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Hello, it’s time for IBD news! These haven’t exactly been the most normal three months of waiting in our lives, but… here we are once again to bring you up to date!
COVID-19 has made us go through a few complicated months and from the New Deal team, we hope that you are well. In these moments of uncertainty, we have dedicated a little more effort to communicate and to carry out actions that could be of help. Scroll down to learn all about it! 
Featured story
Make a cup of tea, sit comfortably and let's talk about IBD
Lockdown has been hard for many us and in New Deal, we couldn't stop thinking about those who had to cope with chronic diseases too. Staying at home, reducing social contact and medical visits can be challenging. So we thought, how can we help? How could we give useful resources for those patients who have to overcome this situation?
That's how we came up with IBD&Tea, our first online debate focused on patients with IBD. And it's true that a cup of hot tea is always a good idea when you feel overwhelmed — better if we share it with someone, and much more if you can talk about some of you concerns. So we brought together three experts under the topic "The future of IBD treatment and diagnosis", and we opened a space for dialogue with patients. A great opportunity to bring together two European projects, with the expertise of Dr Azucena Salas from New Deal and Dr Max Waldner, principal investigator of the project EUPHORIA. Together with an IBD advocate from the UK, Rachel Sawyer, we talked about the main concerns of IBD patients and shed a little light on the path of research into new treatments. We’re very happy with the reception the event has received so… stay tuned for future IBD&Teas!

If you missed it, don't worry! You can still watch the whole video event. You can also read more about it here 
Our sections
Are you a researcher? A clinician? A patient? Or just someone interested in the world of IBD? No worries! There is a section for you on our newsletter! 
Scientific papers vs. COVID-19
These months of the pandemic have put the focus on scientific research, proving the important pillar that it is for our society. The disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, COVID-19, is still largely unknown and many laboratories are focused on learning more about it. In New Deal Reads, every month we make a summary of the latest papers that are published in fields related to the project, and in this case, COVID-19 has not been left out. In May, for example, we selected the latest reviews on the effects that this virus can have on patients with IBD and on how the treatments that these follow could affect the progress of the disease. Here is the link so you can have a look! 
IBD and the workspace
Living with IBD often involves making changes in how patients do some day-to-day activities. However, there are occasions in which this is not so easy since it is conditioned by the environment. An example is the workspace. Here it is important that both the worker and the company are aware of the situation and make the necessary changes for creating a welcoming environment. In our last post for Living with IBD, we wanted to provide some tips that could be useful in these situations. Whether you are an employer or a worker, you may find some interesting advice in this guide! Read more here
Small but powerful
When developing a new treatment, a crucial part of scientific research is its delivery. This must ensure that the drug reaches its target safely and efficiently, and at the same time guarantees patient comfort. Chronic diseases involve taking continuous treatment, so this must balance with the daily activities of the patient. What mechanism could be the ideal one? At New Deal  we already have one in our sights: nanoparticles. In recent years, scientific research has revealed their great potential — the Smart-4-Fabry, Cupido or B-Smart H2020 projects are some other examples. We tell you everything about their research on the potential of nanoparticles in our blog. Don't miss them out!
Not even a pandemic! 
In the last newsletter, we told you about how the storm did not stop us from getting to Brussels, and now we tell you how COVID-19 didn’t stop us either! This pandemic has certainly slowed us down and the team has been severely affected by the lockdowns across Europe but, thankfully, we remain healthy and we have been working from home, focusing on our publications to come back strong. We are slowly returning to the labs with all the required social distancing and safety measures, and we hope to be back on track very soon! 
New Deal Daily

On the 19th of May we celebrated the World IBD Day, an international day to highlight this group of diseases and that each year has a greater reception. We were very active on our social networks, sharing interesting information around the topic of this year: IBD and work and about the activities that were carried out. In addition, we focused our monthly IBDfacts section on the social perception of these diseases. Did you know that 81% of patients with Chron’s or colitis believe that in general people have little understanding of these conditions and tend to judge them? For this reason, initiatives like World IBD Day are so important.

We continue on Twitter telling you the latest news related to IBD. Don't miss our blog posts, infographics and events! Follow @NewDealEU on Twitter and LinkedIn and stay updated!
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