MBAS Newsletter, Term 3, Week 2

Term 3, Week 2, 31st July 2020
Wow! What a difference a week makes!
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Kia Ora – Greetings to you all

Greetings everyone

This is just a short note from me to thank you all for your participation in our student, whānau, staff learning conferences this week. We appreciate the time you have taken to support your child in their learning journey. We have been impressed with the increasing development of student agency - ie our young people being aware of their learning - their next learning steps, their passions, challenges and triumphs. I also acknowledge and appreciate your support here hugely.

All the best
Seniors Update
Kia Ora everyone,

We are now in the second week of term 3, where time is flying extremely fast for our senior students. With mock exams just around the corner, students are becoming more independent in their learning. Study outside of school time, and learning to develop a personalised study routine is critical in ensuring senior students learn the material for their external exams and achieve at the level they want. We encourage students to research different methods of studying, such as Pomodoro or the Cornell Note-taking System, and figure out what works best for them. We also encourage students to talk to their teachers about external resources to assist them in their learning, and again, find what works for them. 

In the calendar this week, there were the Student-Teacher conferences, where the senior students ran their own interviews for the first time in our kura. These conferences give the students an opportunity to gain an understanding of an interview situation, and allows us to understand how important our subjects are for either school or university next year. It provides an opportunity for students to have an honest, open conversation with their teachers about their coursework, and what’s working and what they need assistance with. It’s also a great opportunity for parents to see what students have been learning throughout the school year, and find out how they can support their tamariki in their study. 

During the 6th week of this term (24th - 28th), the leadership team has planned for the senior years to participate in a ‘Diversity Week’. As we have become more appreciative of those within our kura in these unprecedented times, we wanted to focus on unifying our students through a fun and inclusive week, and show everyone's support towards the different cultures and the ways that people identify themselves within our community. On the Monday of week 6, students will dress in rainbow coloured mufti in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Tuesday-Thursday will be the annual ‘Spirit Days’, where the themes will be Decades Day, Character Day, and International Day. We will be releasing more information on these days later. 

On Friday the 28th, we will be hosting ‘Daffodil Day’, where students can wear yellow clothing and bring in a gold coin donation to support the Cancer Society Organization. On this day, the Hauora Leaders will also be holding the ‘Cancer Shave Event’ where students can decide to shave their heads or cut 30cm of their hair to donate to the organization. Keep these dates in your calendars, more information is to come.  

As always, the Senior Leadership team is available to answer any questions or provide any support, simply email or contact us on our personal emails. 


Isabel Lunn and Alice Robinson 
Naming MBAS Hoodies and Jackets
MBAS hoodies and jackets are now back in stock at The Warehouse Whitianga.  

The Senior Leaders are organising an event to name your Hoodies/Uniform. This will be in the school hall, next week, Tues-Thurs 4th,5th and 6th. Students can go along to the hall in Break 1 or Lunchtime to get their uniform named. The cost for this is $1 per item.

We are hoping this will reduce our lost property and we will be able to reunite uniform with students.
Foundation Class
Whaea Rahira had some new equipment delivered this week and it was a hit.
This play helps us to develop fine motor skills and build creativity. Lots of descriptive language gets used as we describe our creations.
We also grabbed the sunshine. Practicing our motor skills and spatial awareness while building connections with our classmates.
Room 18
Room 18 have set up a science experiment to test if plants will grow without sunlight. What do you think will happen? Will the covered ones grow?
Room 21
We’ve been working hard on creating and implementing our kaupapa this week (rules/treaty for our class room). Everybody contributed on what they thought was important.
Room 22 - Science
Room 22 have started learning about solids liquids and gases - this afternoon we made hot chocolates to learn about the different parts.
M3 - Activities
Making flipsticks, a great little activity to see how moving pictures work.
M8 - Music
M8 have been exploring different instruments in the music room.
M9 - Maths
Making spinning tops for maths. Does the diameter of the circle make a difference? Does the length of the skewer matter? Which top will spin for the longest time?
Hei 5/6 - First Aid
By Milley Pepper, Erika Watanabe and Millie Gold.

On Monday the 27th of July Hei 5/6 had a first aid course with a St. Johns Educator named Sue.  The course was mostly hands on and we learned a wide range of skills including: CPR, basic first aid skills, risk identification, and how to treat hypothermia and heat stroke.  

The training for the CPR was all hands on.  We did the practical on the dummies which was very weird.  We had to practice pushing down on their chest (the compressions) and breathing in their mouths.  We had to clean the mannequins in between practices.

We were all so intrigued. Soon after we learnt how to help stop the bleeding from big cuts.  We also practiced how to stop nosebleeds and what to do for bruises, stings and burns.  Some of the skills were pretty basic, like putting a plaster on a cut or scrape.  But we also practiced cooling burns, keeping swelling down with an ice pack, elevating the wound, and putting pressure on to stop bleeding. 

