MBAS Newsletter, Term 1, Week 1

Term 1, Week 1, 7th February 2020
Year 9 Students on their Beach Team Building day

Diary Dates 

Kia Ora – Greetings to you all

Week 1 – and what a start up
We have had a great start up – students are well prepared for their learning, really well supported by parents/caregivers/whanau. This has meant we are able to get underway with learning programmes “from the get-go”.  Our staff too have been working hard to ensure they are well organised, well resourced, clear about learning programmes etc. All this contributes to a large school like ours being able to get underway really well from the start. Our Y11, 12, 13 students have had their learning programmes individually constructed, checked and modified, and whilst we know there are some clashes that prevent some programmes from continuing for a few of our students, overall, I believe these students have really great courses and programmes. Also, at this level we have some classes that have 28+ students in them (even some in the 30s). I am working through how we will manage this, but the key take home point for me is that if a student wants to study a particular programme, even considering the large class size, we will do everything we can to ensure this student is successful. It will take us another week or so to tweak the programmes. 

We will commence with 1010 students plus 22 International Students and a visiting group of 17 young Koreans.  I anticipate our roll will grow toward 1065 with our incoming New Entrants and other families we know are coming but are yet to start. 

It is really important to us that, if you have any concerns, about anything, please do not hesitate to contact our Senior Leadership Team – details below:

Primary School
Deputy Principal - Anne-Maree McDougall        
Assistant Principal – Whaea Hira Waretini-Paul 
Assistant Principal - Philippa Surtees                
Middle School
Deputy Principal - Jenny Bloom                       
Assistant Principal - Peter Davy                        
Senior School
Deputy Principal - Michael Wilkinson                
Assistant Principal - Carol Boswell                    

Whole School Welcome: Achievement Assembly
It was a fantastic occasion on Wednesday when we were able to hold the first whole school assembly of the year – firstly to welcome all of our new students and whanau to our kura and to introduce our new staff to our school, secondly to welcome our returning students and staff back for 2020, and of course finally to acknowledge our high achieving 2019 Y11, 12, and 13 students. Many of our senior students have been “lifers” of Mercury Bay Area School (the only school they have attended since they turned 5 years of age) and their achievement is a reflection on their whole educational journey at our school – the Primary, Middle and finally the Senior Years. The contributions of our staff over these years has been superb. 

A summary of last year’s top achievers follows:

Dux of the School
Phyllis Simpson Memorial Cup Board of Trustees Prize             - Petra Fisher

Proxime Accessit 
Board of Trustees Prize - Joint Award                                       - Gabriel Asquith
                                                                                                  - Thomas Morcom

The Chilwell Cup
Board of Trustees Prize for Best Academic Performance in Year 12     
                                                                                                 - Anna Cunningham

The Student Council 1990 Cup
Board of Trustees Prize for Best Academic Performance in Year 11
                                                                                                 - Alban Ribet

NCEA Level 3 
Excellence Certificate Endorsement

Gabriel Asquith - Excellence endorsement in Chemistry, Physics, Merit endorsement in History, Calculus

Hannah Coleman-Smith - Excellence endorsement in Painting

Harry Evans - Excellence endorsement in Geography, Merit endorsement in English, Physics

Petra Fisher - Excellence endorsement in Chemistry, Computing Technical, English, Calculus, Physics, Merit endorsement in History

Holly McCleery - Excellence endorsement in Biology, Physical Education, Merit endorsement in Chemistry, Calculus

Tom Morcom - Excellence endorsement in Computing Technical, Calculus, Physics,  Merit endorsement in English

Nikita Russell  - Excellence endorsement in Biology, Merit endorsement in English, History, Earth and Space Science

NCEA Level 2
Excellence Certificate Endorsement

Cara Bosman - Excellence endorsement in Chemistry, Computing Technical, Calculus,  
   Merit endorsement in English, Japanese, Physics    

Olivia Brown-Douglas  - Merit endorsement in Biology, Calculus

Kenjia Campbell - Excellence endorsement in English, History

Anna Cunningham - Excellence endorsement in Biology, Chemistry, English, Outdoor Education, Painting, 
   Merit endorsement in Calculus            

