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Dear <<First Name>>
How are you?  Did you have a great summer?  The weather in Hong Kong is finally cooling down after such a hot summer with extreme storms.  It is a relief. 

We have done quite a few educational outreaches since I wrote last which I am very happy to share with you below.

I recently read the single most critical report on climate change to-date. It is a grim picture!  However,
I think there is hope for humanity if we can rally together quickly.  Historically, when humans put our minds together we have always created solutions.  And there are solutions already exist.  All we have to do is to take urgent action.

Would you join me please to do what we can individually?  And let's celebrate today - an action day for our collective future and the future for our children.

Thank you!


 Celebrate International Day of Action for Climate!

Today October 24th, is a massive International Day of Action for Climate Justice – the most widespread environmental day of action in the planet's history.
At more than 4,000 events in 175 countries across the world, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe will gather to call for an end to global warming. The Day of Action is aimed at building global momentum for a strong international climate agreement, which will be negotiated in Copenhagen this December.
Amazing, beautiful, powerful events are already happening all over the world.  Together we can make a difference.

Ying Ying and the LumiVoce team


Impact of Climate Change on the world


Physical Systems:

Northwestern Glacier melt, Alaska, 1940-200516

Northwestern Glacier melt, Alaska, 1940-2005


Predicted Changes


Increased Temperature

Predicted Annual Mean Change in Temperature (°C) 2081-2100 relative to 1986-20056

Predicted Annual Mean Change in Temperature (oC) 2081-2100 relative to 1986-2005

There Are Catastrophic Implications for Human and Natural Systems

Spare a moment and read this fact-sheet below:

Read Now!
LumiVoce Educational Outreach

Collaborating with Chatteris Educational Foundation, our founder Ying Ying Liu visited Lam Woo secondary school as a professional speaker to present Music-Emotions-Nature.

The students watched LumiVoce's Wanwu - All Living Things music video with great enthusiasm.  It is aimed at raising awareness of the demand of wildlife products in Asia that drives the destruction global biodiversity.  After the presentation and Q&A, students discussed how they can make an
impact personally.   They discussed how they can influence others around them to stop consume wildlife products to preserving biodiversity.  How they can help to increase awareness on over consumption, and the impact of single plastics on our environment and wildlife.

Collaborating with a center for ethnic minority children in Hong Kong, IBET started incorporating LumiVoce's WSS - illustrated wildlife story in their class room sessions.  The shared sessions gave these children the opportunity to read about beautiful wildlife and their life stories, for some, it is their first time to encounter wildlife this way.  This story is about the critically endangered Orangutan and the rain forest.  the story sensitively discuss their struggles to survive and how the palm oil industry are destroying their homes.  How our consumption patterns are driving this trend. 

The story accomplishes two tasks at once: one is for them to learn Chinese, the other is to increase awareness in children about nature and wildlife, and to develop their compassion, empathy and care for the biodiversity on this planet to protect their future.


Our founder Dr. Ying Ying Liu was invited during State Street Bank's Environmental Sustainability week through the women in leadership group to present her signature talk on Music-Emotions-Nature. 

She shared LumiVoce's Wanwu music video with the group and the impact of human development on our biodiversity and sustainability.  She called to action on the financial industry to do more on impact investment and to develop mindful leadership on making a change for the common good.  There were a lot of great discussions with passionate leaders on the topic of sustainability and leadership for change.

Soon we will be back in the studio with Shane Edwards for the last mixing day of Lumivoce's next Amazionian single featuring Ying Ying Liu vocals, Bruno Brugnano on drums/acoustic guitars/accordion, Craig Kickbush on bass, Tiger Drum Club, and Yiju Hong on violin.  We plan to publish this single by the end of the year. 

We have also started working with MADE Creative Agency on producing a video of the same track. 

Stay tuned!

Exclusive! Listen Here to the Teaser of Our Upcoming Track!
Listen Now!

Getting Involved and Support our Programs 

You may support our programs in many ways:

1. You can support our educational outreach program by donating our WSS wildlife story notebooks to under-served children in Hong Kong.  The bi-lingual wildlife story will provide a means for them to learn English and/or Chinese; the wildlife story will enrich their lives; the notebook is practical for them to use for studies; and the emotive story will develop compassion and empathy in children to care for their fellow beings on this planet. 

2.  You may choose to support the sound and video production of our second and third track of the Ensoul album.  We have shared our first track Wanwu music and video in different forums in Hong Kong and China to fantastic responses and impacts.  The music and video inspires people to fall in love with the beauty of nature and wildlife. When people are connected through music with their heart, they will take action, because we protect what we love.  

Please consider to support us anyway you can.  A small donation from you will go a long way to impact our programs.  Thank you!
Listen to Wanwu 萬物 "All Living Things" now on your favorite music platforms.  The buttons will lead to our landing page for links to those platforms. 



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