Volume IX, Issue No. 
3rd Quarter 2019
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CSC RO V revs up month-long celebration of PCSA through Zumba fitness fundraiser

Photos shown above are the highlights of Groovin’ for PLBi Year 5: a Zumba Fitness Fundraiser which include the PCSA Message of Dir. Cecilia R. Nieto and the awarding of the Pamanang Lingkod Bayani (PLBi) to the surviving heirs of Mr. Frederick D. Latosa, a civil servant who died in the line of service.


Hundreds of public officials and employees from various government agencies in Region 5 have gathered at the Legazpi City Convention Center on September 2, 2019 to join the Civil Service Commission in the opening of the month-long celebration of the 119th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary (PCSA).

The highlight of the Opening Program is the annual fund-raising activity organized by the Civil Service Commission Regional Office V (CSC RO V) dubbed as, “Groovin’ for PLBi Year 5: a Zumba Fitness Fundraiser.” Proceeds of the event shall be donated to the Commission’s Pamanang Lingkod Bayani (PLBi), a one-time financial assistance worth PHP100,000 given to the immediate family members of civil servants who died while performing their duties.

To underscore the relevance of the annual fund-raising event, a simple awarding ceremony was included to confer financial assistance to the surviving heirs of the late Mr. Frederick D. Latosa, Livestock Inspector II of the City Government of Sorsogon who died on February 10, 2019 due to severe leptospirosis, which he acquired during rescue activities to save the drowning pigs of Livestock and Poultry Multiplier Farm Project when heavy rains and flooding struck Sorsogon City on Januay 29, 2019. Apart from the financial assistance worth PHP100,000, Mr. Latosa’s immediate family members are also qualified to receive scholarship grant in any of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC)-member state universities and colleges.

Mr. Latosa was the fourth to have been conferred the posthumous award this year. Other awardees include CSC RO V’s very own Director II Andronico Lanuza of CSC FO-Catanduanes who died while performing his functions as assessor during the conduct of the PRIME-HRM Assessment on October 24, 2018 at the City Government of Iriga, Camarines Sur; PO3 Joseph Raymond L. Abelita who died in a motorcycle accident while on his way to serve a Warrant of Arrest in Barangay Laurente, San Pascual, Masbate on Feb. 10, 2018; and PO1 Michael Villalobos, who was stationed at Irosin Municipal Police Station in Sorsogon when he was killed by armed men while monitoring an anti-illegal drug operation on September 20, 2018 in Barangay San Pedro, Irosin, Sorsogon. 

Over the last five years since the annual fund-raising program was organized, government agencies have shown strong support by sending considerable number of participants. The Department Education-Division of Camarines Sur was given recognition this year for sending the largest number of delegates which totaled to 53.

Besides fund generation for PLBi, the event also aims to promote health and wellness among government employees. Zumba, which is known as one of the best types of fitness activities, was chosen as the mode of fund-raising. Ms. Cecile B. Espiritu of the Land Bank of the Philippines Legazpi Branch who is a licensed Zumba Instructor and an active health and wellness advocate, led the Zumba fundraiser event this year.


Lynbee N. Navio
Human Resource Specialist II, PSED

CSC RO V’s 2019 Gov’t Job Fair draws hundreds                     of Bicolano job seekers

Hundreds of Bicolano jobseekers attended the 2019 Government Job Fair and Government Express Goes to the Mall held at the Food Hall of SM City Legazpi on September 11-12, 2019


Bicolano job seekers attended the 2019 Government Job Fair by the dozen at SM City Legazpi on September 11-12, 2019, hoping to land one of the vacant positions available in various government offices in Region 5.

The event, which is part of the 2019 Philippine Civil Service Anniversary (PCSA) celebration with the theme "CSC at 119: Upholding Integrity and Building a High-Trust Society," was participated in by various government agencies with job vacancies such as the Department of Social Welfare and Development Regional Office V, City Government of Legazpi, Professional Regulation Commission, Bureau of Fire Protection, Bureau of Internal Revenue Regional Revenue Office 10, Department of Public Works and Highways Regional Office V and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology Regional Office V.

Participating government agencies conducted initial assessment of applications received during the two-day event. Applicants will then be notified through electronic mail or text message on the status of their application and additional instructions and requirements, if any.

According to Dir. Cecilia R. Nieto, Regional Director of the Civil Service Commission Regional Office V, the annual Government Job Fair aims to encourage competent individuals to build a stable career in the government while getting actively involved in nation-building. Government agencies, according to her, have to exert an effort to attract the best and the brightest to enter the government. She emphasized that a competent government workforce can be equated with excellent public service delivery.

