- THIS WEEK: MAY 7, 2021 -

Hill Headline

The Senate Rules Committee will mark up the For the People Act (S.1) on May 11 Following passage in the House, the For the People Act will be considered for Senate committee markup on May 11th. The legislation includes provisions that aim to make it easier to register and vote, prevent gerrymandering, improve election cybersecurity, reform campaign finance, and more. “Across the country, the right to vote is under attack and special interests are drowning out the voices of the American people,” Chairwoman Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said. “The For The People Act is essential to making our democracy work for every American, which is why I am announcing a markup of the legislation on May 11, 2021.” Take action with Poligon. Urge your Senators to pass S.1 today.

Legislative Updates
Congress remains in recess while holding committee hearings until next week The House sustained a committee work week, with a plan to return for votes on Tuesday, May 11th. The Senate remains in recess until May 10th to return for floor votes. View the Senate schedule here, and the House committee repository here.
President Biden signs the revised refugee admissions goal of 62,500 for fiscal year 2021 On May 3rd, President Biden followed through on his promise to set a refugee admissions goal of 62,500 for the remainder of fiscal year 2021. Now, we must make sure that the administration does everything in its power to meet this goal, beginning with the 715 refugees who had their flights cancelled in March. Read more about Poligon’s immigration efforts.

House Elections Subcommittee held a hearing on the impact of voter list purges on ballot access With the For the People Act expected for markup in the Senate, Congress continues dialogue on the state of voting rights and access in America, especially the barriers to participation and the dangerous impact on minority communities. The Subcommittee on Elections of the Committee on House Administration will hold a hearing entitled “Voting in America: The Potential for Voter List Purges to Interfere with Free and Fair Access to the Ballot.” Watch the full livestream here.
Police reform legislation may see bipartisan support in Congress Following the Derek Chauvin trial, Senators such as Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) stated that a “significant number” of Republican colleagues in Congress are willing to support the Senator’s efforts in police reform legislation. Following the worldwide uproar demanding legislative police reform following the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 and countless others in the past year, all eyes are on Congress to provide comprehensive law enforcement accountability and police reform with hopes of bipartisan support.

Senate considers reconciliation for immigration reform Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), stated that reconciliation may be used to deliver immigration reform if bipartisan efforts fall through in Congress. Reconciliation is the process by which bills pass with a simple majority vote for tax and spending bills in Congress. Guidance on what is approved within this mechanism of voting is determined by the Senate Parliamentarian, carrying a large degree of power in upcoming Senate solutions to critical policy issues such as immigration reform.

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Hill Buzz

“Our nation is at its best when we focus on expanding opportunity for everyone.”

—  Senator Tim Scott_(R-SC )

“Though we may still be limited in the size of our gatherings, we are reminded now more than ever of the importance of charity and community. During Ramadan, our Muslim brothers and sisters join in fasting and prayer to celebrate their faith. Throughout this sacred month, we witness the generosity in others through the spirit of giving.”

—  House Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA-13)


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Help us restore public trust in the election systems, and prioritize equal access to the polls with the For the People Act. Write to your Senators today.

Source: DFAD

The voting rights of America’s Voters of Color are under attack nationally by state legislators introducing and passing laws to suppress their participation in elections. Meanwhile, billionaires and big businesses are spending unlimited amounts of money to buy our elections. Join Poligon and voting rights activists from over 150 cities for a National Day of Action, on Saturday, May 8th, to demand the passage of For the People Act (S.1) and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. This virtual rally is for activists and all community members alike. Together, we can build a democracy that works for all.

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