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Lent at FPC

As a Lenten devotional discipline this year,
you are invited to pray with Scripture
as a way of discerning what God
is calling you to be and to do
during this season.
Here are the daily devotions.
Here are hymns which are used with Sundays’ devotions.
If you would like a printed copy of this devotion,
please email or call the church office (518-439-7492).
* * * * * * * * * * *
Join us each Wednesday during Lent,
February 24, March 3, 10, 17 and 24,
for Taizé worship at 6:00 p.m.
We will livestream the service on Facebook.
Here is the link and here is the bulletin.

Our traditional Taizé services will include simple, meditative songs,
scripture, prayer and silence.  The liturgy for these services originated
with the Taizé community founded in France in 1940.
This community is an ecumenical, intentional community
with a twofold purpose:  to seek communion with God
* * * * * * * * * * *

We will continue to offer an online Finger Labyrinth Walk and
Meditation on Thursdays in Lent at 12:30pm via Zoom. 
Pastor Miriam, Certified Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator, leads each session. and our time together is 30 minutes. This time is open to all, whether you’ve walked a labyrinth in the past or not.  Register here for Thursday, February 25, to receive the zoom link. Please have a Finger Labyrinth available - you can download a paper version if you don't have your own or Jamie in the church office. Join us!

Review of Antiracism resource

Resource: The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein
Reviewed by: Alison Stonbely
Though I thought I understood quite a lot about systemic racism, The Color of Law shocked me to the core and left a sadness about the layers in which racism has permeated every facet of society!
Rothstein traces with great accuracy how the FHA, banks, neighborhood associations, the police, the Klan, the highway department, the IRS, realty agents, unions, federal and local governments, among other agencies, have all worked together to make sure that blacks stay in their segregated areas and do not build capital to do otherwise. In fact, much to my horror, I found out that beyond incarceration, which I knew about, many of these systems were set up to financially benefit from the black poor. Rothstein suggests remedies to these actions, but admits it will take a lot more than equal opportunity, at this point, to even begin to rectify the damage that has been done by these policies. 

It was not an easy book to read at first, but I believe it is a must for anyone who cares about racism! I believe that once you have read it, like me, you will be trying to get your head around what we can do to stamp out racism.
On February 28 at 8:45 am, Roger Green will facilitate a discussion on this book as part of the adult Christian Ed program sponsored by the Black History Month committee. Look for the Zoom link to join the meeting in this week’s First Pres eblast.
Do you have an antiracism book or other resource you want to share?
One First Pres priority is “combating systemic racism both within and outside the church.”  Many of you are already reading and discussing books and articles that address this underlying racism, and the Membership Committee invites you to share your insights and thoughts in First Pres eblasts.  What did you find enlightening?  For whom would you recommend this particular book or article?  Reviews of other media addressing racism, such as movies, TV shows, podcasts and children’s resources are welcome.  Please email your mini review to: Carol Green.  Questions about reviews may be directed to Carol Green at email or call or text 518-331-1447.



Coop BLM Virtual Art Exhibit
Just Mercy


Come Join In!

Hello! 2020 was a difficult year,
and I’m sure we were all changed by it.
Just to make sure that we all recognize each other
when we worship in person again,
we thought it would be a great idea to update our photo directory!
What do we need?
Fresh, new pictures that show the new you
and updated contact information.
You have lots of options!
Have you transformed during quarantine?
Send in a brand-new picture to Jamie.
Do you like one of the pictures
that you sent in for Pentecost or Christmas?
Let Jamie know in an email.
Would you like someone else to take a fresh picture?
Contact Ray Henrikson via email or call at 518-533-7441.
Please send your pictures as soon as possible!
(But definitely by March 2.)

* * * * * * * * * * *
First Pres, through the Social Justice and Peacemaking Committee, has been working with the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. Here are opportunities for education and advocacy:



Healthcare continues to be an urgent matter during the COVID-19 pandemic and is just one of the key issues PPC is focusing on in bringing to light the pervasive and systemic inequity organized by the wealthy elite. We focus on healthcare as a way to strategically unite the poor and dispossessed across lines of division and demand free, universal healthcare as a human right. Everybody's got a right to live!