Apart from the Government Job Fair, a government service one-stop shop was also held on the same venue. Dubbed as “Government Express Goes to the Mall,” the activity is part of CSC’s campaign which aims to reinforce the message that government services are accessible and that government agencies are ready to adapt in order to remain responsive to the needs of the people. This is in light of the passage of the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery (EODB-EGSD) Act of 2018, of which the CSC is the lead implementer. Various agencies such as the Bureau of Internal Revenue RRO 10, Philippine Statistics Authority RO V, Government Service Insurance System Legazpi Branch, Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, Philippine Postal Corporation, Department of Health RO V, Department of Trade and Industry RO V, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation-Local Health Insurance Office Albay, Social Security System Legazpi Branch, Home Development Mutual Fund-Legazpi Branch, and the National Bureau of Investigation-Legazpi provided their basic frontline services during the two-day event.


Lynbee N. Navio
Human Resource Specialist II, PSED
CSC RO V conducts “Usapang CSC sa Sorsogon”
As the central personnel agency of the Philippine bureaucracy, the Civil Service Commission is mandated to prescribe, amend and enforce rules and regulations for carrying into effect the provisions of the Civil Service Laws and other pertinent laws. Hence, the need to capacitate civil servants in terms of existing laws especially on human resource actions, is one of the prime concerns of the Commission.
In order to carry out this mandate in the region, the CSC RO V came up with a formal conversation which shall be conducted in various provinces of Bicol. This dialogue will involve the Human Resource Management Officers, Vice-Mayors, and Local Chief Executives of different areas under the jurisdiction of Region V. The pilot episode was dubbed as “Usapang CSC sa Sorsogon” at the province of Sorsogon on August 7, 2019 particularly at Sorsogon State College.
According to Assistant Regional Director Daisy P. Bragais who was previously designated as the Officer Caretaker of the CSC Field-Sorsogon, one of its objectives is to be familiar and get along with the stakeholders in the jurisdiction of the CSC RO V.
“Kailangan ng network with other agencies, kailangan malaman nila ang CSC law and rules kasi usually ka’pag bago ang administration, marami ang cases ng reassignment, details, maraming nagsasabi na napu-float sila. Dapat alam ng head of agencies kung ano ang dapat at hindi dapat gawin,” Bragais said.
To achieve the goal of having well-versed leaders, Asst. Reg’l Director Bragais provided a lecture on the legal ways of moving people in an organization which include Reassignment or the movement of people across the organizational structure within the same department or agency; Detail or the temporary movement from one department or agency to another; and Designation, defined as the movement that involves an imposition of additional and/or higher duties to be performed by a public official/employee which is temporary and can be terminated anytime at the pleasure of the appointing officer/authority.
The attendees were reminded of the need to discern and review the rules under the Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Human Resource Actions or ORAOHRA, and make sure that their actions are in accordance with the CS Laws.
Moreover, the newly-designated Director II of the CSC FO-Sorsogon, Ms. Emylin O. Severo discussed the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM). The CSC defines PRIME-HRM as a mechanism that empowers government agencies by developing their human resource management competencies, systems, and practices toward HR excellence.
Acting Director II Severo talked about the four (4) Core Human Resource Systems that are essential in delivering an excellent service to the internal and external clients. These systems include the Recruitment, Selection, and Placement (RSP); Learning & Development (L&D); Performance Management (PM); and Rewards & Recognition (R & R).
“Ang dream ko for Sorsogon is lahat ng agencies ay ma-accredit under bronze accreditation through the PRIME-HRM. Kasi ang tinutumbok talaga ng PRIME-HRM is kung gaano natin pinapangalagaan yung ating mga yamang-tao, yung ating human resource,” Severo said.

Severo added that such problem would result in an excellent public service delivery because a satisfying employee experience will lead to a great client experience.
Mr. Raymond Fiecas of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) also presented and discussed the GSIS Financial Assistance Loan II (GFAL).
The “Usapang CSC sa Sorsogon” participants expressed their appreciation of having such activity in their province. The CSC RO V plans to conduct the same undertaking in other areas of the Bicol Region.


Rona Jane B. Nuñez
Administrative Officer IV, PALD

It is the declared policy of the State under the Constitution to protect and promote the rights and welfare of working women, taking into account their maternal functions, and to provide an enabling environment in which their full potential can be achieved. The State likewise recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as the basic autonomous social institution. Moreover, the Magna Carta of Women provides for women’s rights to health and decent work. Having these policies in mind, and in recognition of women’s maternal functions as a social responsibility, the Congress passed Republic Act No. 11210 or The 105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law.

Republic Act No. 11210 was signed into law on February 20, 2019. It took effect on March 9, 2019 after 15 days of publication in the Official Gazette on February 21, 2019. The Implementing Rules and Regulation was issued on May 1, 2019. Below are the salient features of the law with particular focus on its coverage for female workers in the government:

Coverage and Grant of Maternity Leave

The law covers all female workers in the public and private sector, female workers in the informal economy, female members who are voluntary contributors to the Social Security System and female national athletes.

