MBAS Newsletter, Term 2, Week 11

Term 2, Week 11, 26th June 2020
Y13 PE and Learning Support - Inclusion
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Kia Ora – Greetings to you all

Student Conferences and Student-led Conferences
A strong connection between students, teachers and parents provides the foundation for educational success. Previously, we have provided these opportunities at different times of the year for the different areas of our kura as "parent/teacher interviews" or student conferences. We are taking this a step further this year as a whole school approach, with the first round of Student Conferences (SCs) occurring on Thursday 30 July and Friday 31 July. Because we are running SCs as a whole school approach, and given the size of our school, plus the fact that parents have children in several areas of our school (Primary, Middle and Senior) we need to spread these conferences over these two days.  

Primary SCs will occur on Thursday 30 July only; while Middle SLCs and Senior Years SCs will need to be spread over both Thursday 30 July and Friday 31 July to enable all students and parents are able to attend the conferences.

Clearly all of our Primary staff will be engaged in their SCs on Thursday, and Primary classes cannot run on that day.

Middle and Senior Years classes cannot run on these two days as all the Middle and Senior Years staff will be engaged in SCs during both days.  

We will have further information coming through directly - we will be using the interview booking system that has been so effective in the past so that parents and staff can plan the SCs and SLCs efficiently.  The code for booking the conferences for your child/children will be sent out by email next week.

Middle Years information:  Student-led Conferences - 15 minute conference
In week 2 next term we are holding our student-led conferences. All Middle Years students are required to attend and conduct a learning conference with their Learning Coach and parents/caregivers. Our student-led conferences will take the form of a conversation between the student, their parents and their Learning Coach. Students will share their growth as a learner with their Learning Coach and their parents. In doing this, students accept accountability and responsibility for their progress and achievement, and demonstrate a growing understanding of their development as independent learners. The student will lead the conference. 
We believe this is a way to promote and develop relationships and gather important and specific data about our students' learning. These relationships start to develop in Year 7 & 8 - the information gathered is then passed on to their Year 9 Learning Coach with the idea that they will have the same Learning Coach until they are in Year 13. This way we can collect a WEALTH of knowledge about our students as learners over that time and help them to set their goals. 
Next week the conference bookings will open and the code will be sent out by email. We encourage you to book your appointment and come and celebrate your child's learning, they have put a lot of effort into preparing for these conferences and we would like to have all parents attend.

Senior Years information: Student Conferences - 10 minute conference
The Senior Year’s (Year 11, 12 & 13) conferences for students, whānau and teachers will take place in Week 2 of Term 3. You are invited to make appointments with all of your young adult’s course/subject teachers. The duration of each Senior Years conference is 10 minutes.
During the conference students will be expected to actively discuss their learning and achievement with you and their teacher. Discussions may also naturally move onto future learning, career and learning pathways and for our Year 11 and 12 students, their course selections into 2021.
Students develop greater autonomy through their Senior Years journey regarding their learning and these conferences aim to facilitate this development further and to provide an excellent space to share information, for reflection and for academic feed forward.
We believe these conferences will promote the strong learning relationships between our students, you, their whānau and the school teaching community that are central and vital for all students to experience success.
Next week the conference bookings will open and the code will be sent out by email. We encourage you to book your appointment and come and celebrate your young adult’s learning, achievement and success.
MBAS Hoodies
The first shipment of MBAS hoodies have proved very popular and have sold out.  To secure your hoodie from the next shipment please visit The Warehouse Whitianga to place an order.  They are priced at $45 each.
Changes to Bus Routes Term 3, 2020
The Ministry of Education has completed their review of our bus services. As a result of this review the Ministry of Education has advised us and Murphies of route changes that will commence in term 3.

The bus routes affected are as follows (If you click on the bus route you will be able to see a map and approximate times for each route)

Route 2388 (Millcreek + Ferry)
This means the Mill Creek run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; the bus will be 10 minutes later in the afternoon. Wednesday will remain the same. This will not affect the Ferry Bus times.
This route will continue to travel to #430 Millcreek Rd.
This route will still connect with route 2387 at the top of Millcreek Rd.
This route will now service students who come across on the ferry.
No further changes.

Route 2685 (Pumpkin Hill + Kaimarama Rd)
Only change is an extension down Kaimarama Rd for the eligible students attending MBAS.

