VRC Rookie Rumble
The Rookie Rumble was held last Saturday, comprising of a series of friendly races for new OC paddlers across the Hong Kong paddling community. As an unofficial rite of passage, it was awesome to see our rookies graduating from the rookie programme and we look forward to having them showing their potential even more in the main PS training sessions moving forward. Massive thanks to Vicente Di Clemente not only for organising the Rumble but for driving the rookie programme for the last few months – we’ll be running more programmes at the start of next year with more details to be shared in the newsletter soon, feel free to also reach out to for more information.
VRC 新秀賽
賽艇新秀賽於上週六舉行,包括一系列為新 OC 划艇手舉行的友誼賽。 新秀賽作為一個非正式的畢業禮,讓新秀們各展所長,充分發揮了新秀計劃中的得着。希望他們在未來的PS 培訓課程中,能更上一層樓,成為獨當一面的划艇手。 最後,非常感謝 Vicente Di Clemente 不單組織了新秀賽,還感謝他在過去幾個月推動了培訓計劃。而且,我們將在明年初推行更多不同的計劃,更多細節將會在電子通訊分享,如有興趣請聯繫 了解更多資訊。
VRC PS End-of-Season Nancies
The Paddle Section had their annual Nancies to celebrate another fantastic paddling season and close out the year in style. Huge thanks to Martha Levin and Nick Ball for chairing the PS this season, and to the Executive Committee and to all PS members for all their contributions and involvement this year - looking forward to another great one come 2023!
Paddle Section 舉辦了一年一度的季末週年賽,以歡送今年的划槳季度,並以獨特的方式為今年劃上句號。 感謝 Martha Levin 和 Nick Ball 本賽季擔任主席,並感謝執行委員會和所有成員今年的貢獻和參與。最後,讓我們一起期待2023 年能有一個更精彩的賽季!
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A big thank you to our Deep Water Bay Staffs for their hard work and generosity of cleaning the club areas since last week.
All private craft stored at the Club must have a club boat storage sticker showing on the rack and the boat with a membership number. If you do not have a Club boat sticker displayed on your boat, please contact the Club manager to collect the boat storage sticker. Please also note that boat spaces cannot be sub-leased or used to store boats of non-members. Failure to follow this rule may result in your space being forfeited and reissued to those on the waiting list. 

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

存放在會所的船隻必須在機架和及船隻上顯示會所發出的船隻停泊貼紙。 如果您的船沒有貼上會所存放船隻停泊貼紙, 請聯繫會所經理領取。請注意,船位不能轉租或用於存放非會員的船隻。 會員違規可能會導致您的船隻存放空間被沒收並重新分配給等候名單上的會員。

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