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Top Cupertino Misinformation Campaigns Debunked

Did you know that in 2018 and 2020 fewer than 50 votes separated the third and fourth place finishers in the Cupertino Council race? In 2022 we elect 3 Council members. Your Council votes matter!
Please vote Liang Chao, Steven Scharf, and Govind Tatachari for Cupertino City Council. They are 100% supported by the grassroots efforts of local residents. The opposition is funded by many special interests, ranging from real estate PACs to unions. If elected, they will owe favors to these interest groups. Who do you trust to make decisions about the future of our city?

We have assembled the most often repeated disinformation campaigns from this election cycle and will debunk and de-fang them in this brief but important message, so you can finish your ballot, drop it in the mail or ballot dropbox, and resume living your life to its fullest. More disinformation is debunked on the Better Cupertino blog.

Accountability: The End of the Verbal or “Evergreen” Contracts
The current, resident-focused City Council cares about government transparency and accountability. They discovered and rectified an irregular financial practice and now they ensure that the City’s tax revenues are used to provide value to tax payers. See more…

2023-2031 Housing Element
Creating the City’s Housing Element to satisfy State housing requirements (RHNA) is a complex task. The current, resident-focused City Council and Planning and Housing Commissions have incorporated resident input and expert advice from consultants to meet schedule milestones and sometimes ambiguous requirements for the Housing Element. See more ..

Transparency and Responsiveness
The current, resident-focused City Council created the site to collect community input on many issues, implemented a lobbying ordinance to identify the financial interests that attempt to influence City policy, and made all written comments at Council meetings available online (an administrative request process is no longer required).
State Law requires that some City Council meetings must be closed to the public. The current City Council honors the law and closes to the public only those meetings that the law requires be closed. See more …

Wolfe Rd/Stevens Creek Blvd Development Site (Former Vallco Mall)
The tall buildings that are planned for the current, SB35 project at Vallco are possible only because financial-interest councils before 2019 removed building height limits for the site. Although the resident-focused Council of 2019 restored the height limits, those limits don’t apply to the current SB35 project because that project was submitted in 2018. Hazardous waste issues at the site were brought to light by alert supporters of Better Cupertino. Development is halted while the developer creates and then implements a mitigation plan with Santa Clara County Dept. of Environmental Health oversight.  See more …

Here’s What’s at Stake for Our 2022 Council Election: If residents were to return to electing financial interest Councils again, we should expect that when empowered to control land use throughout the City— whether former regional shopping malls, vacated school sites, or public facilities and open space—financial interest Councils will serve the commercial property owners, real estate investors, corporations, developers, and labor unions who funded the campaigns that put them in office. Residents and their needs would be pushed aside, barely a nod, as was the status quo before 2019.

Vote for resident-focused Cupertino Council candidates Liang Chao, Steven Scharf, and Govind Tatachari!

Liang Chao (current Vice Mayor)


Steven Scharf (current Planning Commission Chair and former Mayor)


Govind Tatachari (current Housing Commission Vice Chair)

Accomplishments of the 4:1 Resident-focused Cupertino City Council Since 2019:
Implemented a Code of Ethics
Funded the Library Expansion
Acquired Parkland on the City's East Side
Implemented Governance Improvements
Expanded Affordable Housing
Improved Public Safety
Established Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Program
Funded the All-Inclusive Playground
Created the VIA Shuttle
Approved Multiple New Housing Projects
Hired an Awesome City Manager

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