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Welcome New Members

 On Sunday, March 5, we welcomed new members during worship.
New members left to right: Brian Kayongo, Glenn Read, Robert Distelcamp,
Sonia Muniz, Elaine Popner and Pam Finch
Not pictured: Emily and Matt Desmarais


 Join us each Wednesday during Lent,
March 8, 15, 22, and 29,
for Taizé worship at 6:30 p.m.
in the Sanctuary or livestreaming on Facebook.
Here is the link and here is the bulletin.

Our traditional Taizé services include simple, meditative songs, 
scripture, prayer and silence.  The liturgy for these services originated
with the Taizé community founded in France in 1940.
This community is an ecumenical, intentional community
with a twofold purpose: to seek communion with God through personal
prayer and the beauty of community prayer; 
and also be a leaven of peace and trust in the midst of humanity.  
Come spend time listening to God and be renewed for your journey.



Pi/Pie Day is coming!

How far around does your caring go?

Help us prove that the equation for caring is equal to

3.14159 x First Pres Albany Pie Bakers!

What: Special Fellowship Time offering some of the best pies you have ever tasted!

When: Sunday, March 19th immediately following worship

Where: Fellowship Hall

How much? $3.14 for all the pie slices you can sample!


How can you help?

Please bake a pie & bring it to church on Sunday 3/19 before church.
The more varieties the better!
Apple, pecan, chocolate, banana cream? Yum!
All proceeds will benefit the 
service projects of First Pres youth!!
Sign-up here to tell us what pie(s) you'll bake!




Fresh Flowers for the sanctuary on Sundays may be donated in honor or in memory of a person or event. The cost is $80.  A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board outside the main office. You may contact Jamie directly at 518-449-7332 or


The Tuesday morning Bible Guys, who meet weekly on Zoom at 9 a.m., are looking for new members. If you are interested, please get in touch with Roger Green at


The Outreach and Mission Committee is collecting needed articles for the Giffen Elementary School’s “Clothes Closet” which goes beyond just clothes. Articles may be left in the box in the Assembly Hall designated for this purpose.  Items needed: Youth shoes sizes: 10,11 12 & 13. Items given: 25 pairs of pants, 30 pairs of underwear, 5 pairs of socks & 4 jackets.


Please Sign Up to Provide a Meal for the Youth Group!

We’re asking that families please sign up to take a turn to provide a meal for our regular meetings.

Click the link to sign up→ Meal Train for Youth Lunches


A small group of members of First Pres Church and Walls Temple AME Zion Church have been meeting to form a friendship between our two congregations that we hope will produce a partnership to stand against racism together.
As part of this effort, our congregations will be gathering on Saturday, May 20th to share food at a getting-to-know-you picnic potluck outside in the afternoon. We thought that a great way to do this would be to invite everyone to share a favorite recipe in two ways. One is bringing that dish to the picnic potluck and the second to send in the recipe to be included in a joint cookbook that we will hand out at the picnic.

We hope that you will find this as exciting as we do. Please send your recipe to Jamie by March 31st, so it can be included in the book. More information will follow as we get closer to the date.


Labyrinth Ministry

Walking a Sacred Path: Discovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Tool
First Presbyterian Church is launching its Labyrinth Ministry
with our new Chartres 36ft labyrinth!
We’re offering two workshops to introduce people
to the labyrinth and the spiritual practice of walking it: March 11 & March 25.
We will have a dedication of this labyrinth
after worship on Sunday, April 16.
People around the world are rediscovering the ancient practice of walking the labyrinth. Unlike a maze which has many paths, a labyrinth has only one path which leads to the center. While a maze is meant to trick and confuse you so you will lose your way, a labyrinth helps you find your way. Labyrinths have been found around the world with the most famous one found in the floor of the nave of Chartres Cathedral in France. First Pres’ new labyrinth is this pattern. Through the years people have used the labyrinth as a spiritual tool—a path of prayer, a walking meditation.
Join us at the church on Saturday, March 11, from 9:30 to 12:00 or Saturday, March 25, 1:00-3:30pm as we explore the labyrinth. Pastor Miriam, a trained labyrinth facilitator, will facilitate.  Come find out more about this ancient spiritual tool and have the opportunity to walk on the new First Pres canvas labyrinth. 
We hope that you will carve out time for this workshop. Sign up with Jamie in the church office (518-449-7332 or  If you have any questions, please contact Miriam at the church office (518-449-7332 or
The labyrinth provides the sacred space where the inner and outer worlds can commune, where the thinking mind and the imaginative heart can flow together…  It is non-threatening; all we are asked to do is walk.      
                                                                  -Lauren Artress, founder of Veriditas