Maternity leave (ML) of 105 days is granted to all covered female workers regardless of civil status, employments status, and legitimacy of the child. In the case of solo parents, a longer period of 120 days is granted. In both cases, the female worker has the option to extend her ML for 30 days. In cases of miscarriage/early termination of pregnancy, only 60 days of ML is granted.
Manner of Enjoyment of the Benefit

The ML with full pay may be availed either before or after the actual period of delivery in a continuous and uninterrupted manner. It may be credited as combinations of prenatal and postnatal leave, provided that postnatal leave shall not be less than 60 days. The ML is granted in every instance of pregnancy, miscarriage or emergency termination of pregnancy regardless of frequency. If a female worker opts to extend her ML, prior notice to the employer is required 45 days before the end of the ML. The extended ML without pay shall not be considered as a gap in the service.

ML After Termination of Employment

ML is granted even if the childbirth, miscarriage or emergency termination of pregnancy occurs not more than 15 calendar days after the termination of an employee’s service. The period does not apply when termination is without just cause.


Who are eligible?

Pregnant female workers in the government service regardless of employment status and length of service whether in National Government Agencies, Local Government Units, Government Owned and Controlled Corporations, State Universities and Colleges or Local Universities and Colleges.

Public School Teachers may avail of the ML even during long vacations, in which case both ML benefits and the Proportional Vacation Pay shall be granted.

ML benefits shall be enjoyed by a female worker even if she has a pending administrative case.

Notice and Application for ML

Application for ML shall be filed at least 30 days in advance specifying the effective date of the leave and using the prescribed Civil Service Form No. 6. The application shall be supported by a medical certificate.

In case of extended ML, the female government worker has the option to avail of leave without pay or leave with pay using her available sick leave credits, or vacation leave credits if the sick leave credits have been exhausted. In case the female worker avails of the former option, the leave without pay shall not be considered as a gap in the service.

Manner of Payment of ML Benefits

The ML benefits may be given in full through lump sum payment or regular payment of salary through agency payroll. Clearance shall be secured but money, property, and work-related accountabilities shall not deprive the female worker of the ML benefits.

Consecutive Pregnancies and Multiple Childbirth

In case of overlapping ML benefits claim, maternity benefits shall be granted for the two contingencies in a consecutive manner.

Only one ML benefit may be claimed regardless of the number of offspring, per delivery/childbirth.

Allocation of ML Credits

Seven (7) days of ML credits may be transferred to the Child’s father, whether or not married to the mother. This is separate from the 7-days paternity leave granted under the Paternity Leave Act of 1996. In case of death, absence or incapacity of the father, the ML credits may be allocated to an alternate caregiver who must either be a relative within the 4th degree of consanguinity of the mother or a current partner sharing the same household.

If the female worker avails of this option, notice to the Head of Agency together with the application for ML is required. This benefit may be enjoyed by the father or alternate caregiver in a continuous or intermittent manner, not later than the period of the ML availed. In case full pay has been given to the mother, the father or the alternate caregiver shall only be excused from work (leave w/o pay).

The option to allocate ML credits is not applicable in case of miscarriage or early termination of pregnancy.

Non-Discrimination and Security of Tenure

No employer whether in the public or private sector shall discriminate against the employment of women in order to avoid the benefits provided for in the law.

Those who availed of the benefits granted under the law shall be assured of security of tenure and shall not be used as basis for demotion or termination.

With the passage of the law, it is expected that working women will be provided with ample transition time to regain health and overall wellness as well as to assume maternal roles before resuming paid work. The Act is also consistent with local and international legal instruments that protect and promote the rights of women.


Atty. Alicia P. Salinas
Supervising Chief Human Resource Specialist, LSD
Christmas came early for some pupils of Rawis Elementary School in Legazpi City who were chosen as beneficiaries of the gift-giving project of the Civil Service Commission Regional Office V.

Dubbed as "CSC Regional Office V: Upholding Integrity, Fostering Love in the Community, A Gift-Giving Project," the activity is part of the month-long celebration of the 119th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary.

The early Christmas cheer was evident in the smiles of the children as they receive colorful drawstring bags containing school supplies which were donated by CSC RO V employees.
Apart from gift-giving, a brief discussion on proper hygiene, dental health care and environmental awareness was conducted by Atty. Daisy P. Bragais, Assistant Regional Director; Atty. Mary Jane N. Orpiada, Attorney VI; and Atty. Maria Riza Lea G. Lucilo, Attorney IV of CSC RO V, respectively. Atty. Orpiada, who is also a dentist, demonstrated the proper way of brushing teeth.
 The project was intended to rev up the early Christmas cheer and to inculcate important values such as empathy, generosity and volunteerism among the children and civil servants as well. According to Dir. Cecilia R. Nieto, Regional Director of CSC RO V, civil servants learn the value of compassion by engaging with the people in the community.

As the central human resource institution of the Philippine government, CSC organizes this kind of project, as it has already started pushing its advocacy on the promotion of compassion or "malasakit" in the bureaucracy few years ago. CSC believes that compassion is important in the bureaucracy, hence, it must be cultivated. And there is no better way of promoting compassion than giving back to the people in the community where an organization operates.


Lynbee N. Navio
Human Resource Specialist II, PSED


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