Juliette Lidgard - Excellence endorsement in Biology, English,  
   Merit endorsement in Outdoor Education, L3 Drama

Amelia Lockhart - Excellence endorsement in English, Painting,  
   Merit endorsement in Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Outdoor Education

Hannah Murphy - Excellence endorsement in Chemistry, Calculus  
   Merit endorsement in English, Japanese, Physics

Alice Robinson - Excellence endorsement in Biology, English, Calculus,
   Merit endorsement in Chemistry, Physics

Zoe Smith - Excellence endorsement in Physical Education,  
   Merit endorsement in Design and Visual Communication, English, History

Excellence Certificate Endorsement

Mia Crighton - subject endorsements - Excellence endorsement in Mathematics with Algebra, Science,  Merit endorsement in Visual Art

Georgia Land -  subject endorsements -  Merit endorsement in History

Jasmine McCleery -  subject endorsements -  Excellence endorsement in English, Outdoor Education,  Merit endorsement in Health, Mathematics with Algebra

Teague McMiken - subject endorsements -  Excellence endorsement in Visual Art,  Merit endorsement in Design and Visual Communication, Mathematics with Algebra, Science

Austin Morcom -  subject endorsements -  Excellence endorsement in English,  Merit endorsement in Mathematics with Algebra, Outdoor Education, Science, L2 History

Louisa Murie -  subject endorsements -  Merit endorsement in Mathematics with Algebra, Science

Alban Ribet -  subject endorsements -  Excellence endorsement in Digital Technologies, French, Mathematics with Algebra,  
Merit endorsement in English, Music, Science  
(only student with 100% endorsement 3 x E and 3 x M = top achiever)

Ashley Toma - subject endorsements - Excellence endorsement in Visual Art, Merit endorsement in Design and Visual Communication, English, Mathematics with Algebra, Science.

Keegan Wright -  subject endorsements -  Merit endorsement in English, Photography-Design, Science

Final word
As always we thrive on feedback and we look forward to hearing from whanau and students at any time – things we are doing well, things we can do better, and new thinking in education in which we can engage. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any queries or concerns at any time during the year please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Kind regards 
Ka kite ano

John Wright
Year 9 Team Building Day
Our year 9 students turned up nervous and excited on Monday and after meeting their learning coach for the year, they all gathered and headed down to Buffalo Beach for a day of activities. As there are a number of new students joining our school, we have found this an excellent way to 'break the ice' and allow students to feel less apprehensive about starting school. The students were put through a range of challenges, the idea being they would make connections, get to know each other and their learning coach. They also developed their co-operative and teamwork skills. The students were able to meet our amazing student leaders who helped make this day a success. Thank you to Mr Hutt (year 9 Dean) and the Student Leaders for all the effort that went into making this day a success. 

The students perspective of the day.

On the first day of the first week of the first term of school the whole of year 9 walked down to Buffalo Beach. The purpose was to get the leaders and the teachers and the students to all get to know each other. There were team building activities which the seniors lead.
All the teachers got to watch all the kids struggle in the more difficult activities. The whole group went for a swim at midday to cool off from the steaming sun. After the swim thanks to our fantastic dean we all enjoyed yummy ice blocks. Highlights of the day were, getting to catch up with friends before school started, a very refreshing swim with all the jelly fish eggs.

A big thanks to our dean Mr Hutt for setting up the whole thing for us year nines.

Marlon Ross
Charlie Kelly
Anaru Scobie 

Y9 Students

RV12 Plane Build
This Aeroview NZ video, tells about our RV12 light sport aircraft building project. It's pretty cool, check it out here
Cara Bosman
Former Mercury Bay Area School student, Cara Bosman, who was in Year 12 last year, is settling well into her year-long Rotary exchange in the Netherlands. Cara was warmly welcomed by a group of Dutch Rotarians when she arrived at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on 16 January.

On her way to the Netherlands, Cara and a group of other Rotary exchange students from New Zealand spent a few fun days in Los Angeles where they were hosted by the Westchester Rotary Club.