Looking to be more involved? Click here to join a Capital Region PPC Working Group!

Base building: Base building will encourage the involvement of Capital Region community members by supporting the connection of individuals’ strengths and goals with the activities of the PPC. It will provide feedback and acknowledgement to both new guests and longtime members. It will maintain ties via liaisons to other campaigns doing overlapping work. It will enable showing up and showing out for other organizations and highlighting the opportunities within the PPC.

Political Education: The political education working group builds political unity among Capital Region PPC participants, through collective study sessions, short reflections at meetings, and longer form workshops and forums.

Care Team: The Care Team aims to address emotional stress and conflict caused by external and internal sources. We achieve this by making space for those who need to express themselves in a safe environment and helping them to develop the skills needed to address and de-escalate conflict in a healthy and productive manner.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, 2/24 6:00 PM-8:00 PM (and ongoing): PPC Phone Bank Party
Monday, 3/1, 12PM: Healthcare Speakout (online) - Follow the NYSPPC Facebook page for details.
Monday, 3/1 6:00 PM-7:15 PM: Disability Day of Mourning
Tuesday, 3/16 6:30 PM-8:00 PM: Capital Region PPC March Meeting

* * * * * * * * * * *

Black History Month 
Adult Ed Class Sunday via zoom
February 28 at 8:45 – Discussion of The Color of Law

* * * * * * * * * * *

  As part of the First Presbyterian Black History Month celebration,
the congregation always enjoyed the annual luncheon.
Unfortunately, things are different this year due to COVID.
 In lieu of the luncheon, the Black History Month Committee has compiled
 recipes from members of the Committee and friends.
The BHM Committee has also created a list of black-owned restaurants
for your use and reference.
We’d like to encourage all of you to make use of this list
to support these restaurants and food businesses during this difficult time.
We also hope you will enjoy these recipes
to try out at home during this month and beyond.
Stay tuned for further information regarding
a possible Zoom gathering in March
for fellowship and discussion about the recipes and meals
we have enjoyed from these collections.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Education and Spiritual Formation each Sunday
Adult Education at 8:45am–9:45am
Children’s Education at 9:15am–9:45am
Virtual Youth Group at 11:00am
Find the Zoom links in Thursday’s eblast.



Tuesday, 2/23    9:00am   Men's Bible Study
                           6:30pm   FOCUS Board   

Wednes., 2/24    6:00pm   Taizé service (livestreamed on FB)
                            7:00pm   Women's Small Group
                            7:00pm   Dads' Small Group

Thurs., 2/25       7:00am    Men's Bible Study
                          12:30pm   Finger Labyrinth Walk and Meditation
                            7:30pm   Chancel Choir Virtual Meeting

Sunday, 2/28      8:45am    Adult Education 
                            9:15am   Children’s Education  
                          10:00am   Live Stream Worship (communion)
                          11:00am   Virtual Youth Group
                            1:00pm   YG to volunteer at the Foodbank

Tuesday, 3/2       9:00am   Men's Bible Study

Wednes., 3/3     11:00am   Staff Meeting
                            6:00pm   Taizé service (livestreamed on FB)

Thurs., 3/4         7:00am    Men's Bible Study
                          12:30pm   Finger Labyrinth Walk and Meditation
                            4:30pm   Anti-Racism Task Force

Sunday, 3/7        8:45am    Adult Education 
                            9:15am   Children’s Education  
                          10:00am   Live Stream Worship (communion)
                          11:00am   Virtual Youth Group

Monday, 3/8       1:00pm   Covenant Group

Tuesday, 3/9      9:00am   Men's Bible Study

Wednes., 3/10    6:00pm   Taizé service (livestreamed on FB)
                            7:00pm   Women's Small Group
                            7:00pm   Dads' Small Group

Thurs., 3/11       7:00am    Men's Bible Study
                          12:30pm   Finger Labyrinth Walk and Meditation
                            7:30pm   Chancel Choir Virtual Meeting


******* All meetings will be held via Zoom.*******
* * * * * * * * * * *
Contact info: please use this number 518-439-7492 (instead of church phone)

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