Issue 4 | March, 2017

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As Cuba’s economy flat-lines, pensions must be supplemented by whatever work is available
By The Economist
Though revolutionary Cuba had one of the region’s earliest and most comprehensive pension systems, in recent years retirement has almost vanished...
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Cuba: New Crackdown on Civil Society
By Freedom House
“The government of Cuba is trying to silence anyone bringing attention to the arrests and imprisonment of critics, including members of UNPACU,” said Carlos Ponce, director for Latin America programs...
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Christie Renews Call to Demand Cuba Return Convicted Killer
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has again called on the federal government to have Cuba return a woman convicted in the murder of a state trooper...
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What a Holocaust Survivor Can Teach Cuban-Americans about Fighting Evil
By Jose Azel
When Elie Wiesel was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, the Nobel Committee called him a “messenger to mankind.” The Romanian-born, American Jewish writer, professor, political activist and Holocaust survivor was the author of 57 books, most famously Night, based on his experiences as a 15 year old prisoner in the Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps...
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Cuban dissident leader to Trump: ‘Treat Cuba like a dictatorship’
By Nora Gamez Torres
Frustrated by what they see as “indolence” from the previous administration, some Cuban government opponents are urging President Donald Trump to backtrack current Cuba policy and speak out about increased government repression on the island...
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Cuba’s Continuous Support for Terrorism
By Jaime Suchlicki
Iran, Cuba and Venezuela have developed a close and cooperative relationship against the U.S. and in support of terrorist groups and states. The three regimes increasingly coordinate their policies and resources in a three way partnership aimed at counteracting and circumventing U.S. policies in the Middle East and Latin America. Within this relationship, Cuba plays a strategic role in terms of geography (proximity to the U.S.), intelligence gathering (both electronic eavesdropping and human espionage) and logistic..
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