Cara is spending this year in Emmen in the northeast of the Netherlands. She has already completed two and a half weeks of school (in Dutch) at Carmelcollege Emmen. Outside school, she has joined a dance school, a band and a volleyball club (as they don’t play netball in the Netherlands). Although she’s still getting used to it, she’s also enjoying having to cycle everywhere.

Cara will be staying with two host families this year. She’s loving staying with her first family. A highlight is their board games evening with friends and family every Thursday.

The few months before Cara left for the Netherlands was very busy. She danced a lead role in En Pointe Dance Studio’s production of The Nutcracker, she completed her NCEA Level 2 exams with an overall endorsement of “Excellence” and flew many, many solo hours to obtain a pilot’s licence with a passenger rating (allowing her to fly as pilot-in-command with a passenger).

Cara’s first passenger was her mum, Petra.

Cara was until the end of last year part of the MBAS aeroplane build programme and is sorry that she won’t be in Whitianga for the maiden flight of the aeroplane she has helped to build. She’s, however, looking forward to fly the aeroplane when she returns to New Zealand in January next year. The aeroplane that’s at the moment being built is expected to fly within the next two months.
Jed Greig
Our Year 13's of 2019 are all busy getting into life as an adult, either already working or preparing for the workforce or about to embark on their University years.  
Jed Greig (2019 International Leader) has opted for a different challenge and is pictured with his family -  Mum Denise, Sister Tammy & Dad Mike at Auckland Airport.
Jed is moving to Jerez de la Frontera in Spain for 10 months and will live with a family and attend School.  We look forward to updates of Jed's amazing experiences.
Y9-13 Cricket Muster
We are looking for a few more players to make up an MBAS team.  If you are interested in playing hardball cricket this term please come to the muster outside Leisa McCleery’s office at 1:15pm Tuesday 11th February.  
T20 games will be played on either Wednesday or Thursday afternoon/ evenings.
Contact Rachel Smith 021 753 219 for more information or see you Tuesday.  
20 Fun Questions to Ask your Kids, Instead of "How was your day?"
Now that we're all back at school, do you ever get sick of asking "How was your day?' and getting the usual "Ok" response?  Why not try some of these?  You never know, the answers just might surprise you.

20 questions to ask your kids after school:

1. What’s the funniest thing that happened to you today?
2. What did you like learning about the most?
3. Who would you like to play with at lunch break that you’ve never played with before?
4. What questions did you ask at school today?
5. What’s something special that happened today that you wish happened every day?
6. Did you help anyone today?
7. What was the hardest thing about today?
8. What was the book about that your teacher read?
9. Did you learn any new words today?
10. If you got to be the teacher for a day what would you do?
11. What’s one new thing you learned today?
12. What was your favourite part of lunch?
13. Did you ever feel unsafe?
14. Where is the coolest place at school?
15. Was there something that you heard that surprised you?
16. What is the most popular game played at lunch break?
17. When were you bored today?
18. What was the worst thing that happened today?
19. What was the best thing that happened today?
20. What are you excited to do at school tomorrow?
Mobile Dental Clinic
The mobile dental clinic is back  at Mercury Bay Area School this term.

If you would like to be present when your child has their dental examination, please phone to make an appointment. We would love to see you! Otherwise we will see the children during class time for an examination and send home consent forms if any treatment is required.
Once again please phone if you would like to attend for your child’s dental work.

You may receive a text to say your child has an appointment as we enter them on to our appointment book. This is done automatically and does not mean you need to attend; once again you’re more than welcome to do so.

Thank You
Christine Duff – Dental Therapist
Fiona Watts  – Dental Assistant
Phone 021 356 292
Community Notices
Netball Club AGM
The 2020 Mercury Bay Netball AGM Wednesday 19th February at 6pm in the Mercury Bay Area School library.
Positions open on the committee for Secretary and Treasurer and Fundraising/ Sponsorship.
Please contact Stephanie if you have any queries or with expressions of interest. or Ph. 0272841178
Pre Season Netball Training
Smash Cricket Teams
Any students interested please register your name with Leisa  -email
Basketball Skills Clinics
MRT Study Day
Student Exchange opportunities
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