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Hi there!

It's been nice and sunny in the UK this week - not much work getting done, but still plenty to report.

Last week I put lots of links to the Facebook posts, and now I've created a special Vocabulary Resources Page on my website. So if you're not on Facebook, you won't miss anything.

You can find the Vocabulary Resources Page here and all the resources are also on Instagram and Facebook.

This week I posted:

- a list of academic collocations - a long but useful list if you work through it gradually.
- a video about the amazing axolotl and how it can regenerate its limbs! (Facebook only sorry there's no other link)
- a Reading and some nice expressions about the effects of screens on children. 

According to the text, there is no strong evidence to support fears that screen time is inherently bad for children
Time spent using devices has been the subject of debate and some people recommend that parents set boundaries for their children on the use of tech.
Unlimited and unsupervised access to smartphones can bring serious risks
There are growing concerns around the impact on children’s mental health
In France, students will be banned from using mobile phones anywhere on school grounds, the after the passing of a what’s being referred to as a “detox” law
The best evidence we currently have suggests that some screen time, some video game playing per day, is better than none at all, particularly for childhood wellbeing 
Whatever we say about the evidence around screen time we have to have boundaries about when it is appropriate to use it and when you have to do other stuff, particular when children are growing up, but that is basic parenting stuff, that isn’t anything new.

- I also put a WRITING model on the website about ZOOS and guess what? This was the exact same question in the Academic Exam on Saturday!! This model essay is part of the Structures lesson in the Members Academy. Come and join us!

- And there was a simple For and Against model on the British Council Learn English site.

- Another interesting Reading was about people being paid to cycle to work - would this INCENTIVISE you to leave your car at home?

- And finally, are video games really addictive? Good 'pros and cons' language here. e.g.

- evidence of real harm is scant (insufficient, not enough)
- gaming CAN have real benefits ('hedging' language is used here to 'soften' the sentence: good for Task 2)
- video games CAN seem addictive but...
- video game-playing is RARELY addictive 
- 'internet gaming disorder' has NO ADVERSE EFFECTS on health, socialising or physical activity.
- Topic sentence: Gaming has unique benefits as well as potential pitfalls (drawbacks).
- Firstly, video games are a lot of fun.
- Secondly, they can be good for you. 
- Studies have shown correlations between video game use and ........

- One last thing: on Instagram I posted lots of ideas for writing Conclusions - the part of the essay we all hate! I will put these all together in an email next week so you have everything in one place. If you're not on Instagram, you can find these in the 'What's New?' section on my website.

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How did you get on with your studying this week? I'd love to know! Have a great week!

All the best,

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