Part 3: The Energy in Your Home in the Earth Pig Year of 2019!
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Part 3: The Energy in Your Home In The Earth Pig Year of 2019!

Welcome to Body Space Alignment Newsletter! 

This is the third part of my series on how to prepare you for the year ahead. Part one I pointed out Eight Things You Can Do to Prepare for the Changes That Are Coming. Part two I discussed the Energy of the Earth Pig 2019. Today, I we will take a look at the energy in your environment for 2019. 

Let's get right to it!

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane


The Grace of Earth:

The year 2019 reveals the trigram associated with the element of earth that graces the heavens. Specifically, this trigram represents the loshu number 8, and the trigram known as Gen. It is male in gender representing the youngest son.  In everyday life, it is the knowledge we gain, our intellect, clarity of authentic self, and our ability to go within to discover the real journey. To better serve others, we need to understand thyself.

This trigram represents mountains in nature. Mountains have always been nature's ultimate sign of grandeur. From the times that man was just a cave dweller, till this day, mountains hold the ability to awe us with their sheer beauty and magnificent size. 

The word mountain takes its origin from the Latin word "Montem" and its use can be dated back to the 13th century. As an intriguing source of nature, mountains have always represented a way to try and reach heaven to access God. This is a major reason why mountains hold a mystical appeal and are part of the stories in many religions.

Mountains have always fascinated man pushing the human spirit to conquer their physical heights. It is in the journey and the climb where man seeks to find his soul. Perhaps it is due to the enormous power they hold from their formation or perhaps it is because of the grandeur they silently possess. Either way, man yearns for the silence and stability the mountain offers. By experiencing the mountain with its trees, sounds, rocks and fresh air one can witness its inner strength. It is through inner strength that drives all things in nature; including man himself.

Mountains can teach us many things such as how to be still, silent, strong, patience and to be at peace. To discover more about the energy of mountains, trees, water, fire, earth, wind and the sky, and how these manifestations of nature impact our personality, heath and journey through life, read my third book: Mother Nature a Bridge to Conscious Living.

The trigram Gen also represents knowledge. It is our responsibility to learn throughout our earthly journey. Traditional learning via text books, schooling and mentors is all part of the process; however, Gen digs deeper and requires man to do the same. Surface knowledge is just that, it is the didactic level of how we absorb information that is presented to us. Going deeper is another aspect and this is what this trigram is all about. When you take in information and process it, what you do with it next it what is important. How you make this information your own by cultivating it on a deeper level through meditation and prayer is the key. Gen implores you to actually become the mountain - to be still, silent and tap in to your higher being. That's when clarity of your mission is revealed.

In terms of business, this trigram represents resources and how you manage your resources to assist yourself and others. Resources from the earth are significant to this trigram. How can you utilize what nature provides and apply it to everyday business and life? The land, property and real estate is a major component of this trigram. Look to improve these aspects of your environment and build a stronger foundation to support yourself and others. 

Earth Builds Metal: 

2019 is a combination of the elements earth, water and wood. The quality of earth is yin or softer, more receptive and quiet in comparison to Yang Earth from 2018. As mentioned in Part 2 of this three part series about the Earth Pig, it is essential to infuse the qualities of metal to marry these element combinations. Approaching things this year with integrity, justice and using your intuition is  a powerful way to blend these energies. In doing so ,you are able to restore harmony between the earth quality of the trigram Gen to the water and wood quality of the earthly branch Pig.  Relying on your intuition and being mindful of how you communicate with others, the inner work can be achieved. This is the main goal of Gen influence this year. 

Earth (Gen), over yang water (Pig), with hidden roots of wood, suggests flooding in open land areas that weaken roots of trees. As mentioned in Part 2 of this three part segment, pay attention to the trees on your property this year and their root integrity.  Outdoor landscaping is imperative in terms of keeping root systems healthy and strong. 

 Home Environment 2019:

In the flying star approach, energy shifts in a pattern known as the Sigil of Saturn. When this occurs, different energy patterns fall into the eight known directions marked on a compass. I'm sure all of you are familiar with these directions. In addition, there is a ninth point which represents the center. All things are driven from the center or bindu point, whether we refer to the macrocosm of the Universe, or the microcosm of the human body. 

How does this relate to our personal environment and living experience? First, envision the eight compass directions splayed over your home positioned from the center. Now, imagine each of these compass points represents an aspect of your life experience. The incoming elemental  energy that moves through the Sigil of Saturn configuration creates a reaction that acts as a guide of how the different parts of your life experience will have a tendency to unfold this year. For more information how to correctly find center point and navigate the bagua over your floor plans for feng shui designs, see any of my mini-feng shui series or Feng Shui Designs in a Flash downloadable program.


Life Areas For 2019: 

East: Family and Health: The star that moves to the east for the year of 2019 is the leadership heavenly star. This is a powerful energy when it comes to the patriarch leading the family. Travel is a definite when it comes to this trigram. It might be a nice idea to take a family trip abroad in 2019, if you are able to. The energy of this star is also about mentoring. The patriarch would do well to mentor eldest son this year. This is also a star about networking and potential new opportunities. Look to those who you feel are like family when it comes to new ventures. This star does lose some energy to the portent of wood (east), and therefore
agitation in family and vulnerability to the feet, neck, gallbladder or liver can occur. This is especially so for eldest male. The yang fire tiger pillar for the year, which takes into account family dynamics, is a pretty enthusiastic. Therefore, you may find family members will be happy to engage in activities and gatherings. Soften the tension from this star's element with water element.

