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Membership Fees & Benefits for 2017

Guess what?!  You can now sign up ONLINE, create a member profile, and submit your annual fees directly through the website!

In order to support our growing organization, it has become necessary to implement a yearly membership fee.  The cost of membership is just $25 per individual and is valid for a full year from the date you join.  We hope you'll enjoy a new and improved website experience when visiting, including a Member Login, Members Only community pages, easy access to important documents & forms, equipment reviews & informative articles (coming soon), directory of current HAUSA affiliated clubs, a continuously updated Events Calendar, and more!  Check out just a few of the benefits of becoming a member of HAUSA:
  • Subscription to On Target - our bimonthly newsletter, providing important news, resources, and upcoming events.
  • The opportunity to help influence the development and standards of horse archery locally, and across the United States.
  • A digital copy of the Official HAUSA Rule Book, which will provide guidelines for the safety of equines/humans, along with rules, regulations and standards for horse archery events & competitions (in progress).
  •  The ability to compete in Horse Archery USA recognized events and competitions, which will include the implementation of a divisional format that will encourage rider/archers to improve their skills while still having an opportunity to be competitive.
  • The opportunity to be part of a nationwide community of horse archers, whether your objective is to learn mounted archery for recreational reasons, or to advance your training for competitive goals!
  • Membership card & window decal.
  • Discounts from select sponsors & partners.

Who's Who at HAUSA!

Meet your new 2017 Officers and Board of Directors, and know who to contact! 
Want to know more about each individual?  View their bios at
Todd Mathis 
Founder, Past President 
Kim Butler 
President, Social Media
Membership Coordinator 
Hilary Hargreaves 
Vice President, Treasurer, Insurance Coordinator
Elizabeth Tinnan 
Member Relations Rep,
Affiliate Club Coordinator 
Michelle Mikes 
Teresa Rogers 
Board Member 

Member Spotlight: 
Adrienne Scott - Talking Rock, GA

Adrienne has only been practicing mounted archery since May of last year, but she's already come a long way on her OTTB gelding named "Bo."  This gal started off by participating in a local horseback archery clinic put on by Chattahoochee Horse Archers in Northwest Georgia, and has been addicted ever since!   She's got a great sense of humor, and that it oh-so-important when learning something new - you have to be able to laugh at yourself if you want to have fun!  When asked about her experience so far with the sport, this is what she had to say:  "I wanted to run off and live with the Mongolians after watching the Marco Polo mini series when I was about six [years old]. Now, 33 years later this plus sized Pole and her rejected race horse are living the fantasy!"  I'm sure many of us can identify with the challenges of learning horseback archery AND training our horse for it at the same time.  Take a look at this comical post from Adrienne's Facebook page, and I bet you'll be able to relate:  "This is what happens when you are super green, follow your target behind your horse, and gig him in the flank with the bow tip, with no reins, while turned around backwards, and your horse lunges forward like he's breaking from the starting gate.  I swear I could have kissed my knees, had I puckered my lips!  Speaking of puckered, I have no idea how I stayed on.  Both of my feet were about his neck and my butt was sitting on the cantle.  I saw my feet, still in the stirrups at eye level, and knew I was bound for clover.  Imagine my surprise when I didn't kiss dirt.  I'd like to say it was skill that kept me out of the clover, but it wasn't.  It was part Bo (he immediately settled back to a walk after he lunged forward) and part sheer luck.  Let's hear it for good horses and shorter bows!  I had to illustrate the event, as I don't typically have anyone available to photograph my acrobatics!"  - Adrienne Scott

Do you have someone in mind that is a member of Horse Archery USA and should be spotlighted in an upcoming newsletter?  Send us their name, city/state, and few words as to why you think they're awesome!

International News:  2016 World Martial Arts Masterships

Congrats Team USA!  Take a look at what competitor Shelly Bell had to say about her experience in Korea:  "I have only competed once, but the magic that is there makes me want to always go back. What struck me the most was being in the presence of the best of the best in this small niche sport. And as with every group of horse archers I've ever encountered, the encouragement of your fellow competitors is always so profound and touching. No one is bashing anyone else or wishing them a bad run. Everyone gets excited when anyone does well. And when it comes to Korea specifically, there is an electricity there that you can feel. You are on a mission to represent your country and yourself. With only a few runs per course, you have just a moment to show the world what you can do. The pressure is immense, but at the same time, being there, surrounded by the mountains and trees, all you can really think about is having fun and making the best of it. You may get a horse you didn't want, or you may have had a bad run at some point, but you don't let it affect you. It truly is a magical place and experience. My favorite part of the whole adventure was the people I met from around the world, and the hospitality and kindness of the Korean people. As a first time competitor in this event, I was astounded to walk away with a gold medal in the Qabak. And I have never felt so much pride as to be on the American team which came away with so many medals and accolades. mounted archery is usually such an individual sport, but at the championships you have the unique ability to compete as an individual as well as a team. As I said before, it will be a place I always want to return to, and the dream of going again makes me strive to better my shooting and speed up my horse, and just excel to be the very best I can possibly be."  - Shelly Bell, Lead Instructor at A-Company Mounted Archery in New Braunfels, TX.

Horse Archery USA Affiliate Clubs


A Letter from our Outgoing President

Now that the dust has settled, HAUSA finds itself out of "launch phase" and into the booster stage.  As the first outgoing President of the board, I am now in the wonderful position of looking back AND looking forward.  I just want to take a moment to recognize those who served on the board from around the country and helped me along with this project.  Some people served briefly, while others put in blood, sweat, and tears.  It has taken all of us, and I am pleased to say that this is now YOUR organization more than ever.  Looking forward, I now am very grateful that others have taken the reins out of my hands and will now take this organization to a place I could not even envision.  The board members who are here now are strong, empowered and have a great vision of our future together.  As I look at the membership, there were only a dozen names who were active horse archers when this organization was launched out of a current membership of approximately 350 members. This is the legacy I leave, and I am proudest of that accomplishment.  A special thanks goes out to Christy Gill, whose talents encompassed all the skills I lacked.  She has earned my gratitude!  I am very excited to see what the new Board of Directors will do with HAUSA, and I hope you are too!  In closing, I would like to leave one last thought:  No organization can exist without cooperation and charity.  This is another important goal that I worked to acculturate into Horse Archery USA. What I mean by this is simple: We have to work together to achieve the goals that our new leaders (Kim, Hilary, and the rest of the board) envision.  It will take us all; and if you have ever been in a leadership position, you know that there can be many hurdles to overcome along the way.  I have always tried to keep in mind that everyone does their best, and no one walks on water.  That's what I mean by "charity". Mistakes will be made, disagreements are bound to happen, but it is my belief that everyone will work hard and try their best.  Please keep that in mind as we move forward into an exciting future!  One day you may find yourself on the board!  I look forward to enjoying happy horse archery days with Nip and wish you all the best in your own personal horse archery adventure!  - Todd Mathis, Founder, Horse Archery USA
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