Route 2652 (Kuaotunu + Matarangi)
This route will be extended to travel into Matarangi to connect with route 2411, rather than the connection occurring at the Kuaotunu Reserve.  
This bus will collect students who live up Bluff Road from the corner of Bluff Road and Kuaotunu Wharekaho Road (Hwy 25). No buses will travel up Bluff Rd to Cuvier Cres.
This connection will now be at the fire station in Matarangi.

Route 2411 (Te Rerenga)
This route and 2652 from MBAS will be moving to the Fire Station in Matarangi, rather than at the Kuaotunu Reserve.
This route will no longer be travelling via Bluff Rd to Cuvier Cres.
This route will continue to travel to the fire station in Matarangi.
Senior Student Update
Kia Ora everyone,

With only one more full week of school left this term, it is showing that everyone is in need of a holiday! However, we are close to the finish line and all need to stay focused. Now more than ever, our wellbeing is the most important thing to focus on. 

We have two amazing Hauora leaders in our team this year, Hannah and Summer, who are there to support any students. They would like to let you know that the wellbeing services, such as the counselor and nurses, are able to help with anything and are completely confidential. The nurses are at school 5 days a week and you can contact them at  If you are in need of support, you can also get in contact with any of the Student Leaders, and they will be there to help. 

This week, the leadership team have organised a mufti day (which has been postponed until the third week of next term) in support of the LGBTQ+ community. As this month is pride month, we wanted to show our support for the LGBTQ+ community both within our kura and in our wider community. We will also be doing a segment on LGBTQ+ history and resources for LGBTQ+ youth on our instagram - @mercurybayareaschool. 

As always, we encourage our senior students to keep up to date with internals, and to start laying down productive study habits going into mocks and externals season. Again, if any students need support in this area of their life, the Student Leaders, teachers and Year Level Deans are there to help guide you through this process. 

Alice Robinson and Isabel Lunn
Foundation Class
We were fortunate enough to have Mr. Roberts and two of his ukulele students come and do an impromptu ukulele performance for us. We were amazed and captivated by the talent in this trio.
Room 22
This week Room 22 is looking at Matariki - these are some of our art work we have created - we think they are very cool.
Room 23 - Cricket
An afternoon of cricket! Lots of effort taking turns and bowling on target.
Room 24
Room 24 have had a great week, lots of learning and fun as usual!
They've been learning about time, how to read analogue and digital clocks. They are learning to do Silent Reading really silently, without making any noise - it is not easy! For their Inquiry this term they are doing some research about butterflies, their life cycle and change.
M3 - Football
M3 have been spending time learning some football skills. They had a great time and it looks there might be some future starts among them.
M8 - Gardening
M8 have been putting together a portable glasshouse.  We can't wait to see what they plant and grow in it.
THH Shellfish Survey
Hauraki Gulf Forum Shellfish Survey

What is it all about?
The Hauraki Gulf Forum needs to collect data about estuary health. So called Shellfish Surveys are undergone to gather this data. These happen around May or June every year, so that “trends” can be recorded. These trends show how the estuary health changes. It is important to know this because the appropriate action can then be taken to ensure it remains healthy.

How is it done?
Volunteers or citizen scientists as they technically are, set up a transect line along a beach or estuary. A transect line is a straight line that runs from high to low tide mark with 20m intervals. They are placed on the survey site, with between a 20-100m interval separating them. Every 20m mark on every transect line is a survey point.

At every survey point, a square shaped sieve of 1/10 of a square metre is placed directly on the mark. It is then traced around with a spade and dug down 10 centimetres, the mud or sand is placed back into the quadrat, as it is called. All the residue is sifted until you are left with only shellfish. Every shellfish is then measured and counted, recorded on a data sheet. A fresh data sheet is used for every survey point. Our class (Te Ha O Hei at MBAS) managed to complete it in about two and a half hours.

The data is then confirmed and double-checked, usually by someone from Hauraki Gulf Forum or Environment Waikato. It is sent in for analysis, where it is entered into a spreadsheet and stored with the other data. It can be referred to if need be. It can also be displayed to show changes.

Why is it done and why is estuary health important?
The main species we measure are cockles and wedge shells. They are indicator species, meaning they can tell a lot about what is happening in that environment. It is important for estuaries to be healthy because they play a vital role as a habitat for marine life and for the filtering of water, along with many other things. Estuaries are the perfect, sheltered environment for their ecosystem and we would lose a lot if we did not have healthy, established estuaries or their ecosystems.

Our class’ learning in relation to the estuary.
Our class analysed the data ourselves, and used statistical enquiries in this process as well. We compared this year’s data to last year’s and noticed a positive change in the number of cockles. This can be due to a number of reasons, perhaps better estuarine health, a longer breeding season, or just less gathering of shellfish.