Book & Discussion Recommendation

Have you wondered about the history of racism in the Presbyterian Church?
FPC’s Anti Racism Task Force recommends William Yoo’s book What Kind of Christianity: A History of Slavery and Anti-Black Racism in the Presbyterian Church. We also recommend clicking here for a discussion of this book with the author William Yoo which was sponsored by the Synod of the Northeast on February 21, 2023. In it Yoo provided a clear and concise overview of the history of slavery and anti-black racism in the Presbyterian Church, while also discussing the need for Presbyterians to work towards racial reconciliation.
On Tuesday February 21, 2023, the Synod of the Northeast hosted a discussion on the book “What Kind of Christianity: A History of Slavery and Anti-Black Racism in the Presbyterian Church” with author William Yoo. The audience was composed of people of various backgrounds and ages, throughout the Synod.
William Yoo began by discussing his book and the research he conducted while writing it. He discussed the history of slavery and anti-black racism in Presbyterianism, starting from the colonial period and continuing through the Civil War and into the present day. Yoo discussed how Presbyterianism has been complicit in perpetuating racism and white supremacy, and how the church was often used as a tool of oppression against African Americans. He also discussed the efforts of some Presbyterians to fight racism and promote racial reconciliation.
The discussion then turned to the present day, with Yoo discussing the current state of racism in the Presbyterian Church and the need for racial reconciliation. He spoke about the need for Presbyterians to recognize and repent of their past sins and to work towards creating a church that is open to people of all races and backgrounds. He also discussed the need for Presbyterians to engage in meaningful dialogue with African Americans and other people of color to foster understanding and reconciliation.
The audience was engaged and asked a variety of questions throughout the discussion, which Yoo answered thoughtfully and accurately.
Link for the discussion

Advocacy Work

Wednesday, March 8th 11:30am - This Wednesday, March 8th, International Women's Day, we will join with NY Caring Majority and the Fair Pay for Home Care campaign, to lay responsibility at the Governor's feet - to truly recognize and value the labor of home care by passing Fair Pay for Home Care. You can register for the day here.

Wednesday, Mar 8th 7pm - "Storming Caesar's Palace" screening at the Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy. We've been invited to table with other organizations at this documentary screening. Watch the trailer here.

After losing her job as a hotel worker in Las Vegas, Ruby Duncan co-founded a welfare rights group of ordinary mothers who defied notions of the “welfare queen.” In a fight for a universal basic income in 1969, Ruby and other equality activists took on the Nevada mob in organizing a massive protest that shut down Caesars Palace.


Tuesday, Mar 14th - Housing Justice 4 All day of action. Over 1000 tenants and leaders from around the state will be coming to the Capitol! There are roles for volunteers - marshaling, lunch distribution, etc, and opportunities for civil disobedience (training on March 8th 6:30pm). Register for the day here.

Thursday, Mar 16th - Our next monthly Capital Region PPC organizing meeting, in person and on zoom! RSVP here.

Youth News

2023 Summer Service & Reflection Trip

Parents & Guardians, please check out Info & Options for our 2023 Summer Service & Reflection Trip. This has also been emailed to parents & youth. Please respond to Molly with your interest and the youth's availability by this Friday, March 10. 

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, March 19

9:15-10:30 am- Set up for Pi Day Event

11:45 am-2:00 pm- Pi Day Event

Sunday, April 2 (Palm Sunday)

12:00-2:00 pm- Lunch & Program in Youth Room

Sunday, April 9 (Easter)

Easter Brunch hosted by Youth Group

Sunday, April 16 

10:10 am -Youth Usher for Worship

Sunday, April 23

12:00-2:00 pm- Lunch & Program in Youth Room* note this is the 4th Sunday, instead of our usual 3rd Sun mtg.

March Birthdays

Roger Green                               Barbara Woodruff
3/7                                                 3/19
Dawn Knutson                            Kirsten Pruzek
3/9                                                 3/23
Steve King                                   Lydia Green
3/10                                               3/26
Alan Northrup                           Ben April
3/10                                               3/27
Amy Jenal                                  Elaine Popner
3/13                                              3/31
Katharine Myers                       Paige Fitzgerald
3/13                                               3/31
Sonia Muniz                                   

If your birthday is this month and it's not listed, please let Jamie know so we can update our records. 


Tuesday, 3/7       9:00am   Men's Bible Study via Zoom
                            1:15pm   Staff Meeting
                            5:30pm   Property Committee meeting
                            5:45pm   Outreach and Mission Committee Meeting
                            7:30pm   Legacy Giving Subcommittee

Wednes., 3/8      6:30pm   Taizé Service in the sanctuary
                                          and livestreaming on Facebook
                            7:00pm   Dads' Small Group

Thurs., 3/9         7:00am   Men's Bible Study
                            2:00pm   Labyrinth Ministry Team
                            6:30pm   WPNA Meeting
                            7:00pm   Soloist/ Choir Rehearsal

Saturday, 3/11    9:30am   Labyrinth Workshop

 Sunday, 3/12     9:15am   Preschool Education 
                            9:15am   Children’s Education 
                            9:15am   Adult Education
                            9:30am   Soloist/Choir Rehearsal
                          10:30am   Worship Service in the sanctuary and                                                                 livestreaming on Facebook
                          11:45am   Fellowship Time

Monday, 3/13    1:00pm   Covenant Group

Tuesday, 3/14       9:00am   Men's Bible Study via Zoom
                              6:30pm   Anti-Racism Task Force

Wednes., 3/15     10:00am   Women to Women Small Group
                              6:30pm   Taizé Service in the sanctuary
                                             and livestreaming on Facebook

Thurs., 3/16       7:00am   Men's Bible Study
                            7:00pm   Soloist/ Choir Rehearsal

Sunday, 3/19     9:15am   Preschool Education 
                           9:15am   Children’s Education 
                           9:15am   Adult Education
                           9:30am   Soloist/Choir Rehearsal
                         10:30am   Worship Service in the sanctuary and                                                                  livestreaming on Facebook 
                         11:45am   Youth Fundraiser Pi/Pie Day during 
                                          Fellowship Time

                         12:00pm   Youth Group

Tuesday, 3/20    9:00am   Men's Bible Study via Zoom
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