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Local update: Friday 22 May 2020

Dear Paul,

I hope you’ve had a good week. I have received messages from the council, our MP, Royal Parks, the Environment Agency – plus news about a special Take That event!

I have also some correspondence from members that I’d like to share.

Members comments

From Chris: “Thanks for including this request in your newsletter – I wondered now if I could use the newsletter to say a big thank you to all those who helped – our production line included those who donated material, pattern cutters, material cutters, machinists and those who delivered the scrubs to where they were needed. We were able to supply to St Mary’s Paddington and Teddington Memorial Hospital. Many thanks Chris”

Douglas writes: “I am currently watching your Iggy Pop link, which I would have missed had you not pointed it out.“

From Sally: “I don’t know if you’ve come across Sue Stamp but she is currently organising online talks during lockdown while it’s not possible to do physical tours. I thought Hampton Society members might be interested: people can sign up for the mailing list on her website and be notified about new talks, and then register if they’re interested. I’ve listened to two so far and found them very interesting and worthwhile, and there are two more coming up in the next couple of weeks. Best wishes, Sally”

Update from Richmond Council

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Bulky items and other waste collections

You can ask us to collect bulky waste from your home such as fridges, freezers or furniture. You can also find out how to get rid of hazardous waste or electrical items from your home.

Our services are for residential properties only. We do not collect from businesses.

COVID-19 Service update
The bulky waste collection service will be reinstated from Tuesday 26 May 2020. However, from Monday 18 May services can be booked.

Book a bulky item for collection

Book a fridge or freezer for collection

Message from our MP

I understand what an incredibly difficult time it is. Therefore, I wanted to write to provide you with useful information and update you on what I am doing as your MP.

Local Information


In February, the Court Of Appeal ruled the construction of a 3rd runway at Heathrow to be illegal, finding it not consistent with the Paris agreement. However, last week, Heathrow was granted permission to appeal the judgment, which will now happen on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th October. I have and will continue to fight against the development of a 3rd runway.

I regularly get emails about the number of flights overhead, given people are not meant to be travelling. One explanation for this is the large increase in cargo-only flights Heathrow has been seeing. During the week beginning 27 April, for example, cargo-only flights saw a 1,334% weekly increase in comparison to pre-COVID 19 levels.

Public transport

As of Monday, South Western Railway has increased train capacity, following the change in government guidelines. Passengers are urged to:

  • only make essential journeys
  • try to buy your ticket online
  • follow social distancing
  • wear a face covering

TfL has asked me to pass on the same advice. Additionally: 

  • Plan ahead and travel outside the busiest times if possible. These are 05:45 to 08:15 and 16:00-17:30
  • Avoid busy interchanges

Also, the Congestion Charge, Low Emission Zone and Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be reintroduced on Monday 18 May. If your place of work is located inside the Congestion Charging Zone and you are an employee of an NHS Trust, the London Ambulance Service or a care home, please speak to your employer about the NHS reimbursement scheme.

Click these links for the latest SWR information and TfL information

Read complete message

Munira Wilson MP

Member of Parliament for Twickenham, Teddington, the Hamptons, St Margarets, Strawberry Hill and Whitton

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Contact details of our local councillors:


Suzette Nicholson (LibDem)

Gareth Roberts (LibDem)

Geraint Thomason (LibDem)

Hampton North

Avril Coelho (LibDem)

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Royal Parks Deer Birthing
Season Notice

With the first fawn born in Bushy Park on Saturday, deer birthing season is now officially underway in Bushy and Richmond Parks. From now until early July we are expecting about 300 baby deer to be born across both parks. The season marks an incredibly stressful and vulnerable time for the female deer, who are on a constant high state of alert for dogs and other perceived predators. From Monday 18 May until Monday 6 July it will be compulsory for dogs to be on a lead when being walked in Bushy and Richmond Parks.

During birthing season, mothers hide their young in long grass or bracken. We have published maps highlighting potential deer birthing spots, so dog walkers can plan their route in advance. Please find attached.

You can find an online version of the press release here.

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Environment Agency Navigation
– COVID-19 update

Urgent update for boaters 19 May 2020: Guidance note 5

We are keen to get people boating as soon as we can. We currently have teams out along our waterways making preparations safely and swiftly. Our priority is health and safety of our customers and staff and because of the nature of the rivers and our structures this work is ongoing.  

You can now do all non-powered water sports on EA waterways and some waterways will be ready for leisure cruising as early as this week, with the rest by 1 June, unless hazards in the waterways prevent us from doing so. 

We have written to boaters and navigation groups regularly throughout the Coronavirus pandemic to update you on lockdown restrictions and changes on our waterways. Today we are sharing more information about some of our work and updates on specific waterways.

