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True to our hashtag (#sciencebehindthessweat) we have designed a kick ass outdoor boot camp series to fit your busy schedule.
Here are the details:

 ✓ Each Session will be (3) weeks, (3) classes per week. 
    Followed by a Special Challenge class -testing your new found fitness levels!

✓ Every class will be progressive. Some days will be more
    strength focused, other days more cardio focused, with additional days focusing on
    equipment /  tools  #Science
 ✓ Classes will be individualized to your group (AM or  PM) 
     ensuring a proper progression of cardio & strength maximizing your fat loss goals without
     spiraling into overload

 ✓ Just like the good old days classes will be 60-75mins with the exception of our
    Challenge Class ( #notTelling ) to be revealed at a later date

✓ We provide all the equipment - You provide all the commitment
   *water and gloves are recommended but not required

✓ (3) week sessions will be run Mon / Wed / Thurs  630 PM
    &  Tuesday, Friday 630am    -Saturday 10am

✓ AM Session will start Saturday June 16th
   PM Session will start Monday June 18th

✓ All classes will Start in Columbus Circle and Finish in Columbus
   Circle (We will travel to different locations each class)
Here's what you'll get:

 * A complete Professionally Designed Fitness Program
Includes 10, progressive Bootcamp classes 

* 30 Minute 1on1 Fitness Consult
Discussing things like your personal goals, capabilities, structure & any other questions you may have

 * Free Body Fat and/or Muscle Quality Measurement 
There is no pinching or inaccurate electric hand/scale scan. We use a handheld medical grade device with up to 98% accuracy !!

 * Access to Private Facebook Group
Get All your questions answered personally! 

* Free Brooklyn Body Fit Swag
Trucker hat, T-Shirt & more

* Personalized Attention
Classes will be limited to 10 ppl to ensure you don't ever get lost in the crowd
(unless that's your thing ;)

Click Here to Sign Up with our AM Group
Click Here to Sign Up with our PM Group
ACT FAST Groups are limited to just 10 Students!
Q. - Why a (3) week program?

 A. - Great question!  Because Fitness, Fat Loss, Strength and Health are all about BALANCE! More is not more. These specific types of workouts will give your body exactly what it needs without sending your body into adrenal fatigue.
We encourage you to focus on balance during this "off-week".
Did you know spending time with friends, laughing, picking up your hobby, even touch can help your nervous system repair from exercise, even boosting its resilience.
So go ahead explore your passion! - Volunteer at a Charity, Go Dancing , Laugh with Some Friends, Hit the Trapeze.. - LIVE. It's simple. (and scientific) 

You can find out more about the science of stress in our coming Facebook series 

Q. - What are the benefits of Outdoor Boot Camps vs Indoor Boutique classes?

A. - For starters this is a complete and progressive program with personal attention. How can a studio know exactly what's right for you if the workout has already been written the day before? And how can it be personalized with 15-30 pple in a class?? Best of all, working out outdoor is actually clinically proven to create a stronger body.
Ask me why! (I love to talk science)

Q. - Do I need to be in shape Before doing boot camp?

A. - Probably one of my favorite questions. Let me put it to you this way... No. No(in Spanish) Net.  Personalized attention means we help you pace yourself. There's no ego -just caring instructors and our scientific approach to ensures safe progression.
We are not here to break you.  #badforeveryone

Q. - What kind of results can I expect?

A. - How does more energy & happier days sound? Working out outside helps to reset & charge your body on  cellular level. You can also expect improvements in muscle tone, flexibility, endurance along with shedding excess body weight.  Want more detail? Let's use that free 30min consult to dive deeper.
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