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Join us for Indivisible Lambertville / New Hope’s Peace, Love and Joy Party! December 9, 3-4:30 pm at 204 N. Union St., Lambertville, NJ.
Music, Food, Dancing and Fun. BYOB. See link to RSVP.
Examining Fear to Find the Path to Peace

Anti-Semitism has increased more than 58% in the last two years in the United States and more than 85% in France. Have we been paying attention? We have at The Peace Center, the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center, where incidents are reported, but has the general public noticed this rise?

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Ten Commandments of the Peace Warrior: The necessity of finding inner peace

We are living in a dark time. We have not been here before. Other countries have lived through darker times including political violence, even genocide. Nevertheless many of us feel as if we are fighting for the survival of democracy – and we are! Righteous rage can leave us emotionally and physically drained. We hurt for our planet and for humanity.

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Practicing Radical Hospitality

My heart, like yours, has ached since November 2016. Values our nation stood for, particularly truth, human rights and protecting creation, have been cast aside while the raw sewage of greed, white supremacy, racism, sexism, xenophobia and homophobia coming from this president has been baked into policies that hurt people and spilled across our airwaves splattering all of us.

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  • Humans have been entirely at peace for 268 of the 3,400 years of recorded history, 8% of the time. The U.S. has been at peace for 17 of its 240 years of existence, 7% of the time.
  • The world spends just $1 on conflict prevention for every $1,885 it spends on military budgets. In the U.S., taxpayers provide almost $1 billion per year for military academies, and only about $40 million for the United States Institute of Peace—the only U.S. agency dedicated to conflict prevention and peacebuilding.
  • Yet investing early to prevent conflicts from escalating into violent crises is, on average, 60 times more cost effective than intervening once violence erupts.
  • Between 1990 and 2017, women constituted only 2% of mediators, 8% of negotiators, and 5% of witnesses and signatories in all major peace processes.
  • Yet when women are included in peace processes, there is a 35% increase in the probability of an agreement lasting at least 15 years.
Sources: The New York Times and and and  
The Blue Wave Election Re-Cap & Update

The midterm elections were, to say the least, a real humdinger -- a nail biter. They quite literally kept us on the edge of our seats. “What ifs” come to mind: What if all the canvassing didn’t work? What if people didn’t get their postcards? What if people don’t care? What if we don’t flip the House? What if? But…YOU DID IT! YOU REALLY DID IT! Door by door, post card by post card, voter by voter -- you built the Blue Wave. YOU showed up and YOU made it happen.

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The New Indivisible 2.0 Guides - A Must Read!

Have you read the new Indivisible guides? Maybe you meant to, but then Thanksgiving happened, and now there are all these holidays coming up, and well, life just got in the way. The good news is these guides are really easy to read. They tell us not only what we can do now that Indivisible can go on offense, but HOW to do it. If you are feeling frustrated, confused, and like you want to do something (and really, aren’t we all?) these quick reading guides are the answer.

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Make a New Year’s Resolution: DO NOT use “their” language, because using it strengthens it.

Say this: refugees migrating to find work
Not this: illegal aliens, invaders, human shields

Say this: Progressive and liberal political positions care about we the people.
Not this: Progressives are not socialists who intend to remove independence. (Don’t argue on “their” terms.)

Say this: Having a free press calls on citizens to read, listen and think deeply about the news and how it is covered.
Not this: Mainstream media is biased.

Say this:  Climate is to weather as personality is to mood.
Not this: Trust me, climate change is real.

Thank You All - Reflections from ILNH Leadership

See pictures from our past year with thoughts and gratitude for all you've done from the ILNH leadership team.

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At the November Community Gathering, we asked for your input on what issues, projects and priorities you’d like to see ILNH take on now that the heavy lifting of the midterms is over. We heard loud and clear that this is an organization that likes to get together, learn the issues and mobilize on them. We are planning to do just that - with opportunities to keep up the heat, make sure our voices are heard and that our government and elected officials are accountable.

There will also be opportunities for those of you who have been looking to get more involved in the planning and process of building our community. Rest up, girls and boys - we still have work to do! Wishing each and everyone one of you all the best, all the love and all the brilliance of the light you collectively shine this season and throughout the New Year!

Contributors: Paige Barnett, Cheryl Clark,  Susan B. Goodwin, Alison Levine, Barbara Simmons, Olga Vannucci, Elizabeth Watson, Cynthia Zenkus, Deb Kline


Save the Date: January Community Gathering - 1/20/19 at 3:00-4:30 pm
at 204 N. Union St. in Lambertville, NJ

Indivisible Lambertville / New Hope Leadership Team

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Issue Group Support – Sarah Gold & Susan Shapiro
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Social Media – Nancy Boelter and Leila Rice
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