MBAS Newsletter, Term 2, Week 8

Term 2, Week 8, 5 June 2020
 Middle Years Student Leader Hoodie Day Initiative

Kia Ora – Greetings to you all

It’s a marathon, not a sprint
but the finish line is almost here!

This is a brief introduction from me this week relating largely to the impending move to Alert Level 1. In essence it will be “schooling as usual” with opportunities for the full resumption of activities and gatherings so typical of schools, of families and of our communities. We will continue to practice heightened high health hygiene (which I see continuing through to the close of this term at least) and, of course, we will be guided by the MoE and MoH in their recommendations. I will put out a further Covid-19 update once the detail from MoE/MoH has come through.

We are now firmly underway with the next phase of the schooling year – that is we all – staff and students alike – are fully engaged in the platform of a period of solid, purposeful learning. We are through the disruptions and uncertainties of March, April and May and have the month of June ahead of us to engage in highly purposeful learning, as we work toward the close of this term (4 weeks hence) on 3 July.

Attendance is critical at this time – we expect all students to attend school arriving here by 8:40 so they can be in class, settled and ready for learning by 8:45. Parents are asked to make a special effort please to have your children here by 8:40.
Kia kaha
Kia manawanui

John Wright
Plane Build
Plane build are planning to restart on the 10th June, so you can check out next weeks log here in the newsletter.
Punctuality and the bus bay - Mornings
Now that we are back into action I would like to request that all students be at school by 8:40 please. The bus bay is welcomed to be used in the mornings to drop off students and we have, generally speaking, a really good flow of traffic that allows this to occur well. We do need to ensure the buses can come in when they arrive, so the last 5 minutes (ie 8:40-8:45) is incredibly busy - hence a request please to have all children dropped off for school by 8:40

Thank you 
John Wright
Canteen and Lunch
MBAS Online Canteen!

Working together with Kindo, Mercury Bay Area School can now bring you a fantastic way to order canteen lunches online!

Ordering online for Primary Years commences on 2nd June 2020 here

(Ordering online for Middle and Senior Years commences 16th June 2020)
Senior Leaders
Kia Ora students, teachers and caregivers

As we all know by now, our country has been shifting smoothly into the lower alert levels. This has proven to be an exciting time for us all, especially for the students who are wanting to achieve their NCEA goals. It is during this crucial time that we all focus on our mental health and wellbeing, and our management of our school work. 

Throughout isolation, a lot of us senior students have recognised the need to balance our school work with our social lives, and while this may seem a little difficult for us teenagers, it is crucial, especially for those in NCEA, to find that happy medium. While, yes, staying on top of schoolwork and studying is important, especially moving into mock exam season, our ability to set aside time for ourselves will help us set up healthy habits for life and later learning. 

By allowing ourselves time to take care of our physical and mental health, we will in time be able to understand the balance we need. Quarantine gave us the space to reflect on our own individual wants and needs - the ability to carry this knowledge forward into our everyday schooling will be very important; this will also help us in the future with other situations. 

As always, the senior leadership team is here to support our students and kura. We can be reached via Instagram (@mercurybayareaschool), or you can email the team using the email Students are also welcome to email any member of the team individually. No concern is too big or small - we are here to support you. 


Isabel Lunn and Alice Robinson
Communications Leaders
Hoodie Day
Sophie Penwarden and the Middle Years student leaders organised a hoodie/jumper day for last Friday. It was a way of showing students that you're not alone during the transition of lockdown and going back to school.
Foundation Class
Room 22
Our teddy bears picnic - we have had such a great day with our friends in class
Room 24
Learning and Fun in Room 24!
M8 Weather Poems
The Wind

The wind blows wild
the rain howling hard
the fire beams.

I'm in my onesie watching movies
the sky is grey and grumpy
the wifi is bad.

Eventually I fall asleep with the rain falling hard.

By Skye Condon, Year 5
Wind and Rain

The sky is grey
the wind whistles
creating floods and slips

Out of nowhere
the wind takes over the rain
as it swallows
the town.

The rain thumps like drums
It is wet, it is cold, it is wet.

By Chanel Clothier, Year 6

The Storm

The wind swishes side to side
the rain is stomping on my roof
the grass is getting stomped and whacked
The wind is screaming and howling 
like wolves at the moon
the sea never stops crashing.
By Theo Costello, Year 5
Learning Support
The students in Learning Support are proud to present their new mural. The theme for this artwork is inspired by Kauri values of our Kura, with a focus on success and personal growth and includes the whakatauki “Poipoia te kākano kia puawai” (Nurture the seed and it will blossom).

The mural was completed over several weeks by Paige Macpherson, Kieran Clayton, Indy Catran, Reuban Davis, and Charlotte Jamieson and Ashley Cox who have since moved on to other schools. Jakob Topp with the help of Steve installed the mural on the Learning Support Centre for us. 
Hei 7
Hei 7 students testing and racing their boats built during lockdown in Mr Spyve’s computing class. There were some very innovative ideas. Great work Hei 7!
Yr 10 Mathematics
10FLG had to investigate the different areas that you can get from making a rectangle that had a perimeter of exactly 28 units. They cut out the rectangles, then put their findings in a table and displayed them in a graph. We also found out that squares ARE rectangles!
Senior Volleyball
In the senior year group this week volleyball began with students having their first game on Wednesday lunch time. The year 12’s defeated the year 13’s 3-1 in the first game. Next game is next Wednesday lunchtime with the year 13’s facing the year 11’s. 

Y13 Daniel Cunningham
Umpiring - Netball
If  you want to be an umpire this year please email Linda Kendall -

Last year we had seventeen year 7, 8 and 9's complete the Introduction to Umpiring course and become members of the MBNC Umpiring Squad. 

We are running the course again this year. The theory will be run over zoom meetings and the practical component will be completed during term 3. We offer a lot of support to new umpires and the year 7 and 8 umpires will umpire year 5 and 6 players. 
Community Notices
Return to Netball
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