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We are pleased to announce that barring any unforeseen obstacle, we plan to make in-person classes available to students beginning Monday, August 24th for those who feel comfortable in this setting. We will continue to work with families who would prefer to keep their children home through the “hybrid” model detailed in this attachment. We are thankful for the love, support, and patience of the Faith family as we have carefully considered all the ramifications of taking this next important step. Here are the basics of how we see things proceeding at this time.
As part of the traditional classroom experience at every grade level, we have added the use of a Google Classroom to assist teachers’ communication to both students and parents on what is being covered in classes including assignments and assessments. This will enhance the process of learning for both the classroom learner and a student who may not be able to be in class for a period of time. Google Classroom has been introduced to and used by our students during our School Away from School these past weeks. Direct instruction will take place for students in the classroom, but we will record audio and video in the core subjects and make them available for students to view away from the classroom, either as teaching if they missed the class, or as a way to review key concepts. These videos will be made available no later than the following school day. This would serve as a hybrid learning model for families who feel they would like to keep their child home for an extended period as a precaution or in the case of any illness.

If there are parents who would prefer a fully online program for their child(ren) initially or long term, we will be able to accommodate them through the BJU Online program. Students who choose this program would need to commit to it for the duration of the semester.

Because we made a beginning to our year using the School Away from School model, we feel we have prepared ourselves well for the possibility that this model may have to be resumed on short notice for a period of time. We will continue to work closely with the local health authorities to monitor what is in the best interest of our students and families as we move forward through this pandemic. It is possible that due to significant exposure, classes will return to online for a period of time. We desire to make the transition to this as simple as possible with as little disruption to learning as possible. Since the students began the school year this way, they will be aware of what they need to do and how to continue successfully.
  • Staff and students in attendance are expected be symptom free each day
  • Parents should assess children at home each day and keep them home if unwell
  • Teachers will do a visual check of students and touchless temperature check if deemed necessary
  • Students presenting symptoms will need to be picked up within thirty minutes of a call from the school in order to minimize exposure for others
  • Follow the Flowchart for Symptoms and Exposure and notify the school office is a student is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or an official exposure
  • Prior to attending classes on campus, families will be required to sign and return the Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19
In order to make on-campus classes available for our students, we will require masks for staff and students when physical distancing is difficult or impossible. Read more about our Mask Policy in the Return to Campus Plan.
We realize that there have been a lot of different views on the use of face coverings during the pandemic. Some of the information given has been confusing and even contradictory. But as we desire to open our campus to students as soon as possible, using as many of the recommended protocols supports the overall health of our students and staff. Each family may feel differently in the use or non-use of face covering, yet as the Faith family, we desire to respect one another.

Because we are a Christian community, we will not allow this topic to divide us and keep us from the mission of the school to teach and train disciples of Christ. We ask that each person respect the differing opinion of others in the Faith Christian School family. Ultimately, our teachers need your support so they can focus on teaching and our students can focus on learning. We ask each family to have a genuine discussion about the changes they will experience when returning to school, the importance of physical distancing, face coverings and hand washing. Please discuss the need to show respect and humility toward others, particularly in areas of disagreement.
Lunchtime is an important part of your child's day. Please be sure your child has a snack, lunch, and water with them everyday at school. Microwaves will not be available for the time being. Students should bring a warm lunch in a thermos or a lunch that does not need heating.

We provide restaurant lunch options that can be ordered online Monday-Thursday. Please see the
menu and ordering instructions on the Lunch Program page of our website.

We are in great need of volunteers to pick up lunches from restaurants and serve the food to students. The process takes about 1 1/2 hours. Please call the office if you are able to help.
As you prepare for our return to campus, please keep in mind the additional supplies that each student will need every day.
  • Refillable water bottle, preferably with student’s name written on it
  • Face mask (including an extra in a sealed bag)
  • Snack and Lunch that does not require heating
  • Supplies indicated on supply list (found on our Parent Resources page, password faithfalcons)

On their first day back to campus, please bring a signed Assumption of Risk and Waiver.

Be sure to return the books that were sent home earlier as they will be used in class each day. If you borrowed a chromebook from the school, you may continue to keep that at your home for now in case they are needed again. It is also important to note that students should not bring any unnecessary items to school including toys or other items that might be touched or shared with others.
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout campus
  • Hand-washing encouraged at transitions and regular intervals
  • Dedicated staff member sanitizing touch points regularly throughout the day
  • Touchless water bottle filling stations will be available
  • Enhanced daily cleaning of classrooms and restrooms
  • Partnering with parents to assure students are symptom-free
  • Staff and students expected to stay home when sick
  • Limiting visitors on campus to just parents and only in the office
  • Daily touchless temperature check only if mandated or otherwise deemed necessary 
  • Splitting larger classes at grade level and constructing new classrooms to accommodate them
  • Spacing desks apart and limiting movement in classrooms
  • Limiting use of common areas or materials
  • Staggering transitions to avoid gathering in common areas and hallways

No matter how we teach, train, and nurture your children, it is our highest goal that we accomplish our mission of discipling them in Jesus Christ. Whether in person or online, we are still the Faith Family and will continue to care for each other as such. Our teachers, principals, and staff continue to pray for each student and each school family.

We are committed to keeping you informed. We hope this communication did just that, but in this time of so much uncertainty, please know that we are here for your questions.

Regardless of the circumstances, we are committed to doing our best with your students no matter what. We will work hard to prepare for every kind of inevitability. We are praying for the best and ask that you join us in prayer. To God be the Glory!

Please remember that this is a temporary situation. These practices and protocols will be eased as the circumstances allow. Our first priority as a Christian School is to glorify God by guiding students through the most Christ-centered experience possible, regardless of the circumstances.

Please continue to pray for our school family, for the leadership team and others who have been significantly impacted by this virus. Pray for those who are caring for the sick and for those who are working toward an ultimate solution. Love and care for one another and for the community at large.

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