MBAS Newsletter, Term 3, Week 3

Term 3, Week 3, 7th August 2020
The MBAS kapa haka group at the Harataunga Marae
Please remember to text your students absences to us on
021 025 56802

Check out the latest Plane build here

Kia Ora – Greetings to you all

Winter Sport - Galore - we are well underway

It is great that we have now been able to get underway with winter sport in all of our codes under Alert Level 1; and it is fantastic to see all our students heartily engaged in the vast array of codes available. As with all elements of growing up, sport is one area that teaches so much - fair play, to win with humility and to lose with dignity; to rely on others to help make a team work and play as a team; the commitment to practice and to ongoing improvement; the incredible support from parents - transport etc; the amazing commitment by our voluntary coaches and managers ... and more.
Thank you all for all you do - it helps incredibly to "make the whole person". (and it is good fun to watch too)


Primary Update
Kia ora whānau,

Parent Conferences 
It was inspiring to listen to our students, your wonderful and confident children, share their learning, achievements and next learning steps.  Being able to witness students share with such confidence and pride demonstrates student ownership and agency of their learning.  This is an area we have been working on for some time.  Thank you for your participation and engagement in your child’s learning and achievement.

NED’s Mindset Mission
Last week we also participated in a live broadcast,  time travelled show from San Diego, about a boy named NED.
The show introduces a cartoon boy named NED who is on a very important mission: to find his mindset. Led by clues and memorable characters, he overcomes Mt. Everest’s toughest obstacles, uncovers inner-treasures on a Caribbean island, and grows his brain while repairing a sputtering spaceship. Throughout the performance, students discover how to activate their growth mindset to overcome social, emotional and academic challenges.

As part of the ‘pay it forward’ kaupapa of the show if you would like to order a yoyo for your child, please click on the link below and you can pay online or at the school office.
We will be taking orders through to 7th August and yoyos will be ready to take home on that day

Have a great weekend,

Ngā mihi

Anne-Maree & Hira
Middle Years Student Led Conferences
Thank you to those who engaged with their child/children and our Learning Coaches in our recent student-led conferences. The feedback from our students and their Learning Coaches has been really positive. I was fortunate to be able to speak to a number of students just after their conference and they were 'buzzing'. 

We are working on developing student agency at our school to raise student achievement. Being active participants in their learning moves students from being passive recipients to being much more active in their learning. Being involved in decisions which directly affect their own learning, empowers students to own their learning journey and to build their confidence as learners. Self-reporting has been identified as the most significant indicator linked to raising student achievement. 

So thank you for supporting your child. If you missed it, please contact your child's Learning Coach to arrange another time.

Could you please take a minute to complete this very short feedback form:

We value your feedback.
2021 Y11-13 Course Selection
All next years Y11-Y13's are required to complete their course selections within the next few days.  The students have been given forms to fill out for this.
Please find the link to the form here if you have not received it.
Covid 19 Update
Covid-19 QR Codes for Tracing

Mercury Bay Area School has QR Codes placed around the school at key entry points. The Ministry of Health is encouraging people to use the Tracer App and these codes around the country.

For more information on the app please go to the Ministry of Health's website - NZ Covid App Tracer
Well-Being Whispers
A weekly parenting tip or quote provided by the Rangimarie well-being team.

“The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.”
― Socrates   (Greek philosopher 470-399BC)  
Good to know even back in 499 BC our young people were challenging their elders and causing society to clutch at their hearts in fear of the future.  And here we are a few centuries down the line with the same worries about our teens and the choices they make – but fear not as history has shown, this is normal adolescent development and we as adults have short memories of our own struggles to individuate and find our own paths and values.  Erik Erikson, the famous developmental psychologist suggests that the teenage years is the stage of Identity vs Confusion.  This is the time when our adolescents embark on a journey of self-discovery where they question their values and identify where they fit in society.  It is a turbulent time and as we see from the above quote all through the ages parents have struggled with their teen’s need to find themselves.

During adolescence, children explore their independence and develop a sense of self. Those who receive proper encouragement and reinforcement through personal exploration will emerge from this stage with a strong sense of self and feelings of independence and control. Those who remain unsure of their beliefs and desires will feel insecure and confused about themselves and the future.

So all parents, peers and educators who are feeling overwhelmed by your teens behaviour, hang in there, support them during this important period of developmental growth and know that before you know it they too will be contributing members of society and probably moaning about the deficits of the younger generation.
Stay tuned for more tips for parenting teens and children from our Well-Being team! 
New Titles in the Library
We have a whole lot more new books on our shelves. These ones, in particular, are a focus on good quality Fiction books. Come and check them out.
Foundation Class
Statistical investigations. Asking questions and making groups.
Room 17 - Guest Reader
Y11 student Kobe (from Kobe's Sushi) was the guest reader for Room 17's library visit this week. They even gave him a lovely round of applause.
Room 21 - Maths
Amazing things happen here...

Today during maths time, some of us learnt how to play the game, UNO.

