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NEC`s top achievements in

During 28-29 of November, the New Europe Center organized the 1st Accession Exchange Forum with the participation of high government officials and leading experts n Kyiv.

The two-day offline event was devoted to exchanging thoughts on the accession process, discussing good practices, new ideas, and lessons learned, and exploring the opportunities in the relations between the European Union, countries of Eastern Europe and Western Balkans.

Video recording of the Forum is available here: 1st day and 2nd day.

You can find the highlights and key messages of the Forum's speakers on our Twitter page.

Candidate Check-2: Where Ukraine is in the implementation of 7 EU recommendations regarding candidacy

More than five months have passed since Ukraine received EU candidate status with a number of recommendations to be fulfilled for further promotion to membership.

The New Europe Center in partnership with a number of specialized Ukrainian think-tanks and NGOs carried out the second independent monitoring of Ukraine’s implementation of EU recommendations.

A brief summary of the monitoring you can find via the link.


8 conclusions about what will change for Ukraine due to the results of the US Congress elections

Director of the New Europe Center, Alyona Getmanchuk, analyzed for European Pravda whether the US policy towards Ukraine will change after the midterm elections, as well as what should be understood in Kyiv during future communication not only with Washington but also with European capitals.



Putin’s peace talks ruse: why the West should listen to Ukraine

First Deputy Director of the New Europe Center, Sergiy Solodkyy, prepared an analysis for Euromaidan Press in which he argued why Russia's promises of negotiations should not be trusted.

Previously, we have published a series of analytical infographics for international audiences on this topic.

Ukraine’s half-full ambition to fulfil EU’s candidate criteria

The Research Fellow of the New Europe Center, Marianna Fakhurdinova
and the editor-in-chief of European Pravda, Sergiy Sydorenko, analyzed the progress of Ukraine in the implementation of
 7 EU recommendations for the EURACTIV.


The New Europe Center held a public discussion "Winter is coming. How to maintain the support of Ukraine from European societies?".

During the discussion was presented an analytical document prepared by the New Europe Center in which analyzed concerns of Europeans, views of experts from the EU member states, topics in European media related to the war.

Video recording of the event is available via the link.

The Research Fellow of the New Europe Center, Marianna Fakhurdinovatook part in the Future European Leader's Forum in Prague, during which she spoke to young people from different EU countries on the topic of the contribution of Ukrainian think tanks and civil society to the victory.
The Research Fellow of the New Europe Center, Marianna Fakhurdinova, represented Ukraine in European institutions together with a delegation of Ukrainian parliamentarians, government officials, and analysts during a two-day advocacy visit to Brussels.

"In the absolute majority of European departments of political science and/or international relations, expertise from Ukraine is close to zero. All they know is that there is Ukraine, and there is a war."
Kateryna Zarembo, European pravda (blog).


Accelerated accession of Ukraine to the EU: view from Kyiv and Brussels

RFI (France)Alyona Getmanchuk (comment)

European political community - what profit will Ukraine have?
DW, Sergiy Solodkyy (comment)

Elections in the USA. Republicans can defeat Democrats: what will happen with military aid to Ukraine, Alyona Getmanchuk (comment)

What does the meeting of the heads of the American and Russian intelligence in Turkey mean?
BBC news Ukraine, Sergiy Solodkyy (comment)

"Overseas, conversations about when diplomacy should enter the war will sound more and more often. Ukraine must explain to its partners in the West: talks about diplomacy only encourage Putin to continue the war".
 Alyona Getmanchuk, ТСН (interview)

"There is a danger of reducing aid with a new likely Republican majority at least in the House of Representatives, but it is too early to assess the extent of this danger. It is quite possible that support and aid will continue at a high level, just will be provided with more effort, with bargains and preconditions from the most skeptical Republicans".
Alyona Getmanchuk, 1+1 (interview)


"Since 2014, the UN has helped record Russia's war crimes in Ukraine. We have already seen some mediation by the UN at this stage in the "grain agreement". However, in general, from the point of view of security, the UN shows its obsolescence."
Marianna Fakhurdinova, ICTV 

"Ukraine needs to focus on working with the House of Representatives, which has a clearly defined republican majority."
Alyona Getmanchuk, Radio NV (interview)

You can find out all the events and analytics of the New Europe Center here
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