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June 2017
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Health & Wellbeing
Boosting a part of the immune system known to have anti-tumour properties may actually help tumours grow in cancers linked to chronic inflammation. Lead author Dr Nadia Guerra said: “Immunotherapies have shown unprecedented successes in treating cancer patients with advanced forms of cancer, especially metastatic melanomas. These therapies are now being tested in various type of cancer and novel combination approaches are being developed at a very fast pace. Find out more here.
Target Malaria, an international consortium led by Imperial, has received a $17.5 million grant to help develop ways to control the spread of disease. The grant comes from the Open Philanthropy Project, whose mission is to identify outstanding giving opportunities and to openly share the results so that anyone can benefit from them. Led by Austin Burt, Professor of Evolutionary Genetics at Imperial, Target Malaria aims to tackle malaria at the source. The project’s approach is malaria control by mosquito control – by reducing the numbers of malaria mosquitoes, the aim is to reduce the transmission of the disease. Find out more here.

Welcome to all new staff...

Research Assistant: Joshua Blight  (Dr Jack Baum), Rowan David Brackston (Prof Michael Stumpf), Matthew Lloyd Jones (Dr Thomas Bell).
Research Associate:  Nita Reva Shah (Dr Doryen Bubeck), Astrid Hoermann (Dr Nikolai Windbichler)

Prizes and Awards
Austin Burt has been awarded a President's Medal for his work engaging the public in malaria-control projects across sub-Saharan Africa. The accolade is given out as part of the College’s annual President's Awards for Excellence in Societal Engagement. These awards celebrate staff, students and community partners who have gone the extra mile to bring the College’s work to the wider public. Awardees judged to have made particularly exceptional contributions are selected to receive the President’s Medal for Excellence in Societal Engagement. Find out more here.

Congratulations to Magda Charalambous, Stephen Curry and Stuart Haslam who have all won Faculty Prizes for Excellence in Teaching.

Rita Berkachy, Laurence Bugeon, Dominic Pollard, Sophie Rehman, Jessica Rowley, Kate Sharples, and Sam Thompson have also all won Faculty Prizes for Excellence in the Support of Teaching & Learning. Click here to see other winners from FoNS.

Congratulations to Sam North who has been awarded £4278 to pay for Next Generation Sequencing and bioinformatics at NBAF Edinburgh. Find out more here.


Click here for the latest publications from DoLS.

Other news

Nikolai Windbichler and colleagues have been developing a technology called 'gene drive'. To find out more and read an article called "What are the hot research areas that might spark the next big bang?" featured in Times High Education click here.

Media / Activities / Events

Katia Hougaard from DoLS wil be presenting her research in the 3 Minute Thesis competition for masters students only on Tuesday 6th June.
Watch the competition live here.
Date: Wednesday 7 June 2017 
Time: 12.00 lecture with lunch to follow at 13.00
Venue: Lecture Theatre Skempton 201, Skempton Building, South Kensington Campus, London SW7 2AZ
RSVP to  
Imperial Festival
Nadia Guerra joined forces with the CR-UK Cancer Research Innovation team at the 2017 Imperial Festival where they engaged the public on questions related to cancer research spanning from diagnosis to new treatments.
Morgan Beeby's lab also had an exhibit in the SuperBug Zone educating attendees about the size and shape of bacteria, the molecular machines they use to get about their life, and why this research is important. To convey these ideas, models of bacteria were used, including a set of large-scale moving Lego models of bacterial molecular machines.

Click here to watch a video from Robert Endres' lab at the Imperial Festival where they exhibited on nematodes

Useful Information

DoLS Maternity/Paternity Champions
Do you wish to have an informal confidential chat about maternity/paternity/shared parental leave & support available at College & the Department and want to talk to someone in our department who has recent experience?
At SK campus we have the following champions, read their bios here:
Giorgio Gilestro
Rich Bowman
Doryen Bubeck
For training dates coming up in September 2017 for workshops on 'Preparing for Maternity Leave', 'Post-Maternity Coaching' and 'New and Expectant Dads at Work' click here.

Wheel of Well-being
Following on from Mental Health Awareness Week in May, our health and happiness can be boosted by doing certain things on a day-to-day basis. Check out the 'Wheel of Well-Being' which provides a guide to body, mind, spirit, people, place and planet.