This was a fun maths activity which supported us with our number recognition AND social skills such as turn-taking and co-operative learning. There was even some tuakana-teina with the more confident children teaching the children who did not know how to play.

Ka pai tamariki.
Primary - Buddy Reading
Room 24 enjoys buddy reading with Rm 18 on a sunny day! We read to our buddies, they read to us and we read books together!
With some beautiful sunny days, M8 have been doing their buddy reading in the sunshine.
M9 - Music
Learning the ukulele in class. We are so musical!
M10 - Gardening
M10 are excited to have our own garden patch - we have planned out an edible winter garden followed by an edible summer garden. The first steps were weeding the garden and digging in compost, then we planted spinach seedlings. We have sown seeds in class (peas/silverbeet/lettuce). They are sitting in rows along our window sills... it will be interesting to see which seeds come up first!
Kapa Haka - Harataunga Marae
E aku nui, e aku rahi, ka nui ngā mihi ki a tātou katoa!

The MBAS kapa haka group travelled to Harataunga Marae, in Harataunga- Kennedy Bay, to prepare for the cultural performance to be held at Whangamatā on the 24th September. 31 year 7-13 students attended the trip accompanied by parents, kaiako and specialist tutors. Our students worked extremely hard on their very challenging performance items and have made tremendous progress but there is still more to do! For some, it was their first time on a marae and the way they absorbed the tikanga and lessons on and about the marae, should make our kura and caregivers proud.
Te toi whakairo, ka ihiihi, ka wehiwehi, ka aweawe te ao katoa. 
Artistic excellence makes the world sit up in wonder.
Y7/8 Kauri Planting
All the year 7 and 8's planted Kauri trees this week at Stella Evered Reserve in Lees Road, with the Kauri 2000 trust.
The weather was beautiful, the planting site spectacularly steep and the students and their parents hardworking.
Y7/8 Science Roadshow
The national Fonterra Science Roadshow was hosted by Mercury Bay Area School on last Wednesday.  160 Y7 and Y8 students from the school plus a class from Coroglen experienced a range of exciting science demonstrations.  A team of three presenters from the Science Roadshow presented science ideas on pressure, rockets and kitchen chemistry, doing demonstrations and talking about the science.  The students then got to spend about an hour going to 41 different hands on interactive exhibits.  Demonstrations included wind turbines, earthquake simulations, pendulums, solar power, electricity and heart structures to name a few. The whole programme and exhibits were themed on:
Earth science — Te pūtaiao ā-nuku
Inferences — Ngā hīkaro
Movement — Te nekeneke
My body — Tōku tinana
Scientific instruments — Ngā taputapu pūtaiao
Sight and illusions — Te kitenga me ngā kitenga mariko
Students competed in a competition to demonstrate their knowledge and new learning from 4 different challenges. All the students were thoroughly engaged for the whole time experimenting, changing variables and playing with the science in a fun exciting way.
Some of the many exhibits and experiments on display.
Mrs Pavitt and Ms Shepherd being vacuumed wrapped and unable to move or stand up due the air pressure pushing on them.
1. Students being blown away by the large fan to feel air speed and air pressure.
2. Magdeburg sphere (the green pan) being pushed down by the atmospheric pressure, tremendously difficult to lift off when vacuum applied.
3. A student seeing how fast they can throw a ball with a speed gun facing them, using the Doppler effect to measure speed.
Senior Baristas
24 of our Senior Students completed the practical component of the Barista qualification during the 2 days of Student Conferences last week.
Thanks to all those that tried our learner coffees! 
Brave The Shave!

Our school would like to raise money and make a difference by participating in Brave the Shave. We are running a school event on the 29th August 2020 where students and community members can brave the shave. Please help us by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. The more people that know about Brave the Shave, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing our page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot to our students!

Y12 Business Competition
Hi guys, we are a  Y12 business class and we are running a competition for the Y4-13s.
To win the top prizes you will need to sell as many honey jars to your friends, family and neighbours to win. You will be given forms from your learning group teachers which you can fill out with the customers info and then email to us to place your order. The Y12's will then be giving the jars of honey as well as collecting the money. We will be coming around to each of your classes and sending out videos to give more information. Good luck!
Inter School Rugby Tackle Day
Inter-school Rugby Tackle day was held at the Ngatea Domain on Wednesday.
Mercury Bay sent four teams over, Year 5/6 Boys & Girls and Year 7/8 Girls & Boys.

The day was very successful with our Year 5/6 girls team finishing runners up in a game that went into 2 over times.  
The Year 5/6 boys won their grade & Year 7/8 girls won their grade for the 3rd year running!
Thanks to the girls from Tairua School & Moanataiari School who joined our girls for the day.

The students played with great sportsmanship and heart and the level of the games had our Parents very excited on the sidelines.   We were well supported with parents and everyone enjoyed the day.

