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Lent at FPC

As a Lenten devotional discipline this year,
you are invited to pray with Scripture
as a way of discerning what God
is calling you to be and to do
during this season.
Here are the daily devotions.
Here are hymns which are used with Sundays’ devotions.
If you would like a printed copy of this devotion,
please email or call the church office (518-439-7492).
* * * * * * * * * * *

        Join us each Wednesday during Lent,
                              March 24,
           for Taizé worship at 6:00 p.m.
We will livestream the service on Facebook.
    Here is the link and here is the bulletin


Our traditional Taizé services will include simple, meditative songs,
scripture, prayer and silence.  The liturgy for these services originated
with the Taizé community founded in France in 1940.
This community is an ecumenical, intentional community
with a twofold purpose:  to seek communion with God

* * * * * * * * * * *
We will continue to offer an online Finger Labyrinth Walk and Meditation
on Thursdays in Lent at 12:30pm via Zoom. Pastor Miriam, Certified Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator, leads each session. and our time together is 30 minutes. This time is open to all, whether you’ve walked a labyrinth in the past or not.  Register here for Thursday, March 25, to receive the zoom link. Please have a Finger Labyrinth available - you can download a paper version if you don't have your own or Jamie in the church office. Join us!

Holy Week Services

live streamed on Facebook
Maundy Thursday, April 1, at 7:30pm
Communion is being celebrated. You are invited to bring something
to eat and something to drink when you join us for on-line worship.
Using elements familiar to them,
Jesus used bread and wine for his Last Supper with his disciples.
If you’re unable to have juice and bread,
bring something familiar to you.
Good Friday, April 2, at 7:30pm
Easter, April 4 at 10am

Review of Antiracism resource

Resource: Gateway to Freedom:  The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad by Eric Foner (2015)
Reviewed by Ellen Eisenbraun

Award-winning historian Eric Foner has been writing about the Civil War and Reconstruction for more than half a century.  But it was his dog walker who planted the seed for this book when she told him about a manuscript (Gay’s Record of Fugitives) that she had recently come across while working on her senior thesis.  When Foner finally followed up on her lead months later, he found the handwritten journal “so riveting that it led me to embark on the research…that resulted in this book.”
I read Gateway to Freedom (230 pages if you omit the notes and index) in one week of evenings, and it was time well spent.  Focusing on New York as a crucial hub in the Underground Railroad between 1830 and 1860, Foner dispels myths, fills in gaps in our collective understanding, and shines a bright light on the courageous acts of many slaves and freemen and women who took great risks trying to secure
freedom for themselves and others.  
I believe we all benefit by learning more about the history of slavery and discrimination in our own region.  This book is a great place to begin, for ages 15 years and up. 
Related Resources:
Adult Fiction: The Underground Railroad: A Novel by Colson Whitehead, 2016
Children’s Book: Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad 
   by Ellen Levine and Kadir Nelson,  2007  (gr. 1-5)
Local Museum: Underground Railroad Education Center/Stephen and Harriet Myers Residence
   194 Livingston Ave., Albany, NY   (all ages)


Do you have an antiracism book or other resource you want to share?
One First Pres priority is “combating systemic racism both within and outside the church.”  Many of you are already reading and discussing books and articles that address this underlying racism, and the Membership Committee invites you to share your insights and thoughts in First Pres eblasts.  What did you find enlightening?  For whom would you recommend this particular book or article?  Reviews of other media addressing racism, such as movies, TV shows, podcasts and children’s resources are welcome.  Please email your mini review to: Carol Green.  Questions about reviews may be directed to Carol Green at email or call or text 518-331-1447.



Coop BLM Virtual Art Exhibit
Just Mercy
The Color of Law

Where Do We Go From Here
So You Want To Talk About Race



The International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade is one of few days that honors the memory of the millions whose lives were interrupted and disrupted by the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This service will create space for the honoring of many whose names are unknown, individuals who were not funeralized or ritualized. The service is designed as a time for lament as we remember the resilience, courage, resistance, ingenuity and rebellion of Africans who were brought forcefully into the Americas. Through song, dance, poetry and prayers - we will remember.

In recalling the memories of those who have passed on, there is the acknowledgement that the atrocities of 400 years of movement of Africans into the Americas abroad ships designed to move people as chattel. These memories compel us to ensure that we eradicate the legacies of the enslavement of Africans that continues to manifest as racism, Afrophobia and other forms of discrimination.

The service gathers the international and interfaith communities to honor the dead, to pray for healing, to celebrate the joy of African descendant people, and to affirm the commitment to eliminate the legacy of injustices that linger.

The waters are healing. The waters are an essential part of human life. The waters hold the bodies and memory of the dead. We journey to the waters to remember and to heal.

The Wednesdays with the World webinar series will be highlighting the ways in which the quest for justice is intersectional and global, allowing UCC members greater opportunities for increased awareness of global concerns and highlighting options for advocacy and action.


