Photos of panelists for Explore Your Future: Inspiring Creativity



Who will insprire you?

We have assembled a panel of youth who identified a problem and a creative way of solving it. They will share their stories and answer your questions.

We hope that our panel will inspire you to develop an idea for a project and ask the Youth Creativity Fund for money to help you out.

Our Panel

Ellen Brisley and Leya Oommen, founders of Aiuto Solutions which is a hub that connects people in need with people who want to give

Ellen and Leya are high school students who created an app that connects charities and donors. We used this app to provide over 200 gifts to seniors in nursing homes during COVID-19. We are now offering a mentorship program that allows students in Grades 7-12 to do their own initiative on our app!

Syed Hashmi, applying creativity to a personal project

A grade 12 student at St. Benedict’s, Syed asked the Youth Creative Fund for a microgrant to work on a garden that, based on readings from sensors and inputs, automatically waters a garden for me. He wanted to work on this project because his grandparents love their backyard but, due to their old age, often strain their bodies maintaining it. He wanted to make something that would allow them to enjoy a beautiful backyard without having to worry about watering it every day.

Neil Mitra, founder of medical device startup Mitra Biotechnologies

Neil is a 2022 graduate of Waterloo Collegiate Institute now studying biomedical technology at the University of British Columbia. He started his research into the detection and treatment of heart attacks in 2019 after a family member passed away from a heart attack. Mitra Biotechnologies is a medical device startup company developing rapid point-of-care diagnostics for various disease conditions. Currently, Mitra Biotechnologies is focusing on cardiac diagnostics for interventional cardiology use cases.

Olamide Olajide and Eyshah Umar, organizers of Invitation to Belonging

Olamide is in Grade 12 and goes to St. Mary;s High School. Eyshah is in Grade 11 and goes to Galt Collegiate Institute. They noticed how difficult it is for newcomers to acclimate themselves to Canadian society. So they created a program, Invitation to Belonging, in collaboration with Volunteer Waterloo Region to provide newcomers with the resources and skills needed to successfully integrate themselves into Canadian society. Then newcomers would not feel alienated or feel the need to assimilate.


April Albano, Project Manager for the Youth Creativity Fund

April will explain how you can access up to $1000 from the Youth Creativity Fund to apply creativity to a problem that you identify. Any problem. Big or small.

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