Southeast: Wealth & Finances:

The trigram that enters the portent of fortunate blessing for the year of 2019 is Dui – the creative child-like bliss. It has a female energy and therefore receptive to ideas with a creative slant. When it comes to your blessings, view them from the eyes of the innocent, as if everything is seen for the very first time. This star has a problematic aspect in this current cycle, so be aware of potential cheating, stealing of ideas, and even money. This star elementally disagrees with the portent direction creating tension in finances and vulnerability to pelvic and thigh area, especially for female. Restore balance with virtual water element. *Note: Keep this area free from renovations this year, as it is the direction of the Sui Po.

South: Goals & Visions:

The star that enters the portent of vision and goals for 2019 is very active and fuels this portent naturally. Therefore, expect to be busy fulfilling your goals, achievements and visions for 2019. Windfalls can be likely with this star. It has a very active male energy and eagerness to start new projects. Be mindful to complete what you start, keep communications open and use your intuition in the process. Add fire element here to keep this overactive star calm.

Southwest: Relationships:
This is the location for the yellow problematic star. Unfortunately, it gains assistance from the earth portent. This star can create chaos and obstacles when it comes to relationships, so it will be important to be mindful when it comes to partner and friends. You may find challenges arise with partnerships including legal ramifications. Luckily, the Earth Pig year secures relationships so it helps to offset this energy. It is a good idea however to read through any partnership agreements thoroughly to avoid any mishaps. A metal vibration  (bell) works effectively to deplete this otherwise negative chi. 

West: Fun - Creativity & Children: 

Luckily, there is a fortuitous star that enters the portent of fun, creativity and relaxation in 2019. This star is more about the long-term plan for life including your career. Because it falls within the portent of joy, creativity and fun, then make sure you incorporate this type of energy for your long-term plans. They say you no longer feel as though you are working when you love what you do and can be playful about it. That’s the mantra for this year solidified by the Pig entrance in 2019. No need to do anything here, as the element of the portent fuels this star wonderfully. * Note, try to avoid major renovations in this area for the year as it is the direction of the 3 killings.

Northwest: Networking & Travel: 
This is a very auspicious energy that enters the house of travel, networking and mentoring. It's all about keeping your focus on your goals and visions so you maintain the path of your soul’s mission. Networking with like-minded people is in your best interest to fulfill your goals this year. This star does collide with the element of metal for this portent. Therefore, tension is likely when formulating new opportunities. Take time to assess situations closely. When it comes to travel, double and triple check your arrangements. The head and chest can be compromised because of the elements disagreement. Soften the effects with the element of earth. It will ground and balance the situation. * Note, this is the direction of the Grand Duke for 2019 so try to avoid major renovations in this area this year.

North: Career & Life Path: 
The literature star enters the house of career. Therefore, 2019 will be a year to read up on your industry/career and build knowledge. Keep in mind this literature star takes on the energy of creativity, so you want to seek information that is different – not straight forward and typical. This star can also elicit strain on relationships at work and become draining as a result. Albeit the portent naturally fuels this star, there is need of support and suppression of this energy. Therefore, add virtual water and fire element here. 

Northeast: Inner Knowledge & Wisdom:
The star that enters the portent of knowledge and higher wisdom is a partnering energy, but also problematic in this time cycle. Therefore, it can be challenging to calm the mind and restore balance during meditation practice. This star can also cause stomach upset especially for youngest male. Add metal element here to drain off the problematic star. 

Center of Structure:

The trigram Gen takes the center of the loshu and is the location of the powerful money star for 2019! This trigram represents young male energy eager to learn and accumulate knowledge. The trigram Gen is deeply enriched with the energy of mountains that graces the earth. Mountains have always been associated with heaven and the path to self-realization. In Yoga mythology, it is said Shiva is seen to sit in meditation at the highest peak of Mount Kailash with one eye open watching over all of humanity.

The element of Gen is earth and therefore mirrors the earth stem that arrives in 2019 with the Pig branch. There is a balance between the earth qualities as the earth stem above the Pig is yin whereas the earth trigram Gen is yang. The earth element reminds us to check in with our basic responsibilities – taking care of the mundane while seeking the qualities of higher self. Therefore, it is important to remain vigilant with your meditation practice and other modalities that quiet the mind.

The trigram Gen also relates to real estate. This is a good year to consider real estate options whether it is improving your existing residence or moving to a new location.

Gen is also related to the shoulders, wrists and arms so these areas can be more vulnerable to injury. Furthermore, the earth organs (pancreas, stomach and spleen) can be vulnerable to stagnant energy especially in their meridians. Cleansing diets and good hydration is beneficial.

To activate the money star for 2019, keep the center area of your home active. Flowing water, bright lighting or a plug in incense all bode well. Place some money in this area too to attract wealth and finances. The center of the structure naturally assists this prominent star, and that is perfect!

Be sure to follow the suggestions from Part 1 of this three part series to prepare your environment for the energetic changes of 2019!

Mary Jane

Flying Star is an advance system that is based on the year your structure was built and the exact facing compass degrees to set up a personalized and proper chart. There are many interacting elements/ trigrams  (some 45 of them), that requires the skills of a professional feng shui consultant trained in such techniques. My trainings in this system of feng shui include the New York School of Feng Shui under Roger Green from Australia, and the London Institute of Feng Shui under Alan Stirling. The aspects mentioned in this newsletter are simply a generalized expression of the trigram, but not personalized to your home.

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