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Building back better after COVID-19, with a focus on the environment and climate change
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was a historical year. It has shown us once more how interconnected our world is. Next to the pandemic, the climate and environmental crisis should be on top of everyone’s priority list. The urgency should be brought back in the climate discussions, and focus after COVID-19 should be on building back better – there is a window of opportunity.

In the first weeks and months of the pandemic, the most acute needs in the PfR programme implementation areas became clear. With identified shortages of personal protective equipment and handwashing stations, an absence of information campaigns, and growing food insecurity, PfR planned to respond to the pandemic crisis. In May 2020, PfR received approval from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to shift part of the budget from the ongoing Dialogue and Dissent programme towards COVID-19 response. In this report you can learn more about PfR’s COVID-19 response. 

In the meantime, partners continued their work to strengthening community resilience, among others in the ECO-DRR programme. In this newsletter you can find several great examples of the work being done, and results achieved.

There is still a long way to go to meet the promises made in the Paris Agreement. Partners for Resilience, together with other organizations and networks, is ready to continue its support to the implementation of international climate, disaster risk reduction, and environmental frameworks, and to support countries to meet their promises and commitments in their National Determined Contributions (NDCs) and National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) – ensuring nobody is left behind.
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Juriaan Lahr,
Chairman Partners for Resilience
Advocacy Capacity Toolbox for Resilience
ACT for Resilience provides PfR’s best used tools to anyone looking for practical resources to support advocacy capacity related to Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation, and Ecosystem Management and Restoration. To foster a wide uptake by PfR partners and other actors, after ten years of working together we have taken stock of the important advocacy capacity resources used and generated by the programme and brought these together in this toolbox. Guidelines, manuals and tools developed and used by PfR to strengthen lobby & advocacy capacities have yielded increased knowledge and improved skills for the programme’s implementing partners. These have been put to use and contributed to results in lobby and advocacy activities for IRM in dialogues about policies, practices and investments in the PfR programmes. The tools are all available online.
PfR's response to COVID-19
COVID-19 has overwhelmed the capacities of institutions and organizations, across countries and across the globe. The immediate effects of the pandemic are in the health domain, but it also exposed vulnerabilities in other fields. Funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PfR provided support to the most vulnerable.
Five years Dialogue & Dissent
A vibrant and diverse civil society is vital for inclusive development. With support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, civil society, including the Partners for Resilience, stood up for citizen’s and made meaningful progress towards the sustainable development goals under the Dialogue & Dissent programme.
PfR exhibition: Faces of Resilience
"Faces of Resilience, where will we be in 2030’’ is an online photo exhibition featuring the stories of men, women, girls and boys. These stories show replicable solutions to build resilience and draw a picture of the coherence of the Integrated Risk Management approach. 
Handover to others: Passing the Baton
For the last decade, PfR/ Cordaid has worked on disaster recovery and resilience in South-East Asia. As of 2021, Cordaid has decided to conclude this work. Anat Prag, Country Director of Cordaid Philippines, looks back and reflects on the past 10 years.
Local action, global ambition
PfR's Flagship Report "local action, global ambition" shows the major results achieved in ten years of working together, specifically in the past five years under the programme Dialogue & Dissent, supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It shows impact, successes, and lessons, and gives recommendations based on PfR's work on community resilience and capacity strengthening of civil society organizations on influencing policies, practices and investments.
Climate adaptation finance:
fact or fiction?
CARE investigated how much of the reported international funds for climate adaptation were actually spend on adaptation. The study was conducted in 6 countries. The report shows that donors have not invested the amounts promised five year's ago when the Paris agreement was signed. Besides, they overreport the funds they have invested.
Resilience building and conflict
Conflicts and violence form part of the realities PfR seeks to change, however, PfR does not address these specifically. How is PfR's work affected by conflict? How could PfR address conflict and violence? To answer these questions, the International Institute of Social Studies, the Hague conducted a research, with this report as result. It is based on a qualitative analysis of the experiences from the ongoing PfR programme. It highlights main findings and provides recommendations for future conflict-sensitive programming.
Urban Action Kit
Supporting local actors to undertake urban resilience activities in their urban communities can be a powerful way to build social cohesion, improve livelihoods, and make cities more livable. The Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre and partners have developed an Urban Action Kit to do just this.  The Urban Action Kit is a quick start, low-cost, do-it-yourself guide to urban resilience. Activities in the Kit require little to no funding; are short-term engagements; and use existing networks and skills.
PfR library
The PfR library is a repository of resources on integrated risk management from Africa, Asia and Central America. It provides open access to the public to search for and download resources  without the need to sign up for an account. However, if you do sign up for an account then you get access to more advanced features, like being able to create your own collections of resources. Feel free to register - it is easy, free, and gives you access to many resources.
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