* * * * * * * * * * *

Adult/Youth Education on March 28
at special time 11:15 am
Harriet Myers - Wife, Mother, Activist, and Albany Resident
‘Meet’ Harriet Myers at the Adult /Youth Education class!
Hear her inspiring story.
Join with Paul and Mary Liz Stewart, co-founders of
Underground Railroad Education Center
and Scholars-in-Residence at Russell Sage College,
to learn about Mrs. Myers’ Underground Railroad activism
and her work for equity and justice 
for both free and freedom seeker Blacks in Albany. 

* * * * * * * * * * *

We will once again have Easter Lilies decorating the chancel of the sanctuary on Easter Sunday. Anyone who would like to sponsor a lily in honor or memory of a loved one will have that noted in the bulletin.  There are two ways to make your dedication. 1) By mailing a check to the church for a minimum of $16 per lily, along with a note that spells out the dedication as well as name of the dedicator. It MUST arrive at the church by March 23. 2) By emailing the church office a note that spells out the dedication as well as name of the dedicator. Then visit the website and make your payment on line. Deadline is March 23.
* * * * * * * * * * *
One Great Hour of Sharing
Restoring Hope, Feeding the Hungry, Empowering the Oppressed,
We are the Church Together
It is once again the season for One Great Hour of Sharing.  This special offering supports three programs of our Church, (1) the Presbyterian Hunger Program (2) Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and (3) the Presbyterian Committee on Self-Development of People.  These programs funded by the One Great Hour of Sharing Special Offering provide safety, sustenance and hope for millions of people who lack access to sustainable food sources, clean water, sanitation, education, and opportunity.
This past year has been a challenge for everyone throughout the world.   Imagine how much more challenging it has been for those people already facing loneliness, hunger, inadequate shelter or racial injustice and oppression.  One Great Hour of Sharing allows those of us who are able, We the Church, to relieve some of the suffering and to lift up those who could desperately use a helping hand.  With this special offering, We the Church are given the opportunity to use our gifts to partner with those who struggle most.  Giving to the programs which use focused projects to assist people is one of the most important ways that We the Church, come together in mission and ministry. 

Consider a donation to this offering of our denomination. Donate here or send a check to the church and be sure to put “One Great Hour” in the note on the check.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Capital Youth Speak-Out
April 03, 2021 at 2:55pm
Preventing Community Violence


Registration Link

The City of Albany Equity Agenda has united with multiple local organizations to sponsor The Capital Youth Speak-Out. This event, held on April 03, 2021, focuses on youth and community violence awareness. Our collective mission is to bring awareness to and prevent community violence.

The Capital Youth Speak-Out is a platform for our youth’s voices to be amplified and heard. The event will highlight the important role each person and organization in our community has in maintaining a healthy life and ensuring a productive future for our community.

If you are interested in becoming a community sponsors please visit.

Promo Video

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8 Youth and Adults had a SWEET time volunteering at the Regional Food Bank this past Sunday. We sorted lots of candy!!! We got through 7 pallets and hardly had to trash anything. This will contribute to Easter Celebrations for friends and neighbors throughout the Capital Region! Thank you for everyone who volunteered! Next Volunteer Dates are April 25 and May 30. Email Molly to reserve your spot!

 * * * * * * * * * * *
Education and Spiritual Formation each Sunday
Adult Education at 8:45am–9:45am
Children’s Education at 9:15am–9:45am
Virtual Youth Group at 11:00am
Find the Zoom links in Thursday’s eblast.



Tuesday, 3/23    9:00am   Men's Bible Study
                           6:30pm   FOCUS Board 

Wednes., 3/24   6:00pm   Taizé service (livestreamed on FB)   
                           7:00pm   Dads' Small Group
                           7:00pm   Women's Small Group

Thurs., 3/25       7:00am    Men's Bible Study
                          12:30pm   Finger Labyrinth Walk and Meditation
                            7:30pm   Chancel Choir Virtual Meeting

Sunday, 3/28      9:15am   Children’s Education  
                          10:00am   Live Stream Worship (communion)
                          11:15am   Adult Education/ Virtual Youth Group

Tuesday, 3/30     9:00am   Men's Bible Study

Thurs., 4/1         7:00am    Men's Bible Study
                          12:30pm   Finger Labyrinth Walk and Meditation
                            7:30pm   Maundy Service
                                           (livestreaming on Facebook)

Friday, 4/2         7:30pm   Good Friday Service
                                          (livestreaming on Facebook)

Sunday, 4/4        8:45am    Adult Education 
                            9:15am   Children’s Education  
                          10:00am   Live Stream Worship (communion)
                          11:00am   Virtual Youth Group

Tuesday, 4/6      9:00am   Men's Bible Study
                           5:30pm   Outreach Mission Committee Meeting
                           5:30pm   Property Committee Meeting
                           6:00pm   Hymn Recording
                           7:00pm   Membership Committee Meeting
                           7:30pm   Social Justice & Peacemaking Committee Meeting

Wednes., 4/7    11:00am   Staff Meeting   

******* All meetings will be held via Zoom.*******
* * * * * * * * * * *
Contact info: please use this number 518-439-7492 (instead of church phone)

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