One very important skill we learned was the DRSABCD.  This is an acronym which stands for: Danger, Respond, Send for help, Airways, Breathing, CPR and Defibrillation.  This helps us to decide what injuries a patient has and how to treat them. Part of the DRSABCD was also learning how to treat hypothermia and heat stroke.

In the end it was super fun and we learned a lot of new skills.  Thank you to ASB and St. Johns for helping to make this program available to us.
Hei7 Visit the Science Roadshow
Year 7 and 8's had the opportunity to check out the visiting Science Roadshow.  Here are some of Hei7's photos.
Learning Support
We are all feeling a bit spoilt in Learning Support after our luxurious swim last Sunday evening! Jonathan Kline has been coaching our students in sailing, but since this winter weather is making it a bit too cold to get out on the water, he invited our students and their whānau to visit The Lost Springs instead. We enjoyed hot chips by candlelight, the chance to catch up with parents and whānau of our students, and a very nice after hours swim. The evening will definitely be remembered as a highlight in our 2020 calendar. 

Thank you to the Kline Whānau and Alan Hopping for hosting us, and a special mention to Noah and Annabelle Kline who did a fantastic job of helping out on the night. 
11 OED - Broken Hills Tramp
Last Friday a group of 49 year 11’s went to Broken Hills for a day tramp. The purpose of the trip was in preparation for a 3 day tramp in week 4 where the students will be working on improving their interpersonal skills through a series of group challenges. Their first challenge as a group was to find their way through a 500m long tunnel in the dark. 
Y12-13 Thames Career Expo
Mercury Bay Area School will be talking a bus to the Thames Career Expo on Thursday 13th August. Departure time is 9.00am return 2.30pm.  Thi is for year 12 & 13 students only. Students please see Marie Relph in Room 10 for the consent notices.
Ivan Adams - Golf
The Dunes is hosting a major Junior tournament this weekend: The Sean Foley World Stars North Island Champs, featuring some of the best players aged 5 to 18 in the region.

Come out on Saturday and Sunday morning and see the stars of the future including our youngest Dunes member Ivan Adams.

Good luck Ivan!  
Legacy Raffle
The Legacy Class are
raising money for Whitianga’s first
Community Toy Chest.

Tickets are $2 each. Come and buy a ticket fromRoom 13!
(The Legacy Room) 

Raffle 1 - $50 Black Jack Surf voucher. 
Raffle 2 - $50 cash!!!
 All Raffles drawn by Mrs Bloom 
Piano Lessons - Term 3 & 4
There are spaces for 7 students to start group piano/keyboard lessons for the remainder of the year. Lessons are in groups of 3, held in the music department.

Please email if you are keen to take up this opportunity.
Specialist Music Lessons - Term 3
Places available for beginner saxophone, clarinet and flute starting now.
Please contact to sign up.
Vision and Hearing Checks
Vision and Hearing Checks in School     
 Date:       Monday 7th September 2020           Time:   afternoon
Information Sheet on Vision and Hearing Checks in School
Vision Hearing Technicians from Community and Southern Rural Health will be visiting our school.  The objective of the test is to identify previously undetected vision and hearing defects.
If any parents/caregivers do not want their child to be checked, or their child is currently under specialist care for a vision or hearing defect, they should let the school know.

Which children are routinely checked?
Children who have not completed vision and hearing checks as part of their B4 School Check.
Children absent from previous visit, require retests or follow up.
In special circumstances, parents, teachers or others may request a vision or hearing check.

What tests are carried out?
Audiometry (hearing test)
Tympanometry – middle ear function test (only carried out when hearing test is not within a normal range)
Long distance vision tests – not a complete visual examination, but a simple screening test
NB All of these checks are non-invasive, safe and should cause no discomfort.

The Vision Hearing Technician will:
Notify parents of all test results
Enter results on Ministry of Education database (Enrol)
The Vision Hearing Technician will obtain personal details from the school ie; names, date of birth.
If the technician needs to contact parents or caregivers following the visit, addresses and phone numbers will also be required.
Community Notices
Whitianga Community Services Trust - Sale!!
Whitianga Community Services Trust on Cook Drive are having a SUPER SALE! starting on the 3rd of August, fill a bag for $5.00 until stock lasts.

NB: It'll be a standard shopping bag size, the reusable red New World ones are perfect. 
Mercury Bay Athletics Club
Mercury Bay Athletics Club is looking for  Junior and Senior Coaches (training provided on the 19th September). 

Muster date 15th September 5.00pm at Whitianga Multi Sports Park. 

Contact Alana Baker for further information or to express interests to become a trainer we need more trainers to make our club nights possible. 
Free Holistic Fun!
Virtual Winter Challenge Link
Loaded Tough Guy and Gal Challenge Link
Rotorua Marathon Link
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