Have your say! Submit a bargaining proposal at your upcoming Local meeting in September.
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Upcoming Civil Service Bargaining Proposal Meetings

The Civil Service collective agreement will expire next spring.

That means it’s time to begin preparing for our upcoming round of negotiations!

Quick Review of the Bargaining Process
negotiators at a tableEach time our collective agreement expires there is an opportunity for both sides to negotiate changes to our contract.
Since our collective agreement with the employer is set to expire on March 24, 2023, all Civil Service members have an opportunity to share their ideas for improving our contract this coming fall.

So now is the time to think about what you'd like to see in our next contract and suggest your proposal(s) for change, either online or at an in-person meeting. 

Once we've gathered feedback from members, those of us on the elected Bargaining Committee will meet later this fall to review proposals and pull them together into a comprehensive bargaining package.

In spring 2023, the union and the employer will exchange their proposal packages for change. Through the course of many discussions, proposals will be accepted or rejected; they may be modified or withdrawn. The goal is to reach an agreement which both sides can support.
If an agreement is reached, you will have an opportunity to vote on the deal. If a majority of members vote to accept, it is considered ratified, the changes are made, and a new contract is signed and distributed.

If we cannot reach an agreement that is acceptable to members, we may have to look at other options, including potential job action. Either way, all members will have a chance to vote on how we proceed.

Come out and have your say!
member speaking at Local meetingWe'll be holding proposal meetings across the province throughout September. As your elected Bargaining Committee representatives, each of us will make every effort to attend as many meetings as possible to hear directly from Civil Service members.

All members are encouraged to come out, discuss their priorities and concerns, and vote on which proposals they'd most like incorporated into our next collective agreement.

See the complete fall schedule of Local meetings

You can fill out a bargaining proposal form and submit it electronically at least 24 hours in advance of your Local meeting (Have more than one proposal? Feel free to submit multiple forms). Or you can simply come to the meeting with your idea.

Submit a Civil Service Bargaining Proposal Form

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Hope to see you soon...

Your Civil Service Bargaining Committee
About "special wage adjustments"
From time to time, members (or groups of members) who believe that their classification is appropriate but their salary scale does not adequately compensate them for their duties and responsibilities, come forward with what is called a “special wage adjustment request.” 

Such requests can be brought forward as a bargaining proposal at a Local bargaining proposal meeting.

After negotiations begin, representative(s) from the affected group may be asked to make a presentation that outlines for the employer the basis for their request.

Two key considerations for successful special wage adjustment requests are:
  1. an inability of the employer to recruit and retain workers in the area, demonstrated through unfilled vacancies and high turnover rates, and
  2. favourable wage comparators, either internal to the Civil Service or external, so long as they are relevant.
While members are expected to make such presentations at the bargaining table and respond to questions by employer representatives, the MGEU may assist in the preparation of such presentations.

From Proposals to Ratification:
How an idea becomes part of your contract

An overview of bargaining infographic
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