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MARCH 2022
Around 15 years ago the Club was approached by a person who had possession of several, very old VRC trophies, most being silver and dated 1904 and 1905.  The Club’s General Committee at that time made the correct decision to purchase back these valuable items. One was an ornate, solid silver, double inkwell. The inscription on the back, showed that it had been presented , at the 1905 VRC Athletic Sports, to  R. W .Pearson,  by the Governor, His Excellency Sir Mathew Nathan, for winning the ‘220 yards Open Flat Race’, in a time of 24 Seconds                         

大約在15年前,一個擁有幾件非常古老的 VRC 獎杯的人與會所接洽,其中大部分都是純銀的物品,年代為 1904 年和 1905 年。當時會所的總委員會決定回購了這些貴重物品。一個是華麗的純銀雙墨水瓶,背面的雕刻文字表明了當時香港的總督Mathew Nathan爵士頒贈給 R.W.Pearson。在1905 VRC 體育運動中以表揚他在24秒內贏得了“220碼公開平地賽”。 
The identity of R.W.Pearson had remained a mystery, until our recent move of the Club’s office to Emerald Bay. When unpacking some old boxes, four very old photos of Pearson, taken in 1905  emerged, one of which is of him in athletic attire, standing next to a display of trophies. And yes, our silver inkwell, is in proud, centre spot!

R.W.Pearson 的身份一直是個謎,直到我們最近將辦公室搬到翡翠灣會所。我們打開了一些舊盒子裏的包裝時,出現了4張R.W.Pearson的舊照片,其中一張是他穿著運動服和站在獎杯的旁邊。我們的銀色墨水瓶就是位於引以為傲的中間位置!
Please note that with the closure of the Deep Water Bay Beach, and the present renovation works on the Cafe, that both accesses to the Club are presently not accessible. We have provided a new access from the street, across the brick planter and ask members to please take care when using.
Any Deep Water Bay users, who are visiting the Emerald Bay should first speak with our Manager, Larry Tsang, to understand the present  usage restrictions that are in place.

請注意,隨著深水灣泳灘的關閉以及咖啡室目前的裝修工程,現在我們目前無法進入會所。我們提供了一條從沿大路的磚花槽的新通道,並請會員上落時小心。 任何深水灣用戶如果要進入翡翠灣會所時最好與我們的經理 Larry Tsang聯絡,以了解當前的使用 限制。
Now you can enjoy your morning coffee… on the Club!
These great VRC momentos, which sport Steve Palmier’s popular portraits of both Clubs, will be available from next week at Emerald Bay and Deep Water Bay Clubhouses at a cost $50 Each.

這隻VRC會所紀念杯,上面印有Steve Palmier對兩個會所的畫作,紀念杯將於下週在翡翠灣會所和深水灣會所發售,每隻只售$50
Members are reminded that Emerald Bay’s day time menu is available for Take Away, every day of the week. Last Orders are 6:00pm. Members may order in person or by calling 2792 2721.

提醒各位會員,翡翠灣會所的日間菜單可供外賣服務,現在每一天都可以享受到會所的外賣美食了。 最後下單時間為下午。 會員可親臨或致電 2792 2721 訂購。
Renovation continues on the Deep Water Bay Café and Men’s Changing Room. With the closure of the beach and closure of the beach toilets, we are adapting the Ladies Changing Room toilets for temporary shared use.

We understand that this is not ideal, but we unfortunately do not have any other option.
Our men, may only use the outside showers (all now provided with hot water)

Please remember that the changing rooms are very limited in capacity.  If full or busy, please wait before using. No more than 3 persons should use at one time. Social distancing and mask wearing must be complied with.



The Club’s Administration Office in Quarry Bay, has relocated to the Emerald Bay Clubhouse.

The new Address is:
Victoria Recreation Club
210 Tai Mong Tsai Road,
Sai Kung

Our telephone numbers (for Admin, Membership, HR and Accounts) remain the same.
(852) 2178 2221 / 2178 2222
The Club's new P.O. Box is :
P.O.Box 177
Sai Kung Post Office
Sai Kung.

新界 西貢

(852) 2178 2221 / 2178 2222

We wish to thank our very green-fingered-volunteer-gardening-member, Nick Pirie, who has tirelessly worked on the Club's plants and flowers for almost 25 years.  We have a great deal to thank him for, including his generosity and the effort he has made on the Club's behalf.  Its true to say, that everything that flowers at Emerald Bay is Nick's!

我們要非常感謝有愛心的園藝志願者Nick Pirie,他為會所的花園工作了近 25年。我們感謝他的慷慨精神和他為會所的貢獻。 可以說,翡翠灣會所開花的一切都是因為Nick Pirie!而有的。
A stylish 1970, Emerald Bay Lounge. 1970年代時尚的翡翠灣會所
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