ASK CONGRESS TO FUND CARE FOR CHILDREN IN CAMPS, CREATE STANDARDS:  Congress is working on a supplemental appropriations bill, and so has the power to tell the Trump Administration how it’s money must be spent and how it cannot. We can demand that the Office of Refugee Resettlement be funded enough to care for refugee children and create standards of care for those in government custody that would prohibit Customs and Border Patrol from treating children with cruelty. 

DEMAND CONGRESS INVESTIGATE DENTENTION CAMP CONDITIONS:  It is time for Congress to act on the terrible conditions in the Detention Camps and to hold those responsible for them accountable.  A multi-state initiative is underway to demand that Congress conduct immediate hearings on recent deaths at the hands of ICE/CBP, and on human rights violations and humanitarian crises at the detention centers. Let’s participate in this initiative, using these resources: Call to Action, 

DONATE TO PROVIDE EMERGENCY LEGAL AID FOR CHILDREN IN CAMPS:  Holly Cooper, Co-director of the Immigration Law Clinic at UC Davis, is one of the few attorney with legally mandated access to some of the worst facilities where the children are being held. Her team is doing vital work, investigating, advocating and suing to help the children. Over the weekend has already been an outpouring of support for this work, and now we can add ours too. We can click here to donate to Together Rising’s  fight for the rights of children in Detention camps.

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE DEFENSE OF CONCENTRATION CAMP CONDITIONS:  Perhaps by now we have seen the nauseating video of Department of Justice attorney Sarah Fabian attempting to defend the notion that soap, toothbrushes, and sleep are not critical components of “safe and sanitary conditions”:  Let’s take a moment to report her to the Inspector General at the DOJ for violation of civil rights:

HELP PEOPLE RELEASED FROM DETENTION CAMPS: Once people are released from Detention Camps, their struggles are far from over. If we would like to assist local groups that provide support to people released from the Detention Camps, we can check out these local groups, and, if we are able to, donate to them: can also follows this advice:

HELP CHILDREN DETAINED IN CAMPS: If we are looking for more ways to help the children suffering in detention camps, we can check out this: this list of organizations to support by volunteering or donating:

CONTRIBUTE TO BAIL FUNDS FOR IMMIGRANTS IN CAMPS: Posting bail is one way to help aspiring immigrant families get out of the camps. If we are able to contribute funds, we can check out this state-by-state list of agencies that will accept our donations  We  can  also find and donate to a bail fund in our city through the National Bail Fund Network.

COMPLICITY—IMMIGRATION: “Bank of America is the only top six US bank that is currently lending to private prison companies and has not committed to ending its financial relationships with the industry.”; “Nearly 75% of immigrants detained are held in private prisons…” Let’s tell Bank of America that its refusal to cut financial ties to the private prison industry makes it complicit in the suffering and deaths occurring in the Trump administration’s immigrant detention centers, and we demand that they join JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo in divesting from private prison companies. Contact: Brian Moynihan, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Bank of America Corporation, N. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28255.

IMMIGRATION RAIDS: The Trump administration has delayed its threatened immigration raids’s remember that anyone, including US citizens, can be caught up in raids, and all of us, citizens or not, would do well to know our rights. In solidarity and in a show of prudence, let’s all carry a Know Your Rights card. Here are some that can be downloaded for free:; or

IRAN: While it's rare to agree with Trump, let's thank him for restraining from a military response against Iran, and tell both him and our MoCs that we want to see negotiations and a path toward peace, not another war. 

SAUDI ARABIA ARMS SALES: A handful of Republican Senators joined Democrats in passing resolutions to block arm sales to Saudi Arabia. However, Trump has promised to veto the measure, and these resolutions did not pass by a veto proof majority. Let's remind our Republican MoCs who support Trump on this issue about Saudi Arabia's alleged role in the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which Secretary of State Michael Pompeo didn't seem to think worth mentioning in his recent meeting with the Saudi KingAnd let's also remind them about Saudi Arabia's role in creating a humanitarian crisis in Yemen, and ask them to change their vote on this issue so that Trump's expected veto can be overridden.

