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We seek to be catalysts for peacemaking, especially where minorities are persecuted, where justice is denied, human rights are suppressed or reconciliation is needed.
We are pleased to share with you news of recent Peacemaker projects and developments. Thank you for being part of the Peacemaker Team.

Peacemaker Projects

Rostrevor Declaration

A meeting of significant members drawn from different churches and faiths on “Higher quality of disagreement” The pursuit of peace knows no barriers, no borders, no exclusions, no exceptions. Therefore, one of Peacemaker’s mission priorities is mediation. The Good Friday Agreement brought an end to the decades of violence and bloodshed in Northern Ireland. However, Brexit and the British withdrawal from European Human Rights legislation threatens the peace agreement. There are real fears of a return to violence and extremism. The influx of refugees and asylum seekers has further tested the harmony and coexistence in the community.

Stephen has helped facilitate a series of meetings at An Cuan, the YWAM Centre in Rostrevor, bringing together Republicans and Unionists, Roman Catholics and Protestants as well as representatives of other faith minorities, to address their seemingly irreconcilable hopes and expectations constructively. The outcome was the publication of the Rostrevor Declaration last month, which Stephen helped to draft, which it is hoped will strengthen the Good Friday Agreement and maintain peace in Ireland.

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Christianity Explored in Tanzania & Rwanda

For two weeks in January 2018, Jim McAnlis, Sam Oyirwoth and Stephen were invited by Bishop Darlington Bendankeha of Kagera Diocese in Tanzania, to train 150 of his clergy to use the Christianity Explored course. They also returned to the Anglican Peace Centre in Cyangugu on the Rwandan border with the DRC, to equip a further 50 clergy from Rwanda, Burundi and the Congo.

The week-long CE training programme includes an overview of Mark’s Gospel showing the identity, mission and call of Jesus, the biblical basis for evangelism, discipleship and spiritual multiplication, instruction on how to lead Bible study small groups, how to deliver each of the ten CE expositions of Mark’s Gospel, and how to disciple and train new leaders.

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Challenging Christian Zionism in Singapore

In February, Stephen delivered three lectures challenging Christian Zionism at the Evangelical Theological College of Asia in Singapore. ETCAsia exists for one purpose: to prepare godly men and women for gospel ministry in Singapore, Southeast Asia and beyond. It is a non-denominational college and welcomes students from all denominations and together hopes to serve all churches in Singapore and Asia. The official launch of the ETCAsia takes place on 10th March when Professor Don Carson will formally open the College.

For more information visit the ETCAsia website

Forthcoming Projects

Australia Lecture Tour

Next week, God willing, Stephen will be undertaking a speaking tour of Australia including events in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The tour is being coordinated by Friends of Sabeel Australia. He will also be speaking at Surrender and meeting World Vision staff.

Surrender's primary purpose is to motivate emerging generations across the wider church to move from interest to action by becoming personally involved in expressions of Christ’s call to the least, the last and the lost.

Additionally, Surrender affirms, encourages and inspires those already committed to incarnational mission and justice and recognizes their crucial role in raising up the next generation. Read more here

Cyangugu Theological School
Bishop Nathan Amooti in the Diocese of Cyangugu, Rwanda, has recently founded a theological school to train future Anglican leaders. He has invited Stephen to teach an week long module on Judaism and Christianity in July. Invitations have also been received from Bishop Darlington Bendankeha of Kagera Diocese in Tanzania and Bishop Bahati Bsali-Busane of Bukavu Diocese in the DRC to assist with the training of clergy and lay-leaders in their dioceses.
Christ at the Checkpoint USA
Stephen has been invited to teach at the first Christ at the Checkpoint USA conference in Oklahoma in October. See more here

CATCUSA  are a community of evangelical Christians who believe that following Jesus with integrity means that our lives are formed by our love for God, the teaching of the Bible and a fearless life of discipleship in the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We believe that one of the first hallmarks of discipleship is love for both our own community and for our enemies. We wish to find Jesus at the center of everything we do and to make his life our life. Which means finding courageous love for Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews alike.

Peacemaker Trust

We have a new name!  Although we will continue to use the name  ‘Peacemaker Mediators’ the charity is now legally called ‘Peacemaker Trust’. The name is shorter and easier to remember. It is actually the name we originally wanted but we received poor legal advice when setting up the charity. It has taken more than a year but we think it is worth it.

Our Religious Freedom

Religious freedoms in the UK have taken centuries to build, but intolerance, complacency and uniformity are slowly eroding them away. It’s easy to sit back and ignore the damage because, like erosion, it’s not always immediately visible on the surface. But look a little closer and you can begin to see the cracks.

When nurses are being sacked for wearing crosses or praying, and students are being kicked off their course for their beliefs, you have to ask yourself how safe these freedoms are. At what point do you act? We are not looking for a quick fix. Erosion needs prevention and that prevention is a new law: a new law, once and for all, to safeguard, all aspects of freedom of religion or belief before we lose them, along with freedom of speech.

Peacemakers is pleased to endorse this initiative. Read more about Our Religious Freedom

Peacemaker Finances

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Peacemaker Trust is a faith ministry. By the grace of God, we are entirely dependent on your prayers, advocacy and financial support. 

We are very thankful that 80% of our 2018 budget is already pledged or given. However, we still need to raise a further £10,000 to fulfil our goals for the year ahead. Join the Peacemaker Team – Peacemakers Donation Response Form 

Download the Peacemaker Challenge 2018  Find out how to give here.

The Peacemaker Team

Thank you so much for being part of the Peacemaker Team. Please feel free to share this e-News with friends who may also like to join the Peacemaker Team. To receive more regular updates find us on Facebook or check out our Blog
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