You will be aware that on Wednesday 12 May the Government announced that water sports can resume including motor cruising, in accordance with the guidance of the relevant Navigation Authority. Now, all non-powered water sports can take place on the EA waterways as long as they follow Government social distancing guidance, respect the needs and safety of our residential boating community and are extra vigilant in the water.  

We are working hard to make sure powered boats can start leisure cruising on our waterways from 1 June at the latest. In order to be ready for this we have reassured boaters they can now visit their moored boats (subject to approval of your marina operator or boat club) to check them, carry out maintenance and ensure they are ready for use.   

Our preparations involve carrying out a thorough (reach-by-reach) inspection of the channels, mark hazards, check the operational condition of our assets and issue safety advice to protect river users. We know there are some hazards out there such as sunken boats, shoals and fallen trees and our teams will be identifying and clearing these to make the waterways safe. We ask all boaters currently making essential journeys to be extra vigilant of unmarked hazards. 

We will complete all inspections within 2 weeks, revise our guidance and get powered boats moving again no later than 1 June. Hazard markings, signage and safety advice will be in place by then. Where we identify hazards, we may have to continue to minimise movement on those reaches until we can complete the urgent maintenance work and local notices will be issued to inform you. 

Where we do complete this sooner we will let local users know through local communications. On the Medway and some reaches of the Great Ouse, The Nene and the Thames this could happen as early as this week, followed by the remainder of the Thames and the Anglian waterways by 1 June. 

We must still work under conditions of social distancing. This means we will not be able to provide some assisted passage at locks for the time being and some maintenance work may take longer to complete under the new Government safe working practices guidance.

From the 1 June, our normal time restrictions for our short stay moorings will be in place again. This means people currently moored on our short stay moorings will need to resume continuous cruising or return to their permanent mooring.  If you are experiencing difficulty moving because you are isolating or shielding, please get in touch with your local waterways team.

You may also have received notification today that the Boat Safety Scheme Examination suspension has now been lifted, with a framework designed to prevent transmission of the virus by the use of social distancing between the boat owner and examiner. New guidance has now been prepared for boat owners to help them prepare for examinations. This can be found at


Specific waterway information

River Wye: We ask those using non-powered boats on the River Wye to be aware of different Government restrictions which are in place in Wales and to adhere to country guidance.  

River Stour: Some reaches of the River Stour pass through private land and involve portaging around structures over private property where vulnerable people are shielding. This means you may not be able to use boats on some parts of the river.  We ask that you adhere to local signage and respect Government guidance on social distancing at all times. 

Lydney Harbour: Owners can now access their boats for maintenance purposes.  Assisted passage will be in place once all health and safety checks have been completed. 

Rye Harbour: Operational for commercial shipping and leisure boat activity when tides permit and under social distancing and Government safe working practice guidance.


You will appreciate our National Customer Contact Centre is very busy at this time, please help us by getting in touch only if it’s essential. If you do need to contact us, we encourage you to email us at

These are unusual times for us all. Please support us as our staff adjust to new ways of working.  I can assure you we are all committed to getting boats moving as soon as is safe to do so for our customers and staff. Most importantly respect Government social distancing guidance and stay safe. 

For the full Government guidance on coronavirus go to 


Alice Mayne
Deputy Director for Navigation and Commercial Development

Financial help announced for any drivers struggling with car insurance payments

If you’re in financial difficulty due to coronavirus you could receive help from your insurer.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has encouraged insurers to reassess insurance policies if the policyholder is in financial difficulty.

If you’re struggling to pay for your insurance due to the pandemic, contact your insurer. They’ll be able to give you specific advice based on your situation. You should never leave yourself uninsured.

You’ll be able to ask for help from 18 May to 18 August 2020.

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Your opening act:
Take That and Robbie Williams

Meerkat Music will bring you the biggest stars in Aleksandr’s phone book playing live from their living rooms for you, in yours. Fancy getting the scoop on your opening act? Of course you do... Read more information here

The boys are back. Not for good, but for a special one-off show to lift the nation’s spirits. To celebrate, we’re opening the doors to everyone! So invite your friends and tune into the Compare the Meerkat YouTube channel on Friday 29th May.

YouTube Channel

Southbank Centre:
Blasts from the past

Like us, you might be getting nostalgic for all kinds of things: sitting in a sun-drenched beer garden, eating Sunday dinner with family and friends, taking your seat as the lights go down for an evening performance by your favourite musician.

But you may not know that researchers have found quite a bit of evidence that nostalgia helps combat loneliness, boredom and anxiety. So, this week we’re inviting you to dance like you were at David Byrne’s Meltdown, explore former Hayward Gallery exhibitions and listen to talks from past events at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

By the way, if you enjoy what we do and want to support our work, please donate here. We are a charity and your support can make a world of difference.

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William Redfern
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Quiz Night 2020

To be rescheduled later in the year.

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Annual General Meeting 2020

To be rescheduled later in the year.

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