PUBLIC COMMENT NEEDED:  from one of our own:  Comments and actions week ending June 30, 2019 includes Nuclear weapons, LCBTQ health, Redefining how the government measures things - poverty rates, pollution index. LGBTQ and Trans rights, RoundUp, HUD targeting undocumented residents, exposing miners to diesel.  Let’s dig in and start commenting:

SEXUAL ASSAULT ALLEGATIONS AGAINST THE PRESIDENT:  There is yet another credible allegation of sexual assault against the President and it barely registers in the news: Let’s contact our MoC and let them know that these allegations are sufficient information to proceed with impeachment hearings.

REGISTER VOTERS BY MAIL: Vote Forward makes it easy for us to send letters to not-yet-registered prospective voters who are likely to vote for Democrats. Current letter-writing campaigns target AZ, CO, FL, GA, ME, MI, NC, OH, PA, TX, VA, and WI. Let’s help lay the groundwork for a Big Blue Wave in 2020! We can write letters on our own, or host a party and involve our friends and neighbors:

RAVELRY REIGNS:  Ravelry, a knit and crochet online community with some 8 million members, has announced that it is “"banning support of Donald Trump and his administration" in any form, including "forum posts, projects, patterns, profiles" and anything else.”  Whether or not we are a member, let’s reach out to them and express our gratitude for their stance:


MOST ALL:  FIGHTING CHILD MIGRANT DETENTION, STATE-BY-STATE: The Trump administration's system of mass incarceration for migrant children is so vast that it is giving lucrative contracts to companies running detention centers ( As repugnant as that fact is, it is also vulnerability in this cruel system, because privately owned facilities are subject to state laws concerning health and safety. Those of us living in states with detention centers
(, let’s follow Illinois’ example and ban private detention facilities (  Let's contact our state reps and demand that they press the state health director or state surgeon general to shut down these unsanitary concentration camps as dangers to public health. 

CA:  NATIONAL NETWORK ASSEMBLY RECEPTION/FUNDRAISER:  The planners of this summer’s National Network Assembly will be hosting a reception on Saturday June 29th in San Francisco where we can learn more. Here’s the link to RSVP. Please feel free to share with others who want to make an impact.  And if you can’t make it but still want to help, please make a contribution here.


PROTEST ABUSIVE TREATMENT OF IMMIGRANTS IN DETENTION CAMPS:  As outrage builds over the cruel and inhumane conditions in the camps where many aspiring immigrants to this country are held, plans are being made for a nationwide protest on July 12We can click this link to find out more about Protest Vigils at Detention Centers near us, or to start our own:  We can also click here to see Lights4Liberty’s Facebook page and find out more about their plans and events:

MARCH FOR IMMIGRANT JUSTICE: It has been one year since we gathered for Families Belong Together rallies across the country. The horrors continue. Thousands more children were separated before zero tolerance was announced that were never reunited. Over 13,000 children remain in detention for months on end in for profit facilities with no child welfare oversight or access to legal aid. We welcome children and families escaping traumatic violence into this country by keeping them in caged in, overcrowded ice boxes for prolonged periods or sometimes exposed to the elements left to sleep on the dirt. is NOT who we are. Join Immigrant Justice Now as we take to the streets again in cities everywhere June 29.  We can find events here or how to host one as well:

NATIONAL NETWORK ASSEMBLY:  The first National Network Assembly, made up of hundreds of local grassroots leaders organizers from around the country is happening in Des Moines, IA, August 22 to 25. will be workshops, sessions, and meetings in which participants will strategize, plan, and learn skills to take home to their groups.  The 2019 National Network Assembly will strengthen the connective tissue between grassroots groups by bridging multiple networks and organizations that represent over 1,000 leaders across all 50 states.  We can find more information, register to attend, and donate to the scholarship fund here: can use this document to invite others to attend:


Read and Watch Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Rebuke of Mitch McConnell at the House Reparations Hearing -

“Mr. President, I want out of this abusive relationship” byDavid M. Reiss, M.D. and Seth Davin Norrholm, Ph.D.:

Citizenship Question Lawsuit Plaintiffs Ask Supreme Court To Delay Ruling -


We can stay up-to-date on Congress by checking out their schedules. a) The House publishes a weekly schedule at The Weekly Leader (published and dated Friday) as well as daily schedules at The Daily Leader. b) The Senate updates their schedule daily at the Senate Floor Schedule

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