I think the development in the area has had an impact on the overall water quality and this can’t be good for the estuary. However much good it is for the economy, we can't have buildings popping up everywhere and then see that the estuary is getting more and more polluted. Estuaries are natural resources and need to not have pressure put on their ecosystems.

By Joshua Page

The transect lines on the Whitianga Estuary:
Y9 Business Class
Y13 PE and Learning Support
The Year 13 PE class have been developing games to share with Learning Support with a focus on inclusion. The first session last friday was a great success with everyone getting involved, having fun and helping each other. Nga Mihi Year 13 PE, from all of us in Learning Support.
Hockey Skills and Drills
This week we were fortunate to have Thames Valley Hockey's development officers come to the school to offer a skills & drills session.  Their aim was to get more engagement from the secondary school kids to allow for a more promising competition at secondary and rep level however some of our keen young Primary students were given the opportunity to be part of this.  
Daniel Scanlon & Kayla Povey spent all day with Primary students, PE classes & the School Hockey team.
Y9-13 Bufflao Beach Dash
Wednesday 1st July
Join in for a new course & house points for participation.
Lets colour the water front in Buffalo, Mercury, Tainui & Matahaoura.
School Netball
Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected for School Netball teams.
Senior A
Zoe Smith
Anna Stevenson
Kelly Evanson
Jasmine McCleery
Tiana Tiro
Olivia Outterside
Aimee Burton
Trinity Holmes
Darnika Urlich
Scarlett Dowling
Year 9/10
Eve Kendall
Riley Novis
Ella Edkins
Pearl Pryce
Katie Walker
Drew Casey
Te Kari Mataiti
Jaeda Jackman-King
Macy Costello
Bianca Anderson
Rangimarie - Student Health Centre
In last week's newsletter we announced the appointment of a school nurse for our Year 7 to 13 students; and we thought it would be a great idea to let you know about all of the staff who sit behind our dedicated Rangimarie Student Health Team supporting Kura-wide wellbeing.

Rangimarie – Student Health Centre

Services Directory
All of our kura clinic services are open every day, and are free and confidential.

COUNSELLING – Support for any aspect of mental health and wellbeing, including:

  • Symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Stress
  • Self image and self esteem
  • Developing healthy coping strategies and resilience
  • Family/Peer conflict
  • Deliberate self harm
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Gender and sexual identity
  • Bullying
  • Drug and alcohol issues
MEDICAL – Support for any aspect of your physical health and wellbeing, including:
  • General medical advice
  • Sexual health, including contraception and STI screening
  • Smoking cessation
  • Drug and Alcohol support
  • Sore throat management
  • Doctors clinic on site every Wednesday morning
WHANAU WELLBEING – Support for the welfare of families and whanau, including:
  • Arrangements for food packages
  • Help with school transport concerns
  • Access to parenting programmes/advice
  • Strengthening Families and Family Hui support and advocacy
  • Financial support eg. help with school uniforms and equipment etc.
  • Coordination of external wellbeing/development programmes
  • Attendance/truancy services

The Rangimarie Student Health Centre team:

Carolyn Gibbs – Counsellor and Head of Kura Wellbeing - 
Ian Nicolson – Counsellor – 
Nicky Pretorius – Psychotherapist – 
Shaz Iselil – Registered Nurse – or 0273273945
Kate Sedon – Registered Nurse – or 0273273945
Sandi Lowe – Whanau Wellbeing – 
Feel free to come and see us, or if we are busy please email the above to make an appointment time. 
For any URGENT matters please refer to the main school reception desk. 

Spirit of NZ Opportunity
There is an opportunity for ten Y10 students to go on a 5 day voyage with Spirit of NZ on the 5th to 9th of September.
The cost is $1200 per student - we could fund raise part of this fee.
Could any students or families of year 10 students contact me and let me know if they are interested so we can secure this opportunity.
Thanks Jo Mannington

Here is a link to a video, while it’s for a 10 day voyage, it's gives an idea about the things that are involved on board.
Community Notices
Mercury Bay Netball
Great turn out for grading last Wednesday.
Teams are up on the website.
If you have not registered please don’t forget to online.
Holiday Activities
Mid Winter Treasure Hunt and Swim
See here for more upcoming events and activities
Take a Kid Hunting
Mercury Bay Bubble Bites
Don't forget to check out this weeks Mercury Bay Bubble Bites Episode.
This is week 10 and the last episode.
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