First pic - Year 5/6 girls team - Molly Casey, Paiggon Kereopa, Mia Jones, Te Atakohu Hinds-Rhodes, Mackenzie Boyd, Tia Samuel, Elenoa Joshua. Macy Costello (Coach)

2nd pic - Year 7/8 boys team - Carter Hodge (Asst Coach), Brynn George, Quinn McCleery, Tane Ganley, Jay Lorimer, Shea Costello, Leon Melde, Dylan Ray, Gary Hinds (Coach)
front - Alex Wotton-Murphy, Dylan Reihana, Logan Humphris, Victor Stanley, Conner Nash, Ruben Thackery, Ngaru Hinds

3rd pic - Year 7/8 girls team - Lilia, Caileigh, Cybele Anderson, Manaia Boyd, Chelsea Springer, Ava, Charlee, Jade, Heeni Puke, Kaya Mataiti, Charlie. Hayden Anderson (Coach)

4th pic - Dwayne Mansell (Coach), Rohan Percival, Zinny Mataiti, Tayze Gill, Kyson Mansell, Taj Lorimer, Ben Costello, Shaun Joshua, Ozeya Tahau-Karaitiaria, Kaeden Willis, Cruz Beaver,,Masen Schlaepfer, Tyler Cornwall, Sonny Thompson, Ryland Tansey, Lyric Jackman-King.
Ivan Adams - Golf Update
Ivan finished 3rd in the Inaugural North Island Championships held at the Dunes Matarangi.  After an average first round he fought back in the 2nd round to finish 3rd overall. What a great result with kids from all parts of NZ, Queenstown, Taranaki, Waikato, Auckland.  Next series starts in 3 weeks with the NZ Open in October.

Ivan (2nd from left) pictured with fellow golfers.
The Sporting Week
Mercury Bay 1st XV played Hauraki at home this was the 1st XV first game of the season and Hauraki took the game 45 v 0.  

Mercury Bay U15 Rugby had a solid win of 54-5 against Hauraki White.

MBAS 1st XV girls took out a fabulous win 77 v 0 against Whangamata. Well done ladies we are super proud of you.

Round 2 Basketball results from Friday games at Hauraki Plains College. 
Junior girls 16 v 40 HPC
Junior boys 48 v 46 HPC
Senior girls 88 v 58 HPC

Senior Girls Football defeated Hauraki 5-3 and get to hold onto the Country cup for now.
Senior Boys Football defeated Hauraki 7-1 for their first hit out of the season.
Both Senior Football teams have a Thames Valley Tournament in Whitianga next Tuesday so we look forward to some great games & some wins.

Senior A Netball dominated against Hustle & Flow and final score was 48 v 19 to the Senior A girls.
Legacy Raffle
The Legacy Class are
raising money for Whitianga’s first
Community Toy Chest.

Tickets are $2 each. Come and buy a ticket fromRoom 13!
(The Legacy Room) 

Raffle 1 - $50 Black Jack Surf voucher. 
Raffle 2 - $50 cash!!!
 All Raffles drawn by Mrs Bloom 
Piano Lessons - Term 3 & 4
There are spaces for 7 students to start group piano/keyboard lessons for the remainder of the year. Lessons are in groups of 3, held in the music department.

Please email if you are keen to take up this opportunity.
Specialist Music Lessons - Term 3
Places available for beginner saxophone, clarinet and flute starting now.
Please contact to sign up.
Vision and Hearing Checks
Vision and Hearing Checks in School     
 Date:       Monday 7th September 2020           Time:   afternoon
Information Sheet on Vision and Hearing Checks in School
Vision Hearing Technicians from Community and Southern Rural Health will be visiting our school.  The objective of the test is to identify previously undetected vision and hearing defects.
If any parents/caregivers do not want their child to be checked, or their child is currently under specialist care for a vision or hearing defect, they should let the school know.

Which children are routinely checked?
Children who have not completed vision and hearing checks as part of their B4 School Check.
Children absent from previous visit, require retests or follow up.
In special circumstances, parents, teachers or others may request a vision or hearing check.

What tests are carried out?
Audiometry (hearing test)
Tympanometry – middle ear function test (only carried out when hearing test is not within a normal range)
Long distance vision tests – not a complete visual examination, but a simple screening test
NB All of these checks are non-invasive, safe and should cause no discomfort.

The Vision Hearing Technician will:
Notify parents of all test results
Enter results on Ministry of Education database (Enrol)
The Vision Hearing Technician will obtain personal details from the school ie; names, date of birth.
If the technician needs to contact parents or caregivers following the visit, addresses and phone numbers will also be required.
Community Notices
Swim Club AGM
20 August 7pm 
Swim Club AGM
Community Board Rooms, 10 Monk Street
Mercury Bay Athletics Club
Mercury Bay Athletics Club is looking for  Junior and Senior Coaches (training provided on the 19th September). 

Muster date 15th September 5.00pm at Whitianga Multi Sports Park. 

Contact Alana Baker for further information or to express interests to become a trainer we need more trainers to make our club nights possible. 
Free Holistic Fun!
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