four key elements to any good relationship

1. Trusting Each Other
Trusting someone else is the foundation of a good relationship. We can strengthen or weaken someone’s trust in us by what we say and do. To strengthen a relationship, it is important to think about the little things we can say or do to promote trust – for example, we can be open and honest, keep promises, and try to understand their view point.

2. Effective Communication
Communication is a two-way process- it involves listening as well as speaking. How we listen to someone is as important (if not more so), than what we say to them. Good listening requires listening to really understand the other person, what do they really mean? How do they really feel?  If we make an effort to understand their point of view, the other person will feel supported and understood and will be more likely to open up and tell us what is happening in their lives. Seeing things from a child’s point of view is not always easy, it means really trying to step into their
shoes and imagine how it feels to be them. Children are more likely to listen to our opinion or advice if we can put it in a way that is meaningful to them.

3. Mutual Respect and Mutual Benefit
Mutual respect is essential for good relationships. This means everyone in the relationship respects each other. Respecting others means being considerate towards them, thinking about their feelings and accepting they may have different views and opinions to you. With children you need to help them build the capacity for concern for others. In a good relationship, when there is a problem, the two people will try to find a way to cooperate with each other. By being respectful and trying to understand the other they are more likely to find a solution.

4. Valuing Differences
Good relationships lead to great ideas, creativity and achievement. In a good relationship people celebrate their differences, they don’t just tolerate them. As caregivers you can help children see that everyone is different and people see the world in different ways. If they accept and learn to value these differences in others, they are more likely to develop good relationships with their family and friends.
How to build better relationships with children
  • Build trust. Keep your promises, be honest and clear about your expectations. Apologise when you make a mistake and forgive them for their mistakes
  • Take time to really listen. Focus on what they are saying, tune in to body language and put aside what you feel and think while you are listening so you can really try to understand their point of view.
  • Actively check that you understand what they mean and feel.
  • Often children find it easier to talk when you are doing something, like driving or cooking, rather than sitting down face-to-face.
  • Try to appreciate your child rather than criticise them. Try not to be dismissive of their problems – in their world small things can feel huge.
  • Positive, appreciative language will help build your relationship. Notice when they are engaging in a positive manner, rather than noticing the negative.
  • Sometimes when a child experiences a negative emotion we rush to try and fix it because we want to protect them. However children need to learn to cope with these feelings. Let the child know that you understand how they feel. Once they feel heard and understood they can think more clearly about solving the issue themselves.
  • When you have a conflict with a child, there is an opportunity for learning how to solve problems. Conflict helps the child to understand that other people have different thoughts and feelings to their own. They also can learn how to solve conflict effectively.
Foundation Class
Dino destruction! We have been learning to solve subtraction problems to 5. Look out for the dino knocking down our towers... !
Foundation Class 2
Some of the tamariki beginning their diorama projects. Some of the children said they wanted to learn about mermaids and unicorns etc. and these will become small worlds to support this interest.
Room 16
The 1st September was not only the first day of spring but also the 100th day at school. Room 17 has been counting off the days since the beginning of the year and today had a 100th Day of School Maths Day. We had a whole morning of maths activities, made pizzas for our lunch and enjoyed some maths games made by our buddy class M2. Big thank you to Kobe Adams who was supporting the cooking and M2 for the great games. Thank you too to the children who worked so hard making their " jackets", collecting 100 items and behaving so well on such a busy day.
Room 22 - Science
Today we made a Triple Threat - Ice cream Soda - all the components of matter we have been looking at.

99% sugar Free fizz and vanilla ice cream.
Room 24
Rm 24 had two special visitors this week brought to school by a student's Mum. We invited Rm 23 students to have a look at the goats too. The children asked many questions and had great time! 
M5 - Art
Here are some recent photos of the boys working through some painting progressions/exercises.
Y3-4 Tapu Ae
This term the year three and four classes have been playing Tapu Ae, an adaptation of a traditional Maori game. Each Thursday we have played against another class with this week being the last round. It has been a lot of fun and great to see our young ones developing strategy and ball skills.
Y7-8 Wearable Arts Photo Shoot
Watch this space for upcoming photos!

