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Issue 2

In Focus: COVID-19

New study finds air pollution as co-factor of COVID-19 mortality

Study co-authored by Prof Jos Lelieveld estimates 15% of COVID-19 deaths worldwide, and 8% of COVID-19 deaths in Cyprus, could be attributed to air pollution.
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New research activities  to detect the presence of coronavirus in the air 

New sampling and analytical techniques are being developed and tested by CARE-C research teams to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in the breathing air within indoor atmospheric environments.
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Algorithm developed to estimate COVID-19 infections risks by aerosol transmission in indoor environments

Simple spreadsheet algorithm developed by researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and CARE-C.
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First ever Greenhouse Gases profiling over the EMME region 

CARE-C researchers and technical specialists performed five vertically-resolved GHGs measurements through AirCores flights, in collaboration with colleagues from CEA and the French AirCore program. Photo on the left captured at 33km altitude during the campaign.
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New study estimating sulfuric acid concentrations in contrasting environments

With contributions from researchers at EMME-CARE Advanced Partner INAR, University of Helsinki and CARE-C and measurements from four different locations: Finland, Cyprus, Hungary, and China.
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A space-view of air pollution in Cyprus

Based on the operational NO2 data provided by the European Copernicus program, a plotted map produced shows the average VC amounts over Cyprus for the summer period in 2019, with analysis revealing some interesting points. 
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Launch of Mosquito Alert app for monitoring the spread of disease-carrying mosquitoes

CARE-C researchers are part of an international team which in recently launched a pan-European system to monitor the spread of disease-carrying mosquitoes.
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GAIA co-led by CARE-C Asst. Prof. Theodoros Christoudias ranked in top 5 of Cyprus Seeds’ Second Funding Cycle

Due to receive coaching support from Cyprus Seeds, GAIA is creating a Hybrid Geospatial Artificial Intelligence Analytics platform.
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New dates announced: 2nd International Conference on Climate Change in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Conference is now due to take place 13-15 October 2021.
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Saint-Joesph University of Beirut joins EMME-CARE Regional Professorship Program

The Cyprus Institute has entered into a formal collaboration agreement with the Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (USJ) in Lebanon.
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CARE-C to participate in Aeolus Tropical Campaign 2021

Teams from CARE-C will participate in the Campaign in summer 2021 in Cape Verde, coordinated by the European Space Agency (ESA). 
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In conversation with George Georgiou and Katiana Constantinidou

Meet George and Katiana, Postgraduate Research Fellows at CARE-C's Environmental Predictions Department and the latest graduates of the Cyprus Institute's Energy, Environment & Atmospheric Sciences Doctoral Program.

George Georgiou

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Katiana Constantinidou

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