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  • Hosted the first external Project CHIP webinar with 1,600 live attendees
  • Completed 63rd Virtual Member Meeting with over 400 member participants
  • Partnered with the World Economic Forum and the Council on the Connected World on an impactful new initiative to help build a global connected future that is more sustainable, resilient, and equitable for all
  • Zigbee on Mars - Tobin Richardson CEO & President, talks to NBC Bay Area News


Dear Alliance Interest Community,
Reflecting back on Q1 we had several impressive accomplishments over the first three months of 2021. I would like to begin by again thanking everyone who participated in the most recent Member Meeting #63! This virtual Alliance experience was the highest attended event, with 400 of us ‘zooming’ in and contributing time, energy and brainpower to our worthy cause – standards that matter. The Alliance hosted six demos, launched four new industry stakeholder groups (Device, Retail, Ecosystem & Silicon), and held 74 sessions across three Working Groups. It was an impressive, whirlwind of an event across two weeks. 
And, leading up to that, we saw Zigbee is on Mars! Alliance members have accomplished many wondrous wireless possibilities over the decades, and we’re extremely proud and excited to have companies like JPL relying on our members’ great work for their interplanetary pursuits earlier this year. We expect Alliance technology to be part of other fascinating adventures like the Mars landing as our protocols support and make possible innovations around – and beyond – planet Earth.
Looking ahead, we already can see this year is going to be historic for the Alliance. Our growth and progression will continue as the demand for smart home and building connectivity continues to flourish. Last year we had a record number of device certifications, up 32% from 2019. This year, we’ll see that figure rise even higher as we further establish ourselves as the leader and home for evolving and creating open IoT standards. And, there’s no secret, more  big news is coming, and soon! 
We’re honored to work alongside our members so far this year to drive standards that drive the growth of the Internet of Things. Our Alliance team and Board stand ready to support our shared endeavors to deliver protocols, tools and certification frameworks to increase the adoption of the IoT by making it more accessible, secure and usable. By bringing together the world’s most innovative companies here at the Alliance, we’re able to together build a better, more connected world for customers and consumers, while spurring IoT market growth overall.




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Press Releases

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Social Media Highlights

#Zigbee is on Mars! Communications from Ingenuity to the rover are made through a Zigbee radio mounted in the rover and helicopter. #controlyourworld and universe!

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Legrand's innovators developed a practical, everyday #Zigbee Green Power certified batteryless switch. Creating #smarthomes and #smartbuildings just got easier! Congratulations Legrand and CEA teams!

#controlyourworld #standardsmatter #zigbee #iot #iotsolutions 

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Our members @LeedarsonGroup@Signifycompany@siliconlabs, Ubisys, and @amazon share their Zigbee successes making 2020 a record year and amplify their support of Zigbee as the leading network technology for smart home and building.


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This quarter, following a record year for Zigbee certifications, certifications have continued to increase. This certification progress is the result of work from hundreds of global manufacturers and developers designing products using Alliance standards for the smart home, building and connected city environments. 

Certification at a glance:
  • 168 devices certified in Q1
  • Upcoming Zigbee Unified Test Harness scheduled to launch in Q2
  • 10+ virtual test events completed across multiple technology Work Groups


Zigbee technology is now on Mars! The Perseverance Rover uses a Zigbee radio link to communicate with its companion helicopter drone, Ingenuity. The drone is scheduled to take five test flights of the Red planet and it will be the first powered flight by a drone on any planet beyond Earth. 

Read more about Zigbee on Mars: 

Technology Coexistence

The Alliance is the future and foundation of the IoT and is leading the way to simplifying complexity and creating an open path to innovation. The Internet of Things is here, but it hasn’t yet realized its full potential, complexity and closed ecosystems have held back progress. Today's world already contains a number of wireless connected technologies, these exist to address various market needs and specific use cases, this view may evolve, time and market will tell, but it's the world as we see it today.
The Alliance is committed to cultivating IP for IoT with Project CHIP, where the “language of the internet” ushers in an expansion of IoT & new value creation. The Alliance also believes that Zigbee will continue to evolve and thrive, driven by market needs, lifecycles and dynamics. Over time, we expect to see more IoT technology, standards consolidation and simplification, realized by a growing and demanding market. The Alliance will continue to pave the way with and for our members & the market to make our journey faster, better & easier. 


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April 28, 2021

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May 31, 2021 

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IEEE 7th World Forum on  IoT
June 14th, 2021
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