Thank you to the following
Marie and Lorraine for your offers of help
Mike Wilkinson for organising the black flats and lights
Dean Spyve for organising the green screen 
Janet for supporting Patrick Ear
Hei 7 for helping set up and pack up the hall

A huge thank to the following
Patrick Ear and Monique Taylor for taking all the photos - you made the models feel safe and special
Year 7 and 8 Learning Coaches for all the encouragement and support you gave to the students in this Technology/Visual Art unit 
- you are Legends
A humungous thank you to
All the year 7 and 8 students who created and persevered in the face of difficulty over 9 learning blocks and faced up to the lights and camera today 
- you are STARS and shone brightly today

Thank you
Robyn Fotheringham
Shave for a Cure
A massive shout out to everyone who participated in this event. Especially our brave young people who had radical haircuts and also to Teresa and Sally the lovely hairdressers.  The event was well supported and with Daffodil Day donations they raised around $1800.  Great work organising this event, Hannah Murphy and Summer Power.
Thank you to The Mercury Bay Informer for the photos. 
Y12 Business Competition - Last Day Today!
Last day FRIDAY!!! The honey sale competition ends this Friday 4th of September. Be quick to sell honey to have a chance to win our cool prizes for you or your class.

These are the current leader boards ... Second and Third place for the individual $50 and $20 prizes are really close! 

Friday is the last chance to buy our honey and move up in this leaderboard, don't miss out!

For further orders past the 4th of September email as well as at the night markets on Saturday the 2nd of October.
Y13 Business Class - Drive In Movie!
We are having our Drive-in movie at Mercury Bay Area School on the Saturday of the 26th of September featuring 'Pirates Of The Caribbean; The Curse Of The Black Pearl'. Tickets for general admission are $5 and tickets for car admission is $5. Anyone can buy tickets from the office from Friday. 
Girls 1st XV
Another great team effort from all the girls.

Was a great contested game under wet conditions. 

First half was very tight with a half time score of 15 14

The girls came out firing in the second with some amazing defence and great ball skills to run away with the win 37 14.

The girls remain undefeated.
Weekly Sports Wrap-up
Hockey  - Mercury Bay 8 v Thames 1

Senior Girls Football -  Mercury Bay 1 v Hillcrest 4
Senior Boys Football - Mercury Bay 7 v Morrinsville 0

Girls 1st XV Rugby - Mercury Bay 37  v Hauraki Plains College 14
Boys 1st XV Rugby - Mercury Bay 33 v Waihi College 0
U15 Rugby 113 v Whangamata 0

Senior A Netball 57 v Vixens 14

Basketball 4 home game wins
Junior girls 28 v Thames 27
Junior boys 57 v Thames 37
Senior girls 81 v Thames 44
Senior boys 97 v Thames 47
Girls Got Game
Girls Got Game  -  Basketball programme for girls Year 7-10.
Commencing Monday 7th September
3.30 to 4.30  
In the School Gym
Sports Shoes to be worn
Piano Lessons - Term 3 & 4
There are 3 spaces for students to start group piano/keyboard lessons for the remainder of the year. Lessons are in groups of 3, held in the music department.

Please email if you are keen to take up this opportunity.
Specialist Music Lessons - Term 3
Places available for beginner saxophone, clarinet and flute starting now.
Please contact to sign up.
Community Notices
Whitianga Touch Club
Mercury Bay Athletics Club
Mercury Bay Athletics Club is looking for  Junior and Senior Coaches (training provided on the 19th September). 

Muster date 15th September 5.00pm at Whitianga Multi Sports Park. 

Contact Alana Baker for further information or to express interests to become a trainer we need more trainers to make our club nights possible. 
Free Holistic Fun!
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