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Getting to the Heart of the Matter



Friday, February 24, 2017

6 Classes - Every Other Friday
8:30am PST | 11:30am EST


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This course takes you from being a Core Alignment Coach to having a professional coaching practice as a Core Alignment Specialist.

This is coaching at the deepest of levels where you are truly discovering what is at the heart and what matters most.  We take a look at our experience and examine the beneficial stories.  There is an intentional focus created that is consistently drawn upon to expand the present into the future.  The clients unique gifts are brought out into the open and they begin to appreciate what presents they bring when they are present.  With all this information communicating with clarity brings the future into the now and we have the tools to win in our profession.
This class is a 12 week course with a total of 6 lessons.  The work done in this module will be exciting and challenging as you stretch yourself and enhance your abilities as a Core Alignment Specialist.  You will be choosing the appropriate scripts, creating your own and/or mixing them together to support your client in getting to what really matters most, the heart of the matter, during your conversations. In this module you will really be stepping into the position of the Core Alignment Specialist  and recognizing your true coaching style, unique gifts and talents.
You will get crystal clear on who you are and how you will present yourself to the world.  Enjoy the process and trust in it as you embark on this new journey towards mastery!
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